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ATNotts 22nd Aug 2021 12:28

The resumption of more EK schedules and the associated increase in belly hold capacity will probably be the death knell for what was probably an opportunist project.

SWBKCB 24th Aug 2021 10:11

It's in the Chronicle, so it must be true!

Nick Jones, Chief Executive of Newcastle Airport said: “We are delighted that Emirates has brought forward its return to Newcastle International Airport and the North East with four weekly flights throughout the winter. A change of flight times to an evening departure will mean passengers can maximise their stay in Dubai whether on holiday or business whilst also ensuring connectivity to worldwide destinations via the Emirates network."

Jamesair1 24th Aug 2021 14:45

Two bits of good news....Emirates return at 4 weekly and Lufthansa going daily to FRA.

BAladdy 26th Aug 2021 09:09

Loganair have started to put there summer 2022 flights on sale. The following flights are available to book through to 14th August.

Bergen - Resumes 22nd May 2 x Weekly
Exeter - 6 x Weekly
Newquay - Initially 2 x Weekly, increasing to 3 x Weekly from 30th April and 4 x Weekly from 31st May.
Southampton 12 x Weekly
Stavanger - Resumes 4 x Weekly from 27th March

Direct flights to Jersey are not currently available to book.

MARKEYD 26th Aug 2021 10:27

Reported on local news here in Jersey that Loganair have cancelled all flights next year into Jersey from the UK , claiming poor loads on all routes

SKOJB 26th Aug 2021 10:47

Up against LCC so not surprising!

fl dutchman 26th Aug 2021 16:44


Was there not flights to Oslo due to start sometime?

Jamesair1 26th Aug 2021 17:02

and Guernsey

P330 30th Aug 2021 15:39

Anyone know if TUI are planning on bringing any MAX into Newcastle during Ď22.

HH6702 30th Aug 2021 22:31

Yes it is planned

oldart 31st Aug 2021 08:43

Do you know if there is a TUI site that gives you the type of a/c for a particular route or c/s?

HH6702 31st Aug 2021 09:29

not sure if you do a dummy booking it would bring up a seat plan.

from what I’ve heard there’s a few different routes got the max so I’m guessing that we will have 1 based max aircraft for Summer 2022

P330 31st Aug 2021 13:32


I donít think you can pick your seat until 90 days before, so not sure a dummy booking would work to test 2022 routes unless someone knows how to do that.....

GrahamK 31st Aug 2021 15:08

Think NCL is planned to be 4 x 737-800 for S22

Jamesair1 31st Aug 2021 17:35

I'm sure I read that a 9 a/c fleet at NCL is planned for S22, so any idea what the other 5 would be?

HH6702 31st Aug 2021 17:43

thats for Jet2 not TUI

Jamesair1 31st Aug 2021 18:12

Ooops....I should have read further back

highwideandugly 17th Sep 2021 15:18

Anyone know when BA are increasing the London schedules?..seems to have been stuck on 2 per day for quite a while?

SWBKCB 17th Sep 2021 15:27

Think it goes to three at the start of the winter schedule.

fl dutchman 18th Sep 2021 10:11

LHR The schedule is constantly changing. The third flight has been put back repeatedly. Currently its due to re start on 17th Oct I think with the 4th flight due to re start 1st Dec.
All subject to change of course. Dont know when the 5th flight due to resume. ( Edit 28 March )

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