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LiamNCL 20th Jun 2021 08:09

ZFG air freight service to take off at Newcastle.
ZFG Air start up to operate from Newcastle ?


N707ZS 20th Jun 2021 09:00

Interesting correspondence address for ZFG.

ZFG AIR LIMITED - Overview (free company information from Companies House) (company-information.service.gov.uk)

Jamesair1 20th Jun 2021 09:32

I wish them the best of luck with this new venture.... there will be a lot of pressure on their initial route when Emirates restarts but hopefully, they will have signed up enough customers to sustain it by then.

LiamNCL 20th Jun 2021 09:33

This is what the Maleth Aero A330 seems to be for as stated in the article.

Jamesair1 20th Jun 2021 13:27

I'm assuming that the Board arrival flt MLT1173 ex Dubai at 1915 (tomorrow) is the first inward flight for ZFG AIR (Maleth)

LiamNCL 20th Jun 2021 14:05

Yes but its outbound to DWC was meant to be today and its been delayed until Tuesday i think so wont be arriving tomorrow 9H-LFS still on the ground at NCL

https://www.linkedin.com/company/zfg-air - ZFG linked-in profile has a bit more info on them, also has their Headquarters as Woolsington, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

southside bobby 20th Jun 2021 14:15

Be careful what you wish for...Underbelly on EK flights more especially with the very capable B773 helps sustain the commerciality into the provinces.

Jamesair1 20th Jun 2021 14:21

Point taken....worst scenario, it could cost NCL it's EK service. could be better if they concentrate on USA and Europe

SWBKCB 20th Jun 2021 15:44

The same arguement was put forward when EK arrived - they'd push out the other hub operations. Sometimes innovation/competition is a good thing.

LiamNCL 20th Jun 2021 16:14

Dont think the Airport can stand still as there is surely no gaurentee when the EK service will resume.

highwideandugly 20th Jun 2021 16:33

Exactly..if EK were bothered..they would resume..if only 3/4 times per week.

It’s a new world , new opportunities..who knows what lies ahead?

southside bobby 20th Jun 2021 18:24

Kudos at least for all the brave words & evident disdain now of a much vaunted Emirates service "to the world".

Freight on an all cargo service does not translate into tills ringing within the terminal of course either.

ATNotts 20th Jun 2021 18:54


EK cannot restart PAX services into NCL as the airport, so far as I am aware, does not have a separate "red" terminal for arrivals from places such as the UAE which are on the UK "red list". Ops in to MAN, again so far as I am aware cannot carry PAX inbound, only outbound for the same reason.

Moreover with major destinations over Dubai, such as the Indian Subcontinent, Australia and Nez Zealand effective off limits for UK travellers the case for restarting until travel restrictions are lifted is pretty thin.

LiamNCL 20th Jun 2021 19:33

I'm sure everyone would love to see EK back but how likely it is to return in the near future is very slim especially with this governments form on Travel, The tills will be ringing with bucket and spade pax well before the EK touches down again i fear.

SWBKCB 20th Jun 2021 19:33

Disdain? where? EK are hugely supported by and out of NCL. Conversely, new initiatives are to be applauded in difficult times.

Freight might not ring thec tills in the terminals but it keeps the guys on the apron busy.

Good luck to them all (and anybody bulk loading the maindeck of a widebody!)

southside bobby 20th Jun 2021 20:12

Indeed the airframe specified is listed as a "preighter" = bulk loading the main deck thru a pax door!

Is the main deck reinforced? (tho probably not required)...this a/c has never been in airline service originally laid down for the USAF but never delivered.

Very labour intensive...Would possibly "The Mayor" at a certain airport become interested in poaching it say as no pax provision & specialized freight facilities required.

LiamNCL 21st Jun 2021 00:12

ZFG will be sourcing their own aircraft this A330 is just a lease to kick things off apparently.

Jamesair1 21st Jun 2021 09:08

3 x A330-200 aircraft, according to the article

LBIA 21st Jun 2021 12:40

Jet2 adding more capacity from Newcastle for summer 2022 with additional 9th based aircraft.

highwideandugly 21st Jun 2021 14:01

With 3 plus big Airbus aircraft also mooted..will there be enough space to park them all? More aprons to be built anyone?

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