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JKKne 16th Jan 2021 22:01

Does this mean Jet2 have dropped Almeria and Reus?

(Reus a decent back up if Barcelona never came back)

Jamesair1 17th Jan 2021 08:36

Reus is still on the timetable at 3 x weekly...it's ALMERIA and PISA that seem to have been dropped.

Jamesair1 28th Jan 2021 16:15

Some changes to the RYANAIR SUMMER 21 schedule from previously published.
PALMA ......Daily
MALAGA....5 x Wkly (increased from 4)
FARO.........3 x Wkly
DUBLIN......11 x Wkly
WROCLAW...2 x Wkly *
GDANSK......2 x Wkly *

* the two Polish destinations were not previously shown

GrahamK 29th Jan 2021 18:24

All changed already,
Seems to be an alarming decrease in flights with Jet2 for S22. Possibly a system error that hasnt been looked at for 3 days?

Jamesair1 31st Jan 2021 16:38

Only changes showing today for JET 2 SUMMER 22 are BOURGAS....reduced to 1 weekly (from 2).....no ROME service between MAY and OCT. 22

HH6702 31st Jan 2021 17:56

Think we need to all worry about summer 2021 and getting the operators through this year before we worry about summer 2022!!!

HH6702 1st Feb 2021 20:30

Jersey added 2x weekly for the summer

GrahamK 1st Feb 2021 20:43


TFS has reduced from 8 x weekly to 2/3 x weekly in June/July/August. All the Greek flights 1 x weekly, etc etc.

Jamesair1 2nd Feb 2021 08:09


We must be getting our info from different sources. I am using the Jet 2 Timetable on their website....which still shows TFS at 8 weekly in July?Aug. It does seem to be updated on a regular basis.

BHX5DME 2nd Feb 2021 12:37

The reductions are Summer 22 not 21 !

Jamesair1 2nd Feb 2021 13:13

I see where the difference lies....you are probably looking at the website flight details on your phone and I am looking at the main Jet2 website showing the complete system timetable under the 'info' heading on my PC which is much more detailed.
I would guess that the main website should be more accurate. How odd.....one must be displaying wrong information

SWBKCB 2nd Feb 2021 13:50

The timetable on the website shows more flights operating than is available to book.

Jamesair1 2nd Feb 2021 14:01

Understood.....I suppose they can release more flights if and when needed.....it is a long way ahead for bookings.
Thamks for the clarification.

N707ZS 2nd Feb 2021 14:24

Has Newcastle got an Aberdeen at the moment.

SWBKCB 2nd Feb 2021 14:32

No - it hasn't

N707ZS 2nd Feb 2021 14:55

Thanks, must be helping supply pax at Teesside.

Jamesair1 2nd Feb 2021 15:58

At the moment Loganair are planning to restart ABZ flights on 15th February...however, as always at the moment, that could change

HH6702 10th Feb 2021 11:33

Wizz coming ??

it says from 12 U.K. airports could NCL about to be added ?

jensdad 10th Feb 2021 11:52

There are 11 UK airports listed on their website so there must be a new destination being added. Newcastle just as likely as any I suppose. I would guess Leeds/Bradford or Bristol would be ahead of us, to name but two, but we'll see.

jensdad 10th Feb 2021 11:54

Correction: they already fly to Bristol!

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