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Jamesair1 1st Aug 2021 15:40

31 Departures on the board for tomorrow......things are looking up

vectisman 1st Aug 2021 16:25

I'm not saying you are incorrect, but Flightradar24 is currently showing 38 departures tomorrow. So could be even better!

ericlday 1st Aug 2021 17:14

Don't always believe FR24, shows some that will not be on the schedule.

vectisman 1st Aug 2021 17:22

I realise that! That's why I said 'I'm not saying your are incorrect'

Jamesair1 2nd Aug 2021 16:43

I do think the airport board is more likely to be correct, like ERICLDAY I have seen flights on FR24 that I know are not operating.

HH6702 5th Aug 2021 08:29

Ryanair Base
Opens March 2022

11 new routes
2 based aircraft

CabinCrewe 5th Aug 2021 08:37

Had FR ever ‘based’ aircraft at NCL before?
Wonder if any link with closure of Belfast base?
Im guessing this will just spread the pot thinner amongst all the current operators on duplicating routes- who’ll be first to drop or reduce?

HH6702 5th Aug 2021 08:49

4 brand new routes to ncl.
Riga being one of them

GBYAJ 5th Aug 2021 09:01

guys, no doubt it’s true but is there a link yet to a full story?

SWBKCB 5th Aug 2021 09:15

Not yet - announcement expected later today at an event at the airport.

CCFAIRPORT 5th Aug 2021 11:19

The new routes should be

Gran Canaria
riga .
Chania and Zadar now for summer 2022

N707ZS 5th Aug 2021 11:35

The coast near Riga has some nice beech resorts.

SWBKCB 5th Aug 2021 12:22


So which ones aren't currently served by anybody from NCL - Riga and Bergamo for sure, and Zadar and Chania?

RA85684 5th Aug 2021 13:51

I wouldn't have thought there will be too much dilution of other carrier's networks with this base. Ryanair are probably more likely to bring growth with cheaper fares and bring the pax back to NCL that would have ordinarily leaked out to EDI/LBA/MAN. Since S19 NCL has also lost x6 based aircraft between TCX and EZY. These have now just about been covered. All being well, and covid dependent, x5 of those based aircraft have been recovered. x1 from TUI, x2 from Jet2 and x2 from Ryanair, as well as the new routes from Vueling and Corendon, S22 is really starting to look up. It is a shame that NCL appears to have lost it's fair split of Business/leisure/charter traffic that was always held onto for so long, but in comparison to similar sized airports, we do rather well. Here's hoping EK come back, LH stay and grow to a more feasible x2 daily rotation and BA/AF/KL/LM recover their networks.

Ryanair summer 2022 looks as follows:
Dublin - x11 weekly (DUB based - there appears to be a NCL based afternoon rotation scheduled on Saturdays but they all currently appear as 'sold out' - so could be x12 weekly)
Alicante - x7 weekly (ALC based)
Fuerteventura - x2 weekly
Gran Canaria - x2 weekly
Ibiza - x3 weekly
Lanzarote - x2 weekly
Malaga - x2 weekly (AGP based - reduced from x4/5 weekly)
Menorca - x3 weekly
Palma - x7 weekly (PMI based)
Tenerife - x2 weekly
Faro - x4 weekly (FAO based)
Gdansk - x2 weekly (GDN based)
Krakow - x3 weekly
Wroclaw - x2 weekly (WRO based)
Riga - x2 weekly
Milan Bergamo - x2 weekly
Chania - x2 weekly
Paphos - x2 weekly
Zadar - x2 weekly

Not a bad setup, just off to pick which ones I'm going to use now!

NorthEasterner 5th Aug 2021 14:07

KRK starts October 2021. Using KRK based aircraft, before switching to NCL based aircraft once base opens.

Jamesair1 8th Aug 2021 17:34

Any news on the new cargo airline....has it any a/c at NCL?

SWBKCB 8th Aug 2021 18:18

No - didn't operate a flight.

HH6702 8th Aug 2021 20:39

Cargo airline
Any ideas what is happening has this operation failed or is there hope it will still be happening ?

highwideandugly 10th Aug 2021 19:32

Can’t believe Easy Jet aren’t interested in a Newcastle Aberdeen route? (Or someone?)

250 plus miles..terrible roads and two areas with massive planned and current industrial development?

A route that has operated for 50 years?
Don’t understand 🤔

inOban 10th Aug 2021 20:17

A train every couple of hours (every hour if you change at Edinburgh ). Apart from a 20 mile stretch south of Berwick, almost all the road is a dual carriageway. Admittedly the Edinburgh bypass is usually solid, and the Dundee section is iffy. As against 2 flights a day at best?

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