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airhumberside 6th Jun 2013 19:43

Anyone know which two Royal Mail contracts have lost from next year? (They have retained their other 6 contracts)

BasilFawlty 6th Jun 2013 19:46

As far as I know:

BFS-EMA-BFS: 11x weekly
EDI-EMA-EDI: 10x weekly
EDI-STN-EDI: 10x weekly
NCL-EMA-NCL: 5x weekly
NCL-STN-NCL: 5x weekly

EXT-EMA-EXT: 5x weekly

BFS-STN-BFS: 10x weekly

G-CELW will move from EXT to BFS.

ematom1 6th Jun 2013 19:54

I take it Exeter has been taken up by another airline then because its full most of the time, would make sense moving G-CELW to BFS the aircarft is also always full

BasilFawlty 6th Jun 2013 20:01

Isn't the Royal Mail paying anyway (no matter how full or empty a flight is)?

ematom1 6th Jun 2013 20:04

Yeah it's Royal Mail who pays for the routes to be operated I just doubt Royal Mail would drop the Exeter route which seems to do well and go out almost full every night, G-CELW would be better utilised at BFS

BasilFawlty 6th Jun 2013 20:06

The EXT route is not being dropped as far as I know, it going to another airline. Titan perhaps?

LBIA 6th Jun 2013 20:07

Understand Titan Airways are taking over the EXT-EMA route.

BFS BHD 8th Jun 2013 13:01

Does G-CELW move to BFS today to start Stansted as its just landed at BFS as EXS036E?

LBIA 8th Jun 2013 13:23

G-CELW will be covering freight duties as the Belfast based G-CELO was sent over to Leeds this morning.

BasilFawlty 8th Jun 2013 13:39

Anyone know when the new mail contracts will start?

stuart hammond 8th Jun 2013 17:03

jet2 extra aircraft
Was at NWI on fri this week and ex bmibaby aircraft was towed into air livery hanager g.toyd, is this a extra aircraft for Jet2 or a other airline.regardsStuart

BasilFawlty 8th Jun 2013 17:04

Should be G-GDFT, which is indeed an ex. WW aircraft and will join the LS fleet later this season. Another ex. WW which will become G-GDFS is also expected to join the fleet, but I believe that one is still stored.

ematom1 8th Jun 2013 18:17

G-CELW will be operating tonight's Royal Mail flight BFS-EMA-BFS then returning to Exeter for Monday, does anyone know where G-GDFE has gone that was the usual aircraft used on that route for months but hasn't been in service for a good few months now?

BasilFawlty 8th Jun 2013 18:19

Heavy maintenance in BUD. Was supposed to fly back to the UK today but it's still on the ground.

BFS BHD 8th Jun 2013 18:36

Thanks Guys i guess G-GDFE will be based at BFS again when it finally comes back to UK?

ematom1 8th Jun 2013 18:38

Cheers wondered why it hasn't been on the Royal Mail flights past few months :)

BasilFawlty 8th Jun 2013 18:39

Most likely yes, G-GDFE has always been a BFS aircraft from the moment it joined the fleet.

BFS BHD 8th Jun 2013 18:41

Cheers :ok:

BKS Air Transport 8th Jun 2013 21:37

Were the ex-baby aircraft at one time operated by mainline?

VickersVicount 8th Jun 2013 22:52

some were some were not

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