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tigertanaka 10th Aug 2021 20:22

Strange that Teesside seems to be able to sustain 3 flights a day to Aberdeen (even with the Mayor's money and two operators on the route) and Newcastle is not. Clearly the Chemical and Oil/Gas industries are more evident in Teesside but Newcastle is a far larger market and the train still takes ages.

HH6702 10th Aug 2021 20:24

Aberdeen will be back once the demand picks up.

mmeman 11th Aug 2021 10:12

Historically of course, Teesside has always had more passengers to Aberdeen than Newcastle, up until Loganair started in 2019 and Eastern were having issues with reliability - CAA passengers figures from previous years - 2014 –
Teesside – 35034
Newcastle - 30168

2015 -
Teesside – 28224
Newcastle – 20788

2016 -
Teesside – 13225
Newcastle – 8925

Teesside – 17508
Newcastle – 11410

Teesside – 21496
Newcastle – 10923

Teesside – 17055
Newcastle – 22215

highwideandugly 16th Aug 2021 10:07

And cancelled Teesside!

mmeteesside 16th Aug 2021 11:18

Well thatís a very predictable move - looks to be once a day Sun-Fri with a J41

Jamesair1 16th Aug 2021 13:47

Exactly what I thought would happen....and gradually increase frequencies as pax levels recover.

HH6702 20th Aug 2021 17:24

Looks like EK have pulled out for winter 2021/22

LiamNCL 20th Aug 2021 17:57

Seem to be operating from October 15th EK33/34 Arriving 19:10PM departing to Dubai at 21:10

SWBKCB 20th Aug 2021 17:59

Seems to be a handful of student (?) flights in October and at Christmas - although mid-October seems a bit late for students?

skyhawk1 20th Aug 2021 17:59

on EK website they have flights mon, wed, fri and sun from mid October. Hope they are coming back.

SWBKCB 20th Aug 2021 18:35

But only in October? Can't find any in Nov or Dec?

sunshine79 20th Aug 2021 19:13

EK have brought forward their re-start date. It was due to be 1st September. New flight times are so much better. They ,ay be re-editing the winter schedule which is why its not on sale. They are using STN flight times and flight number instead of the usual NCL EK35/36 times

GrahamK 20th Aug 2021 21:05

Available throughout winter on EK33/34.

SWBKCB 21st Aug 2021 06:50


Yes, bookable now.

fl dutchman 21st Aug 2021 10:47

Bit confused. Appears its bookable from the end of October. MWFSu. ( Not brought forward from 1 Sept)

SWBKCB 21st Aug 2021 10:59

It looks like Emirates have been updating their website over the past 24hrs - flights are bookable from 15 October, mainly four times a week but some weeks vary.

FRatSTN 21st Aug 2021 13:59

They are using STN flight times and flight number instead of the usual NCL EK35/36 times
EK033/034 were the old STN flight numbers when the service launched single daily in 2018 as an afternoon arrival/evening departure, with a long layover inbetween.

When it went double daily from July 2019 the new flight numbers became EK065/066 and EK067/068. They're showing STN from March 2022 with just the afternoon EK065/066 rotation.

EK033/034 hasn't been used since, and the NCL winter timings are not the same as the previous STN times, which was a 17:45 arrival (EK067) and 20:15 departure (EK068).

N707ZS 21st Aug 2021 14:42

Any update on the A330F, it seems to have gone quiet and doesn't seem to be operating.

Jamesair1 21st Aug 2021 15:51

Several of us have put up a question about this and the new cargo operation which seemed to have started up........ but no-one seems to have any information.

On a different matter....with 36 departures on the board tomorrow, this must be the highest so far...with Jet2 using 7 a/c

beedoubleu 22nd Aug 2021 08:37

The only info on the cargo op is that the aircraft that was parked here for a few weeks (9H-LFS) is being used out of Kiev to various destinations, so draw your conclusions from that. Cancelled or delayed ?

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