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sunday8pm 2nd May 2013 09:17

Onyxcrowle, I'm a little confused. Are you suggesting Jet2 from Doncaster to Moscow!?

Chitty 7th May 2013 17:44

does any one if jet2 have dropped there Leeds Belfast route as its not bookable from June 2013

AIRPORT66 9th May 2013 21:15

I see jet2 have pulled there Leeds from Belfast is this a little rant from jet2 because of the issues with the runway or will they replace it with something else.

cornishsimon 9th May 2013 21:23

Was that not the last remaining Jet2 "domestic" route ?


BFS BHD 9th May 2013 21:26

Belfast-Blackpool & Belfast-Jersey still operating also Leeds-Jersey i think :)

take-off 10th May 2013 10:22

See on flight radar , LS751 blk tfs climbing out of faro just before 11am, showing an hour plus delay now on tfs website, any reason for this?

Johnny [email protected] Pants 10th May 2013 11:00

Tech stop en-route for a refuel I would imagine, or medical divert maybe.

Hotel Tango 10th May 2013 11:01

Planned fuel stop possibly due to strong head winds or payload restriction departing EGNH. Nothing particularly unusual. Happens sometimes.

LNIDA 10th May 2013 15:36

The headwinds on that route have been strong all week, 6:30 flight time from Scandi land and EU -OPS reduced CF with go/no go fuel at RALUS is common in these conditions, quick flight north mind

EK77WNCL 11th May 2013 13:52

Relating to the earlier post, I really hope LS isn't ridding themselves of their 757's, after all there must be some early 2000 models out there which they could get that have another 10-15 years in them. If LS were to restart Egypt (unlikely) or venture into Cape Verde or the Gambia, they would be able to use their 75's there and would probably realise how valuable they are. It would be very, very interesting to see a fully loaded 738 try to get out of LBA on a 6.5 hour flight to the Cape Verde's.

Has there been any news on those 767's LS have been "getting" for about 5 years. Last I heard they were out in Brazil looking at 2 ex Varig models but they were horribly corroded and they decided not to look any further into them. Is there any chance of LS ever getting 767's because I could really see them doing well because we all know how good LS is at finding niches that just somehow work. I think the 762ER might be good for them if they can find any worth buying, simply because it has better short runway capabilities, thus would not take such a payload hit from LBA. If not I've always thought they might go for some ex BA models because it fits with LS's business model. Rolls Royce engine commonality with the 757's, slightly closer pilot commonality with the 757's and finally, due to them being a relative novelty with the RB211's they'll probably go quite cheap, the only problem would be the age. Other options could be an ex EK A330, RR engines, young, cheap, but no commonality. Or maybe an ex FCA/TOM 767, but then, no engine commonality and they're quite old too...

I would like to see either an LS 763ER (RB211) or an LS A330 200 (Trents)


AP1995 11th May 2013 14:38

Jet2's 757 have preformed LBA-NYC several times without a struggle, also completely full.

righthandrule 11th May 2013 16:18

The 757's are to stay. There won't be any more added but the existing airframes will be around for a while yet.

The current way forward for the business is getting some 737-800's as these are the future, the 737-300 is too small for some of the longer holiday routes and the 757 is too big for the city routes. The 800 is ideal for a hop down to Barcelona then a hop down to the canaries in the afternoon.

Getting 767's would be a backward step, the fleet is being mondernised to improve punctuality, getting some 20+ year old 767 would be silly. An airline of Jet2's size (~ 50 aircraft) need to look at the future and how to keep growing at the current rate (7-10% a year) with minimal risk. Modernising and expanding with 737-800's and newer (~ 10 year old) 737-300's is definatley the way forward until the airline gets to a size where a substantial new aircraft order is feasible.

In my opinion, the NYC flights are unique and help keep the ETOP's guys going for the winter charters. Long haul might be a nice thought but a risk probably not worth taking in this climate. As much as Florida, Dom Rep, Mexico etc may now fit into the Jet2Holidays business model im sure they are a few years off yet.

EK77WNCL 12th May 2013 11:34

AIP1995, yeah, they also do LBA-JED for hajj too and they will be completely full too. My comment was that the 737 800 has nowhere near the runway performance of the 757. I've seen Ryanair 738's to Spain, Greece and the Canaries using just about every last inch available at LBA.

I see what you mean about getting 767's, however, Jet2 has wanted to do long haul for a while and, I realise the climate is terrible right now, but, what about my comment suggesting the A330? Could a 12 year old EK A330 not be a better option than a 25 year old ex BA 767? A330's have good runway performance too.

Either that or would it be feasible to operate long haul flights with their 757's with a tech stop. I don't know, it's Just LS seems to be able to make the strangest things work. They could even just operate it like their one offs that they do.

OntimeexceptACARS 14th May 2013 13:17


Modernising and expanding with 737-800's and newer (~ 10 year old) 737-300's is definatley the way forward
Righthand, the last B737-300s were delivered new in 1999, making the newest ones 14 years old now. Just saying.

B738 seems to be very flexible and with plenty of second hand stock knocking about it has to be the way forward. The operating cost of a B738 over an older B733 wouldn't be hugely more? Guess leasing rates weighed against more maint for the older frames.

AP1995 14th May 2013 17:48

TOM also fly SSH on a 737-800 every week from LBA and it does that fine.

JKKne 14th May 2013 18:22

Originally Posted by basilfawlty
which flights will the a320 operate? Anyone has a full weekly schedule for it?


Type Rated B767 15th May 2013 16:59

Interesting to see it doesnt go anywhere but Spain...

BasilFawlty 15th May 2013 16:59

Was already mentioned in the Newcastle thread, but thanks anyway! :ok:

righthandrule 16th May 2013 11:23

The NCL A320 does indeed only do flights to Spain as it is replacing a 737-300 that was initially planned. The 757's do the longer flights and the other 737's at NCL do the likes of PRG, VCE, FCO etc etc, its much easier to fill those extra 20 seats on the Airbus on a holiday flight than a city flight during May-September. That's why its hopping back and forth to Espana twice a day.

Lord Spandex Masher 16th May 2013 11:28

The other 737s at Newcastle do Spanish routes as well.

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