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Lsflyer 5th Apr 2013 09:43

Just been announced that Jet2 are stopping Tel aviv route from MAN as of November 4th. Wonder why this is? Even though easyjet have started flights it doesnt seem to have affected passenger numbers! anyone have any ideas?

chaps2011 5th Apr 2013 11:45

Yield maybe?


flyby1 5th Apr 2013 12:07

What interior does the travel service a/c have?

theloudone 5th Apr 2013 12:41

Quite a few seats, over head lockers and toilets I gather:)

ematom1 5th Apr 2013 19:03

Jet2 EMA
Now Jet2 have got 1 757-200, 1 737-800 & 1 737-300 currently based at EMA what else will join at the base in May a 757-200, 737-800 or a 737-300? thanks

sunshine79 5th Apr 2013 19:49

Don't they have a leased A320 based at EMA for summer?

ematom1 5th Apr 2013 20:09

I heard that had been changed to a 737-800?

GoEDI 5th Apr 2013 20:40

YL- registered A320 postioned into EDI this evening and will be operating flights this weekend.

goldeneye 5th Apr 2013 21:40

Take it that's an A320 from Smartlynx.

LPFR 7th Apr 2013 04:00

Yes it is, in an all white livery.

theloudone 7th Apr 2013 08:10

Finally something modern, shame the rest of fleet is not Airbus

SCANDIC 7th Apr 2013 08:17

A320 is the way to go these days far better aircraft than the 73-800.

munster 7th Apr 2013 09:31

The EMA based Travel Service 737, OK-TSA has Jet2 leather seats.

Burnie5204 7th Apr 2013 10:05

And Jet2 livery too.

Been repainted white with all the Jet2 text on top in red

DADDY-OH! 7th Apr 2013 10:09


As a pilot who has operated both Boeing & Airbus aircraft, I know which I'd rather have. And it isn't the 'Winged Renault'.

Electron tsar 7th Apr 2013 11:30

Anybody heard anything with regards to NWI opening as a base?

757 Speedbrakes 7th Apr 2013 13:07


Here here!

Just a shame the bean counters at Boeing didn't allow a 737 / 757 all new replacement using new technology from the 787.

Nothing new yet that will replace the 75 for performance / load / distance. No one say 'what about the A321 or 737-900' please!

Sorry to go off topic there.

theloudone 7th Apr 2013 16:50

As an engineer, the old Ford pick up truck is getting to labour intensive now, and let`s face it, a bit behind the times?

DADDY-OH! 7th Apr 2013 22:12


I don't see why it should be. TOM, DHL, AWC, & TCX all seem to manage to keep a decent despatch rate. Access to spares & high quality engineers should be able to keep these unique aircraft in the air generating profits & offering unparalleled flexibility.

bluepilot 7th Apr 2013 23:06

the only aircraft to replace a 757 is a 757........period

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