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Artie Fufkin 18th Feb 2015 15:46

Donít worry EK77WNCL, if current rumours are true, you may not have to wait until next year for further Jet2/A330 news. Allegedly, some news may be forthcoming really quite soon!

garry8g 18th Feb 2015 16:08

What's this news? A couple of A330's to join the fleet for winter 2015, with the start of some long haul??

Artie Fufkin 18th Feb 2015 16:29

Probably best not to go in to specifics.

Unless senior management are lying (I make no comment) then some pretty big news might be coming very soon.

pug 18th Feb 2015 17:15

It's certainly going to be soon Artie, many awaiting green light to get certain things in place.

Could it possibly coincide with the fact that some very senior management and execs have been in the commercial HQ today?

A lot of hard work has been put into this project, and this has been happening during a reshuffle at director level (perhaps to allow more time on a projects that a certain person is very good at?)..

Hopefully we will all be enlightened very soon. Exciting times for Jet2.com and Jet2 holidays..

INeedTheFull90 18th Feb 2015 18:52

What you mean there's going to be an A330 or 767 MAN base operating SFB flights in conjunction with Jet2 holidays with said aircraft also operating the occasional short flight on trunk routes between TATLs? Wish they would just get on an announce it otherwise it'll be too late summer.

SCANDIC 18th Feb 2015 19:22

Could be the two monarch 330's

HH6702 18th Feb 2015 20:54

Hope the news of A330 is good news for NCL??

EK77WNCL 18th Feb 2015 22:04

So.... The CAA cancelled the A330 from Air Asia, LS had an inkling it might not get regulatory approval so have been shopping around and are now getting the ex Monarch A330's? Short haul this summer with Florida starting in the winter.

Sounds about right to me... I'll wait for the announcement but fingers crossed.

TSR2 19th Feb 2015 00:07

So.... The CAA cancelled the A330 from Air Asia, LS had an inkling it might not get regulatory approval so have been shopping around and are now getting the ex Monarch A330's? Short haul this summer with Florida starting in the winter.
And your source of information is ???

EK77WNCL 19th Feb 2015 02:44

The few posts above suggesting the same thing

Sean Dillon 19th Feb 2015 07:09

Errrrr...not really!!!!! Probably bought a few seats on a TOM/TCX SFB, hardly reinventing the wheel...

pug 19th Feb 2015 12:42

Sean Dillon, that would require a change in the way Jet2 operate, so I doubt that..

As for the rest, just speculation. I'm sure it will be revealed one way or another soon if it's going to happen this year..

Sean Dillon 19th Feb 2015 15:52

that would require a change in the way Jet2 operate...
Ooooo...change, and in how we operate, radical stuff from the Piled Up Portacabins...now you're talking!

pug 19th Feb 2015 16:42

Never been invited to the mint?

EK77WNCL 19th Feb 2015 16:54

Do you.... Not, like Jet2 Sean?

I really do hope they get the MON A330's... Then they might expand and finally get some of the EK frames.

I see logic in it - Don't bother reconfiguring the aircraft, keep 374 seats in the MON frames and 278 in EK's and use the MON ones for high density routes from MAN and the EK ones for high density and long haul from the rest of their bases.

LS may want to reconfigure the MON aircraft with their own seats because there's no PTV's, apart from the premium section up front, unless they do away with it and increase to 380+ seats. If they got EK ones they could keep the same interiors or possibly be reupholstered - exactly what Virgin Australia did. After all why get rid of the IFE when it's already there and will definitely be a draw for passengers. NCL/EMA/LBA-TFS with IFE? Yes please!

Another plus I can see is that 278 seats isn't much more difficult than filling a 757 from airports like NCL, LBA, EMA, GLA and definitely MAN, but still offers more capacity than a 738 on short haul.

LiamNCL 19th Feb 2015 19:55

Could only see a A330 from MAN tbh to places like PMI / DLM / TFS / IBZ

The only place a A330 would be anywhere near the rest of the bases is for Xmas flights to EWR

Artie Fufkin 19th Feb 2015 20:00

EK, neither you nor Sean Dillon are even remotely close. If pug is right and the decision was taken yesterday, then itíll probably take a few days to organise formalities, so Iím guessing we could hear something early next week. That timing fits with what I was told.

You'll like it :)

BasilFawlty 19th Feb 2015 20:03

Are you all drunk? One of the main reasons the A330's aren't profitable at Monarch is because they're using them for shorthaul routes for most of the time.

Further, getting A330's wouldn't make any sense at all as LS doesn't operate any other Airbus equipment. Some relatively young B76W's would make much more sense!

purplehelmet 19th Feb 2015 20:34

My guess would be the titan B767 on a summer long iease.

dreamair 19th Feb 2015 21:42

Why can't you make a profit flying A330's on short hall? Im actually surprised we don't see more widebodies on the trunk bucket and spade routes in Europe. I quite often see airlines like TOM and TCX having a couple of 737/757/A320 flights a day to the same destination from places like MAN, BHX, LGW, during the summer. Its got to be better financially to put all those passengers on a A330/767 than flying 2 seperate shorthall planes hasn't it? I can understand if they are struggling to fill that much capacity, but the widebodies that do fly shorthall routes in Europe always seem to have good load factors. In fact the reason there is so much debate about what LS are going to get to replace the D7 A330 with is because they have already sold alot of that capacity. which is why they can't just be downgraded to a single 757.

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