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skyman771 18th Jul 2021 22:40

Is this not simply "papering over the cracks"?. .. 3 TUI departures from NCL in morning to PMI, CFU & IBZ returning in afternoon & that's it for the day.

SWBKCB There's been three 738's operating most days from NCL?
Think you are confusing JET2, ref TUI then quite a few days last week when one / no flights !

Incidentally I understand that TUI's stated policy was that they were not operating to any destination on where isolation was required on return, i.e. the previous Amber Criteria. As such there remains a very limited market for TUI to operate.

Finally what's going on with TFS, one of the most popular routes & "nothing" not even on a Friday traditionally the most popular day.

Reality unfortunately is that things are as far from Normal" as they have ever been & the airport for much of the day resembles a ghost gown.

fl dutchman 18th Jul 2021 23:45

Obviously the airport and every other airport is nowhere near as busy as things were pre Covid. But its a start. (28 departures on Monday.)

GBYAJ 18th Jul 2021 23:50

Stating the obvious unfortunately Skyman. Who’d have thought seeing TFS back on the departure boards tomorrow would be an exciting event!

skyman771 19th Jul 2021 22:07

Yes on looking at tomorrow's departures board, then a lot more on offer, albeit predominantly Spanish destinations.
It would be nice to think that the volume of flights on offer would continue to grow, however the only certainty at this point where growth is concerned is that of the infections as regularly displayed on Govt graphs.
Indeed dare I say that insofar as the growth of traffic has concerned, then it may soon be approaching a peak for the time being.

GrahamK 21st Jul 2021 18:06

Loganair dropping ABZ after 1st August?

SWBKCB 21st Jul 2021 20:31

Still seems to be some 'odd' (couple a week) flights for sale in Sept/Oct

Atlantic Explorer 22nd Jul 2021 18:51

ABZ/ NCL/SOU routes confirmed as cancelled.

fl dutchman 22nd Jul 2021 19:01

NCL-SOU Still Bookable. 2x Daily ( 3xDaily from Sept)


Saabdriver1 22nd Jul 2021 22:30

NCL-SOU is definitely continuing, as are other NCL routes to Exeter, Newquay and across to Norway from next summer.

Jamesair1 23rd Jul 2021 16:10

Is the ABZ cancellation permanent or temporary?
I noticed in the CAA May stats that far more pax were travelling to ABZ from MME than NCL.
Maybe Eastern will return!

SWBKCB 23rd Jul 2021 16:17

The price competition at MME won't have done the route NCL any favours.

highwideandugly 23rd Jul 2021 17:52

Yes , but can the mayor continue to subsidise indefinitely? I suppose he and his extravaganza on the airport must be held accountable eventually?

It’s ironic as he is trumpeting new investment and jobs on Teesside..but a lot of skilled workers still off to Aberdeen and the oil fields!

EasyJet with a quick low cost Aberdeen route would blow Loganair out of the water !

VickersVicount 24th Jul 2021 14:13

Not enough to fill an EZY A320 on low fares I wouldn’t have thought. Don’t hold your breath for that route.
These short EZY domestic routes will be gone this time next year.

Saabdriver1 24th Jul 2021 14:48

A big part of the problem is apparently the offshore shift pattern changes and testing requirements.

Where you used to have a full flight north on Monday morning, many of those now need to go north on Saturday and Sunday for company PCR tests and depending on who you work for, quarantine. To carry the same number of passengers, youd need three flights instead of one. On a route where road and rail is an option, its just not practical.

Jamesair1 24th Jul 2021 16:58

A shame to see the closure of a route which dates back to Air Anglia days. Do the shift pattern changes etc not also apply to MME operations? This route seems to have healthier loads.

highwideandugly 24th Jul 2021 19:18

Yes but MME routes heavily subsidised by those with money!

SWBKCB 24th Jul 2021 19:20


What MME has is two airlines competing so prices are lower. Interesting to see how long that is sustainable.

SWBKCB 30th Jul 2021 16:43

A bit early to be looking at CAA stats I know, but one which raised an eyebrow was BFS. Almost 50% of pre Covid figures. June 2019 - 23,435. June 2021 - 10,695

Jamesair1 30th Jul 2021 16:58

I noticed that as well....must be pretty high demand, even in these tricky times. Below, are the rest of the stats.



HH6702 30th Jul 2021 19:18

Faro now year round 2x weekly

rumours of more to follow

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