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HH6702 21st Jun 2021 16:07

Good to see that Jersey is going to be served in Summer 2022 also by Jet2

LiamNCL 21st Jun 2021 16:32


Likely only be one in at a time if all 3x are to operate out of NCL

SWBKCB 21st Jun 2021 17:03

First flight hasn't operated yet - let's not get carried away....

CabinCrewe 21st Jun 2021 17:23

iíll put a small wager there will not be 3x based cargo A330ís at NCL. Just a hunchÖ

ATNotts 21st Jun 2021 17:41

I would put a large wager on just that. IF, and it's an extremely large "if" three A330s were acquired then you'd find then based at STN, and / or perhaps EMA. That's not to day there isn't the intention to offer some direct services from NCL. The sad fact is however that the air cargo industry believes that there are only a handful of airports in the UK, and by and large NCL isn't one of them!

LiamNCL 21st Jun 2021 18:14

Only going by what info there currently is now all we do is just see if any of it comes to fruition.

skyhawk1 21st Jun 2021 18:21


can see where you are coming from however, management/company seem to be north east based. EK brought in quite a bit on a daily basis but their ops put back till Nov at earliest. Would think companies would prefer a dedicated cargo flight than trying to get space on a passenger flight. More goods moved around the world and people do not want to wait weeks anymore. 3 flights a week may be optimistic but surely they will have done their homework. Here’s hoping it goes well to them.

N707ZS 21st Jun 2021 19:04

southside bobby

The company has a Stockton address so possibly already poached from Teesside, the rumoured cargo also seems to come from Teesside.

SWBKCB 21st Jun 2021 19:42

If any aviation business starting up in the north east isn't talking to Teesside, they want their lumps feeling. However, does MME have the facilities for a general cargo service of any size, for example, where do you consolidate or break down the load?

ATNotts 21st Jun 2021 20:25


EK use DXB as a hub for the whole of the Far East, this operation appears to be very much HKG / DXB focussed. I'm sure they've got a core client or clients but will be relying on the air freight industry to fill up the rest of the capacity, and in a world that believes the UK begins and ends in London that ain't going to be easy. Even EMA only has weekly connection from PEK over Russia and that is basically a DHL operation.

I really admire business people for trying to move the centre of the universe from London, but going back into history, Pelican Air Cargo had a similar issue with getting business through Manchester.

skyman771 23rd Jun 2021 21:11

Some one needs to wake up..... from tonight's airport arrivals board :-

MLT1175 HONG KONG KAI TAK APT & Al Maktoum (Dubai),

maxtoon 24th Jun 2021 22:31

Ahhh, memories. Unless something drastic has happened in HK during the pandemic!

apaul 25th Jun 2021 20:27

EasyJet flying Newcastle to Jersey again three times a week July-October.

HH6702 26th Jun 2021 03:26

Palma should be going on sale shortly too

HH6702 26th Jun 2021 03:27

see it has gone to BOH has the operation failed already ?

beedoubleu 29th Jun 2021 13:55

Does anyone know if the Vueling BCN flights on Wed & Sat, due to start tomorrow are going ahead. Nothing on airport arrivals.

GAXLN 29th Jun 2021 15:14

4th July is first date on sale at present

Jamesair1 29th Jun 2021 16:23

I wonder how the bookings are going

HH6702 29th Jun 2021 16:24

looking at the price I would say poor.
plus I think mainland Spain is still Amber

fl dutchman 4th Jul 2021 11:16

Nice to see the increased number of flights departing from NCL just now.

Still a long way from Pre Covid days but steadily increasing.

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