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merlinxx 31st May 2012 11:53

Gulf beat me. EHRD when it had that great little terrace rampside !

olympus 31st May 2012 13:29

Sorry guys, not Odense or Rotterdam.

descol 31st May 2012 13:57

copenhagen ?

olympus 31st May 2012 14:28

Not Scandinavia; think Germany.

Krakatoa 31st May 2012 14:38

I will go for Cologne. OH if correct

olympus 31st May 2012 15:19

Krakatoa is correct and has declared Open House.

LFT 31st May 2012 20:05

How about this one -


LFT 1st Jun 2012 23:32

1st clue - Northern Hemisphere..

chevvron 1st Jun 2012 23:58

To try to get things rolling, I'll guess New Orleans Lakefront (might get another clue then!)

LFT 2nd Jun 2012 00:46

C130/C17 etc (believe it or not) types only..

twochai 2nd Jun 2012 03:59

MCAS Quantico? Home of Marine Corps Helicopter Squadron One, the unit which flies the President of the U.S.

If correct, Open House, as I'm out of business for 24 hrs.

LFT 2nd Jun 2012 08:33

Quantico it is, well done.

As twochai says, Open House.

olympus 2nd Jun 2012 20:02

The next...


sabredog 2nd Jun 2012 20:08

Cologne Airfield?

Gulfstreamaviator 2nd Jun 2012 20:17

thread creep
over kill.....or before smart bombs (or aimers)....


olympus 2nd Jun 2012 22:23

Sorry sabredog, not Cologne.

Lordflasheart 2nd Jun 2012 22:41

"over kill.....or before smart bombs (or aimers)...."

Im Gegenteil Herr Golfstromflieger - a nicely spaced and very effective airfield denial. :) LFH


olympus 2nd Jun 2012 23:29

The series of photos of which this is one (taken by a PRU aircraft) showed 800 craters on the airfield.

sabredog 3rd Jun 2012 08:07

Volkel Airfield,Netherlands.

Noyade 3rd Jun 2012 09:17

Volkel Airfield,Netherlands.
Rather amazingly for me, I can confirm that. :ok:


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