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nvubu 8th Jan 2012 18:37

Correct - I've added back the wording in my original post - and the circle was still visible in this 1991 image.


Tacklebury has the floor

Tacklebury 8th Jan 2012 18:55

Many thanks. The A.W. Siskins were a good pointer!
Open House

JSCL 8th Jan 2012 19:54

My list is nigh exhausted - easy one:


Gordy 8th Jan 2012 19:55

Oban......? I think.

JSCL 8th Jan 2012 21:46

Sure is, house is yours.

Gordy 8th Jan 2012 22:31

Don't think I put this one on this thread before...


Hen Ddraig 8th Jan 2012 23:01

That would be the Si Bueno Southside Grill & Cantina at McCall, Idaho.
Lot bigger than it used to be.

Open house if correct.

Gordy 8th Jan 2012 23:03

You got it...

OH it is then.....

descol 9th Jan 2012 08:16

try this one


olympus 9th Jan 2012 12:11

Malmo Bulltofta? OH if correct.

descol 9th Jan 2012 12:27

Olympus - malmo it is :ok:
OH as you suggest

nvubu 9th Jan 2012 17:44

No doubt this is another easy one.


Cows getting bigger 9th Jan 2012 17:53

Lands End. OH if correct

nvubu 9th Jan 2012 18:13

Correct - Open House as CGB has declared.

Don't think this used to be the tower.

nvubu 10th Jan 2012 17:51

Here's another aerodrome to keep the thread ticking over.


If this lasts longer than the last one I'll be surprised.

Gordy 10th Jan 2012 17:53

RAF Detling...

OH if correct....

nvubu 10th Jan 2012 17:58

Not wrong there - only two minutes.

Is anyone else going to have a go as it's Open House once more!

Gordy 10th Jan 2012 17:59

Give me 2 minutes...I will take a picture from the office window where I am right now......and upload it....

Gordy 10th Jan 2012 18:06

Try this---should be pretty easy....


nvubu 10th Jan 2012 18:34

Well I've found an entry for N794AE being registered @ Grand Prairie, TX - although that doesn't mean that this picture is there :)

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