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Jamesair1 4th Jul 2021 12:40

I was thinking that myself with up to 20 arrivals some days.....a bit confusing sometimes with 2 departures to Exeter showing on some days last week. Tomorrow has LM002 dep. 0950 and LM543 dep 1025

GBYAJ 4th Jul 2021 16:10

i’ll third that, just looked at departures for tomorrow and seeing 3 TUI flights was pleasantly surprising! Let’s just hope there is no going back.

Tentatively been looking at Greece for August this afternoon ……

Jamesair1 7th Jul 2021 15:48

Any more news on the new Cargo start-up?

ukchris82 8th Jul 2021 17:34

When are air france returning?
Does anyone know when AF are returning to NCL?

SWBKCB 8th Jul 2021 18:52

Been back since March - now 3/4 times a week

Jamesair1 11th Jul 2021 08:23

Has anyone heard any rumours of IBERIA EXPRESS returning to NCL after their very brief series over Christmas/New Year 20/21.

HH6702 11th Jul 2021 13:49

not yet would be good to see them at ncl

SWBKCB 12th Jul 2021 16:11

TUI UK announces the expansion of its holiday programme for summer 2022 from Newcastle Airport with the introduction of new routes to Costa Brava and Dubrovnik and increased flying to over 11 different destinations.

In their 50th year at Newcastle Airport, TUI will see an additional based aircraft next summer, providing even more flight options for customers to choose from with increased frequency of flights to customer favourites Antalya, Larnaca, Mallorca, Tenerife, Rhodes and Zakynthos.

HH6702 12th Jul 2021 21:50

good news but it was meant to be this summer but with all the restrictions some routes got dropped.
Fingers crossed summer 2022 will be good

ash666 13th Jul 2021 08:43


AF from NCL?
I can't see any sign of them.

SWBKCB 13th Jul 2021 08:51

Look harder - next one's tomorrow morning.

See this from March:


ash666 13th Jul 2021 08:57

I stand corrected.
Every 2-4 days.

highwideandugly 13th Jul 2021 11:20

Car parking
4 now for 10 mins..that will please the Teesside mayor!

GrahamK 13th Jul 2021 17:40

or 15 mins free if you don't mind walking for 3 minutes...

oldart 14th Jul 2021 07:33

Are you talking about walking from the Long stay car park? I thought that had been stopped.

skyman771 17th Jul 2021 19:51


Interestingly I was up at NCL this afternoon for a Covid test, & looking across at the ramp, then partially visible were the tails of a number 4? Tui 738's & a 788?, presumed still in storage ?
It presented a very sad state of affairs, given that it's now Mid July & approaching peak season, so appears unlikely of any significant utilisation this year.
In looking at the NCL arrivals / departures board of late then very few Tui movements & in any event NCL isn't currently even currently a designated base.
With this amount of hardware lying about & no doubt dozens more elsewhere, another missing season, public confidence / optimism at a low. Then for someone who has been around NCL for many, many years, then it's all presents a surreal scene,
One just wonders how long this situation is sustainable before something gives.
One thing is for certain you can't run an airline on optimism for the future alone...

The Flying Stool 17th Jul 2021 23:09

From Monday 19th, both Jet2 and TUI will be flying a considerably larger flying programme to amber list destinations. This is pretty much everywhere they would normally go apart from Turkey.

Atlantic Explorer 18th Jul 2021 04:36

Lets see how long that lasts given the huge increase in infections in the UK. Think a lot of countries will start to get nervous letting the Brits in to holiday with the infection rate. I can see dark clouds ahead.

SWBKCB 18th Jul 2021 06:31

There's been three 738's operating most days from NCL?

fl dutchman 18th Jul 2021 10:02

3 x TUI 738 and 5 x Jet 2 738 flying Monday.

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