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SWBKCB 27th Nov 2020 10:14


Newcastle Airport is working in collaboration with two local COVID-19 testing companies to provide quick and affordable tests to passengers travelling from the Airport. The North East’s largest airport has joined forces with Newcastle based companies NPH Group and MDNA Life Sciences to provide COVID-19 PCR tests and when possible rapid antigen and antibody tests.

Many destinations now require passengers to provide a negative PCR COVID-19 test and it is hoped the newly formed service will provide passengers with a cost effective, reliable and convenient COVID-19 testing service prior to their travels. The COVID-19 tests facilitated by NPH Group are able to book now and passengers will be able to attend the testing facility at Newcastle Airport from Tuesday 1st December. Prices are set by the testing providers and the PCR test will cost £99.00.

Jamesair1 28th Nov 2020 17:54

A quick look at the Jet2 Summer 22 timetable shows that ALMERIA, PISA and ROME are missing destinations.....this could change of course.

EASYJET.....no one seems to have taken up BARCELONA....which surprises me

HH6702 28th Nov 2020 23:25

i think nobody will pick Barcelona up just yet until demand picks up and travel restrictions are over to many risks at the minute.

have Easyjet said anything about there new summer only AGP,FAO bases the planes will fly too?

some rumours are that ncl will be on that list

apaul 29th Nov 2020 01:19

Jet2 hasn't loaded ALMERIA, PISA and ROME flights for Summer 22 from any airport yet.

Jamesair1 29th Nov 2020 09:39

When normality returns, Barcelona might figure in the IBERIA EXPRESS plans for NCL operations

FRatSTN 29th Nov 2020 09:43

Iberia Express don't even fly out of BCN so would consider that unlikely. Most likely one for Ryanair I'd say.

toledoashley 29th Nov 2020 09:45

If it were IAG, and it were BCN - then it would be Vueling.

Jamesair1 29th Nov 2020 13:05

For a second try...I agree

Flyit Pointit Sortit 2nd Dec 2020 03:06

EasyJet have a Barcelona base. It is possible that they could do it in reverse when things settle down, just don’t take too big a cabin bag.

I would expect flights to continue through NCL in the future, albeit operating triangles such as BFS - NCL - ALC. or flights originating from our PMI, NCE, FAO and AGP bases. Several of my colleagues who’ve transferred to BRS have done their first flights.....to NCL😖

tigertanaka 2nd Dec 2020 13:06

I think you are right. There is big cruise buisness out of Barcelona and Split (one of the cruise companies was underwriting a number of seats on the Split route) so it would be reasonable to expect these to reappear once the cruise market picks up.

Falcon900LX 3rd Dec 2020 12:29

Flyit Pointit Sortit

Funny you mentioned that, one of my colleauges had said the skipper on one of the BRS flights was operating his first flight in 6 months and it was back to his home base a nice kick in the nads from EZY there . Such a massive shame.

Flyit Pointit Sortit 5th Dec 2020 19:41

Yes he did. Like the majority of ex-NCL EZY guys, I'm not due to start operating again until April. In the meantime, I'm sure you can appreciate that it wouldn't be a good move for me to publicly express my opinion on such matters.

Jamesair1 11th Dec 2020 14:55

The good news on the new giga-battery factory at Blyth will prove to be good news for the airport....transport facilities was one of the main reasons for the choice.

Non Linear Gear 11th Dec 2020 14:58

Looking forward to NCL ramping up again as I know a few people that jobs depend on it (and if getting worse, my own)

Asturias56 11th Dec 2020 17:49


I think you'll find they'll be coming in by boat...................

SWBKCB 11th Dec 2020 17:57

Anything that improves the economy of the region is good for the airport.

8,000 new jobs is more potential customers.

GrahamK 16th Dec 2020 10:15

Beluga XL inbound. Has any variant of Beluga/Super Guppy etc visited before?

oldart 16th Dec 2020 10:41

Track shows it coming from Toulouse, has done an overshoot and making another approach.

MATELO 16th Dec 2020 11:35

Cant remember it popping in.

Tocsin 16th Dec 2020 11:44

Diversion from EMA according to FR24, was a very brief stop after a few circuits.

GrahamK 16th Dec 2020 12:03

Spent about an hour in the area(crosswind training?), now on its way to EMA

Tocsin 16th Dec 2020 21:55

Did get a write up in the local paper: https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news...rport-19468804

nclops 17th Dec 2020 16:51

It wasn’t a diversion, it was planned to come to NCL before EMA.

Jamesair1 26th Dec 2020 17:21


Changes to the timetable are the addition of DUBROVNIK (Thursdays).....ALICANTE reduced from 3 to 2 wkly Tues and Sat....ORLANDO (MELBOURNE) now wkly on FRI and alt. weeks on MON.

N707ZS 26th Dec 2020 23:34

Did Iberia express operate.

jensdad 27th Dec 2020 00:05

I don't know for sure, but I'd guess not given the quarantine restrictions that have been brought in for the Canaries.

HH6702 27th Dec 2020 07:45


no got cancelled

noticed that the Manchester service however operated but looked like MAD only the LPA got cancelled

ROC10 27th Dec 2020 12:14

Isnít there currently a ban on flights into Spain from the UK?

SWBKCB 27th Dec 2020 12:27

Flights from NCL are operating, but only for pax returning to the UK - no outbound pax.

The96er 27th Dec 2020 12:27

Spanish citizens and residents are still permitted travel.

Matt4 27th Dec 2020 18:06

Looks like now according to the EK website itís now not sellable until the 02 July operating 4 weekly and going to daily from 01 Nov

Jamesair1 28th Dec 2020 14:50

Any rumours or chat about whether IBERIA EXPRESS plan to operate from NCL in the future?

SWBKCB 28th Dec 2020 14:57

No - I would imagine all airlines plans are "fluid" at the moment...

Jamesair1 14th Jan 2021 17:03

JET2 announce big expansion in frequencies for Summer 22....basically ALICANTE (9) (from 7), ANTALYA (6) from (5), DALAMAN ((9) from (7), FARO (8) from (7), GRAN CANARIA (3) from (2), KOS (2) from (1), ARRECIFE (5) from (4), PALMA (14) from (11), MALAGA (7) from (6), TENERIFE (8) from (6)

GrahamK 14th Jan 2021 18:56

Compared to S19:
Alicante reduced from 12 x weekly
Gran Canaria operates 1 x weekly except August (has previously always been 2 x weekly)
Stating Prague operates up to 2 x weekly between April and October. (It operates April and October only). PRG, KRK had previously operated year round. Rome from Feb-Nov
Some dodgy info being given out

SWBKCB 14th Jan 2021 19:17

Typical airline - the past doesn't exist. So, "new" = "not currently on sale" and "increase" = "more than we are currently selling"

N707ZS 14th Jan 2021 19:22

From summer 22 so 21 placed in storage.

GrahamK 14th Jan 2021 20:25

Should probably add it is good news overall, 8th based aircraft for Jet2 at NCL i believe?

Jamesair1 14th Jan 2021 22:09

The comparison in my post was with the already announced frequencies for Summer 22 not with previous years.

GrahamK 15th Jan 2021 08:30

Do we know when these increased frequencies go on sale?

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