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BAladdy 29th Apr 2021 11:50

LM have recent days removed from sale there flights from both NCL and EDI to BGO and SVG.

LM had planned to operate 3 x Weekly to BGO from 2nd July. Flights to SVG were planned to resume 1st July operation up to 5 x Weekly.

Jamesair1 29th Apr 2021 14:55

Hope that is just a temporary measure...important routes for both NCL and EDI.

SWBKCB 29th Apr 2021 16:10

Confirmation of Corredon for 2022


CabinCrewe 29th Apr 2021 17:28

Lets see if Vueling remain on this route in a year or so and Iíll be happy to be corrected... Its the airline routing thats odd not the destination esp if the costa dorada us up your street. Will be surprised if the locals have ever even heard of them.. Correndon will be the same.

Jamesair1 29th Apr 2021 18:20

Vueling have previously operated this route from NCL but were swamped by EZY last time round. BCN is a popular city break destination and a big starting port for Med cruising.

tictack67 30th Apr 2021 18:37


A bit patronising statement about the locals of Newcastle.

Your original post said "Slightly odd route I suggest", and now you are on about the "airline routing that's odd".
What are you on about?

N707ZS 1st May 2021 07:09

Today’s news is the second airline announcement in the same week for the largest airport in the North East. Spanish low cost airline, Vueling, also confirmed it would be operating direct flights to Barcelona from Newcastle between July and October 2021.
I always find it funny that Newcastle must stress there position.

Wallsendmag 1st May 2021 07:38

Have you seen the Teesside thread?

N707ZS 1st May 2021 10:02

Yes why, we are talking Newcastle here.

highwideandugly 1st May 2021 10:15

It’s all friendly banter!

Both airports, in fact , all airports remain at the mercy of Covid!

Newcastle undisputed largest and most popular airport in the region..but TIA have a great PR team..considering nothing is actually happening there,other than promises.

I suppose NCL PR team trying to bite back?

HH6702 1st May 2021 11:53

JetBlue is hoping to launch London and Paris this year.

They have 26 aircraft on order and have said they hope to have 20 flights per day between the U.K. and USA.

UK regional airports will be included and will operate a Summer only flight to the USA.

Hopefully NCL is being looked at as the A321XLR aircraft would be the right size for the route

SWBKCB 4th May 2021 16:49

Jet2 have added Funchal for the winter - is that a new destination for them?

inOban 4th May 2021 17:18

They've operated the route from Edinburgh for several years

nclops 4th May 2021 17:45

No, Funchal is normally operated by Jet2 in the winter. I believe it was on a Friday for winter 19/20

GrahamK 7th May 2021 16:34

Next new route BA to Faro, Sat/Sun A320 operated

CabinCrewe 7th May 2021 16:46

After 4 rotations will this stay or go?

Jamesair1 7th May 2021 16:50

Is there a start date? Seems like BA mainline are branching out, operating European flights from airports other than LHR

GrahamK 7th May 2021 17:21

Easyjet re-adding Faro, 3 x weekly

LiamNCL 7th May 2021 17:29

easyJet Europe going by the EJU flight numbers.

ash666 12th May 2021 11:55

I wish someone would do Lisbon

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