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Jetblast79 18th May 2013 03:15


Ive seen that Alicante base is being extended all year round. Even next summer season (2014) with 2 more aircrafts, up to 3. However, the rotations are only in the morning, even with 3 aircrafts! Anybody knows why?

There are also some free slots in the morning, do you think any new route to non-based cities could be launched?


ILS32 18th May 2013 10:20

I may be wrong but wasn't it suggested that they might be used as standby for aircraft going tech?. It makes sense positioning from Alicante rather than positioning from the UK.Good for customer relations and would cut the waiting time for a relief aircraft to collect the stranded passengers and bring them home.

TSR2 18th May 2013 10:42

It makes sense positioning from Alicante rather than positioning from the UK
Not if the delay is at a UK airport.

AP1995 18th May 2013 11:03

ILS32 is right, if an aircraft goes in tech down route, the chance are ALC is nearer then an UK airport, obviously Jet2 have standby aircraft based in the UK also.

TSR2 18th May 2013 11:33

Stand-by aircraft in both UK and Spain ??

LBIA 18th May 2013 12:07

Looks like Jet2 have acquired the 2 ex bmi baby Boeing 737-300 aircraft afteral. G-TOYM was registered on Thursday as G-GDFT while G-TOYJ will be registered as G-GDFS very shortly.

Flying Wild 18th May 2013 21:23

Originally Posted by TSR2 (Post 7849223)
Not if the delay is at a UK airport.

Which is why there are UK based standby aircraft and crews too!

Shaman 19th May 2013 17:23

The EXS 6166 from EDI today the 19th May took off for ABZ, did a hold over Perth, then returned to EDI despite FR24.com showing that it was an EDI to ALC flight!

Anyone any facts?

Flying Wild 19th May 2013 17:56

It was a charter EDI-EDI. No idea what for though.
FR24 probably confused callsign, hence indicating it was off to ALC.

Shaman 19th May 2013 18:12

Thanks for the quick reply!

flybar 19th May 2013 18:30

Virgin 'Fear of Flying' flight - Jet2 do a number of them for Virgin

Shaman 19th May 2013 18:33

Thanks again - that would make sense and account for the routing.

Chille Con Carnie 19th May 2013 19:42

I hear that G-GDFT is in the hangar & is getting some TLC before going on line.

silverstreak 19th May 2013 19:57

LS6166 / G-CELP / Undertook a quick mission this afternoon, EDI-EDI... It was indeed a VS 'fear of flying' flight.

Departed EDI 1623 local, from Rway 06, headed for Perth and climbed to FL150 temporarily. Landed back on 06 at 1654 local.

flyOU 25th May 2013 14:14

new route from 25 May 2014

EDI-PUY ------7

Keyvon 5th Jun 2013 11:30

It appears they will drop:

- Toulouse
- La Rochelle
- Nice
- Bergerac
- Tel Aviv
- Olbia

altogether by the end of this summer timetable.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Pula (Croatia) is to swap from Glasgow to Edinburgh, as for next summer.

NRU74 5th Jun 2013 19:40

Where did you get the info re Nice ?
At the moment they are operating fron Man,Leeds and EMA with quite high load factors- or so it seemed a few days ago.

Ringwayman 5th Jun 2013 20:05

I would suggest all bar Tel Aviv are summer-only destinations and Tel Aviv may down to competition from easyJet?

airhumberside 5th Jun 2013 20:09

The full Summer 2014 schedule is not yet on sale. Jet 2 are having a phased release of different destinations per week. The only one that can probably be regarded as dropped is Tel Aviv, since that has always been a year round route, buts ends in early November

The others will probably appear in the next few weeks (it's always possible a destination or two will be dropped, but it would be surprising to see everywhere on that list dropped)

mikkie4 5th Jun 2013 23:15

Nice picture of G-GDFV at SEN doing engine tests today (sen face book)

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