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Lordflasheart 3rd Jun 2012 08:58

And just to tie these together, this is how Volkel was "hammered back into shape" by Noyade and Sabredog last August - Which Aerodrome Mk III page 3, Post 48.

So don't be shy fellows - Which of you two handsome guys is operating the Trench Rammer ? :) LFH


Noyade 3rd Jun 2012 08:59

Never smoked in my life - that must be Sabredog. :)

sabredog 3rd Jun 2012 09:22

Sorry,LFH, like Noyade I am also a non-smoker. Very stylish cap though, and a somewhat nonchalant attitude to his duties.

olympus 3rd Jun 2012 12:25

Sabredog has control!

sabredog 3rd Jun 2012 13:15

Thank you,Olympus.
The next;

Cows getting bigger 3rd Jun 2012 13:40

Nutts Corner?

sabredog 3rd Jun 2012 13:46

Nutts Corner is correct.
Another photographic editing failure on my part!!

Cows getting bigger 3rd Jun 2012 14:44


Open House gents.

olympus 3rd Jun 2012 16:19

Let's see if this one lasts any longer...


sabredog 3rd Jun 2012 22:23

Pleiku AFB,Vietnam?

olympus 4th Jun 2012 11:31

Sorry sabredog, not Pleiku. Right general area (SE Asia).

Duckbutt 4th Jun 2012 14:01

Ubon Royal Thai Air Force Base?

olympus 4th Jun 2012 14:34

Correct Duckbutt. Ubon it is.


Duckbutt 4th Jun 2012 14:55



Duckbutt 5th Jun 2012 12:37

This aerodrome was only used for a couple of years when pilots went to school here.

If it helps throw some light and narrow it down, these days a railway runs across the location.

sabredog 5th Jun 2012 16:08

R.F.C. Dymchurch (Palmarsh). N01.Aux. School of Aerial Gunnery,1917.
RHD Railway.

Duckbutt 5th Jun 2012 18:34

Orl korrect Sabredog. Your turn.

sabredog 5th Jun 2012 19:03

Thank you,DB. A good challenge.
The next;

dixi188 5th Jun 2012 19:20

Are those New Forest ponies chasing the Hudson?

Holmsley South or Stoney Cross?

Noyade 5th Jun 2012 21:48

Pure dumb luck mate, but a NZ forum member uses it as a "siggy"...

Wings Over New Zealand - Don't forget to switch out the light.

Norfolk Island April 1943.

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