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planenut321 24th Jul 2013 15:35

General José Antonio Anzoátegui International Airport in Venezula obviously...

If you meant Blackpool (BLK), I imagine it went via ALC to refuel, can go via FAO sometimes too...

Flying Wild 24th Jul 2013 15:38

I think they meant BLK. Probably down to winds aloft/performance restrictions requiring tech stop for fuel. ALC is a base, so easier to do there perhaps?

janeyTA 24th Jul 2013 15:42

Sorry, yes I did mean BLK.

Today is the first time its stopped outbound, and it's only stopped once at FAO on the inbound. Just interested as I'm on this flight in a couple of months time. They have scheduled an inbound fuel stop in, but not for the outbound, so was curious.

Ivan aromer 24th Jul 2013 18:50

Possible the crew, in the present Jet2 climate of derriere covering, it was the best decision on the day.

take-off 25th Jul 2013 18:00

Does the BLK TFS flight have to stop on way/back for fuel ? Just wondering why the need for a stop for ACE? Does plane get parked up for a few hours while in Ace as timetable shows leaves BLK at 9am but not getting back until 8pm gone?
Wonder just before booking , not fancing a stop on way , but on way back i dont mind (lol):cool:

Just checked timetable on Jet2 website , its giving a 5hr 55 mins flight back to blk, ???Really that long?

flybar 25th Jul 2013 18:29

Just checked timetable on Jet2 website , its giving a 5hr 55 mins flight back to blk, ???Really that long?
All the dates I have checked show 4hours 50mins each way. Not particularly excessive when you consider it shows 4hours 40/45mins from Manchester!

janeyTA 25th Jul 2013 20:18

They stop on the way back from ACE due to the aircraft not being able to take a full load of fuel and pax, and still climb quickly enough to avoid a volcano (apparently).

Just another student 25th Jul 2013 21:41

There is no apparently about it. All take off performance is based on the loss of an engine at V1. Aircraft have to be able to carry on the take off with only one engine operative. The close nature of the hills at ACE mean that take off weights are restrictive when departing runway 03. Some times tech stops are simply unavoidable give an aircrafts capabilities. It is certainly not unique to Jet2. The ACE-BLK schedule caters for a tech stop, if needed, so far the flights have performed very well and re-fuel stops are few and far between.

LNIDA 25th Jul 2013 23:13

Lanzarote is nothing special in terms of take off performance the only reason Jet2 tech stop is they are using equipment which simple does not have the legs for the job if prevailing winds are against them.

Its a non event in a 757 or a 738 but in a 300 its RTOW limited, wrong aircraft for the job, its a non stop flight for every other European operator including people who's journey time is a lot further than Blackpool, the CL is an ideal tool for AGP/FAO beyond that you need a better wing/engine combination not a 22 year old Jurassic.

take-off 25th Jul 2013 23:47

The flight time back from lanzarote to blackpool is, departing 1420 arriving back in Blackpool 2015 , now that's a lot longer than 4 1/2 hours as being said . Are they making people aware that there maybe a stop on way when booking as I've not seen anything when looking. It's not that I mind the stop , I'd rather we didn't have to but I rather know when booking than finding half way there , were heading for the services, to top the tanks up -. As has been mentioned , would think that the right equipment would be put on for flights . They do seem tho be chopping and changing aircraft around in Blackpool over last few weeks , good for the spotter like !!! :-)

take-off 25th Jul 2013 23:51

Isn't the winglet classic that's been in blk last few weeks capable of flight without stop , do they manage dalaman without a stop ?

janeyTA 26th Jul 2013 09:09

The inbound flight has only stopped to refuel once so far. Passengers that had already booked were notified in February about the re scheduling, but I haven't seen anything on their website about it. GDFL has been operating the flight for the last few weeks.

According to Lanzarote residents, Jet2 are basing a 738 there starting this winter. I've been going to Lanzarote for over 20 years, and never had a fuel stop - yet :)

sunday8pm 26th Jul 2013 10:55

Travelling EMA-ACE in August with Jet2 so very much hope we don't have to stop for fuel! I'll use someone else for the Canaries in future if we do.

janeyTA 26th Jul 2013 11:06

They use a 757 from EMA as far as I know. They don't have the same problem as the 733s.

FR8364 26th Jul 2013 12:01

Usually, some flights departing/arriving ACE must do a fuel stop (ACE-Germany, ACE-UK...) as they are operated by B737, A320 and the plane cannot depart fully of fuel/passengers. Note the runway in ACE is not too long, and maybe during the flight the airstreams are blowing against it.

This fuel stops are not pre-scheduled and are usually decided when the plane departs from ACE (advise to passengers once they are onboard). Then passengers stay onboard during fuelling and after the plane continue to its destination.

righthandrule 26th Jul 2013 15:49

The flight stopped in Alicante as it had a tech fault and Jet2 have a large engineering presence at ALC. the divert was nothing to do with fuel.

So that ends the 'Jet2 using aircraft that haven't got the legs for it' debate as that is total tosh. As me mentioned by LBIA, Jet2 use the high MTOW and wingletted 737-300's on the canaries and turkey runs and these are more than capable of these runs, hence there has not been any fuel related diverts in months.

End of debate. All Jet2 aircraft from all bases are more than capable of operating their allocated routes so no fuel stops are planned. So no need to worry.

Ivan aromer 26th Jul 2013 15:54

"End of debate. All Jet2 aircraft from all bases are more than capable of operating their allocated routes so no fuel stops are planned. So no need to worry. "

You don't work at LFFH by any chance???

janeyTA 26th Jul 2013 16:13

ACE - BLK stopped at FAO to refuel a couple of weeks ago. If the 733s are more than capable of this route, how come pax have been notified of a schedule change, depending on the load/wind, and the inbound is showing as 5hrs -55min?

If it was tech problem, it must have occurred early in flight, as it took a different flight path to usual, before it had finished crossing the English channel.

Mr Angry from Purley 26th Jul 2013 17:13

Gawd wtf is this thread going on about.
I worked for a airline many years ago that did EMA-LCA-EMA (Larnaca to the uneducated) in a 737-200 tech stop both ways.....And yes it was covering a B737-300 that could do it ok so get a grip before you moan,,
Then i worked for another airline that flew NCL-TFS-NCL (Newcastle) on a 737-200. The aircraft stopped for fuel at EMA to launch to TFS, no perf issues here i would add, mind you all the pax bags stayed in NCL
LOL :\

silverstreak 26th Jul 2013 20:50

RIGHTHANDRULE - So that ends the 'Jet2 using aircraft that haven't got the legs for it' debate as that is total tosh, etc etc...

You are talking tosh my friend indeed!

Cast your mind back to the winter schedule, where 737QCs cannot carry full loads on ski flights, offloading almost everything and anything possible to get away.

I rest my case

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