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KeMac 10th Jan 2012 18:37

It is not Las Vegas McCarran is it?

Gordy 10th Jan 2012 18:39

Not Las Vegas nope... and not Grand Praire Texas either

JSCL 10th Jan 2012 18:41

Is it within the area of LA? :)

Gordy 10th Jan 2012 18:43

Is it within the area of LA?
It is within the greater LA basin yes.

JSCL 10th Jan 2012 18:44

Figures. N794AE registered in LA area. Those are definitely Californian hills/mountains. I'll leave the digging through every towered airport in LA area to someone else :)

Gordy 10th Jan 2012 18:46

N794AE is a brand new B3 Astar headed to Russia. The registered owner is just a broker I believe.

JSCL 10th Jan 2012 18:49

stab in the Dark - Van Nuys?

Gordy 10th Jan 2012 18:51

Van Nuys is correct. I am here for my annual Huey refresher training. The red Huey would have been your best clue, N711GH. My huey is parked behind it out of sight, (N16TV).

JSCL...Over to you.

JSCL 10th Jan 2012 18:54

You basically gave it away - reading your posts (to which I thank you) :)

Couldn't make out most of the registrations!!

1. Waiting to be transferred to Russia - suggests ferry flights from an airport in LA - google throws up a company at Van Nuys.

2. Your profile says fire contracts - fire ops at Van Nuys

3. LA Basin comment suggests at the very outer skirts - where Van Nuys is :)

Let me hop on my PC and I'll get one on in a few mins!

Gordy 10th Jan 2012 18:59

Yep, kinda hard to hide it with all the questions you gave....

The ramp is that of Rotorcraft Support Inc... and that is just half the ramp, there is also about another 15 helicopters of all sizes inside the hangar.

JSCL 10th Jan 2012 19:02

Here goes:

Gordy 10th Jan 2012 19:05

Was there in 2010 on my way to fires on the Tonto National Forest...therefore I will let others play and send you a PM....

nvubu 11th Jan 2012 20:14

I'll take a punt at Yucca

JSCL 11th Jan 2012 20:40

I'll take a punt at Yucca
It is NOT Yucca! :)

olympus 11th Jan 2012 22:09

I'll take a punt at Show Low Arizona.

JSCL 11th Jan 2012 22:29

Sure is, I made a short stop-over there not so long ago, house it yours!

olympus 11th Jan 2012 22:32

Thanks, I probably need to get out more.

Try this one; surprisingly it's not on the list-


chevvron 11th Jan 2012 23:40

I had my first air experience flight in one of those instead of a Chipmunk. Never liked a Chipmunk after that.
Could it be Little Rissington?

Kieron Kirk 12th Jan 2012 11:27

Shawbury ?


olympus 12th Jan 2012 11:52

Neither Little Rissington nor Shawbury.

Pic is a scan of a rather faded slide taken by me in Sept 1960 (I was very young!) at an RAF BoB Open Day.

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