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India Four Two 6th Dec 2018 01:29

An airfield in Okinawa?

nvubu 6th Dec 2018 06:26

It isn't on Okinawa.

dook 6th Dec 2018 09:10

Michigan somewhere ?

nvubu 6th Dec 2018 09:57

It's not located on a lake.

dook 6th Dec 2018 11:46

Florida ? …….

nvubu 6th Dec 2018 11:55

Not in a Southern state or on the Atlantic either.

dook 6th Dec 2018 13:16

Oregon ?....

nvubu 6th Dec 2018 13:20

Not in Oregon or the US of A.
Would you like to see:
  • the aircraft dump?
  • what is in one of the hangars?
  • or the fuel dump?

grizzled 6th Dec 2018 13:47

Are we on the Indian ocean?

dook 6th Dec 2018 13:48

…..or the US of A.
Wish you had told me that earlier.

nvubu 6th Dec 2018 13:58

Nope, not in the Indian Ocean.

Sorry, just thought I'd let the US run for a while. :ok:

dook 6th Dec 2018 14:20

Aleutians ?...

Or maybe the Philippines

nvubu 6th Dec 2018 14:31

Nor the Aleutians or the Philippines.


dook 6th Dec 2018 14:37

Running short on ideas.

what is in one of the hangars
Yes please.

nvubu 6th Dec 2018 14:40

It isn't in the Pacific. Not on an Ocean.

dook 6th Dec 2018 14:43

As above, may we see what is in one of the hangars.

chevvron 6th Dec 2018 14:43

Caribbean; St Lucia?

nvubu 6th Dec 2018 14:49

Not in the Caribbean:

OK, this should send you looking in the right area.


dook 6th Dec 2018 14:53

Ah so Glasshopper.

nvubu 6th Dec 2018 14:55

Yes indeed. Here are the other two shots I have:

Aircraft dump:

Fuel store

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