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Topspotter 23rd Oct 2011 15:02

The facts are as i understand them that jet 2 had a problem in that the CAA had grounded the aircraft due to it being un -airworthy and they were unable to resolve the problem for whatever reason and asked monarch to assist ,which they did in a very timely manner and sorted the issue thus enabling the aircraft to get back into service

Mr @ Spotty M 23rd Oct 2011 16:07

I would love to know where you are getting your facts from ciampino.
Both MAEL & Boeing are of the opinion that the door frame could not be repaired, without a structural repair using parts from Boeing.
However one person namely ciampino, is telling us that both MAEL & Boeing screwed up.
Have you seen the correspondence between MAEL, Boeing & Jet2, ciampino?
I know from previous posts that you seem to have little regard for MAEL engineers.
I unlike you have high regards for both MAEL & Jet2 engineers.
This is going to be my last post on the subject, as it is turning into a pi**ing contest. :ugh:

codpiece face 23rd Oct 2011 17:02

MR I am surprised you have allowed yourself to get dragged into this by people who are clearly working with second or third hand info of which most of is rubbish.

ciampino 23rd Oct 2011 17:06

Yet again topspotter you have come onto this forum and posted a reply which is total rubbish Jet2 engineers carried out the repair so I say again get your facts right before posting fabricated stories.

ciampino 23rd Oct 2011 17:30

Mr spotty I replied to your post dated 19/10/[email protected]:59 I am asking you and anyone else reading this thread to read your posting everything you stated was untrue apart from saying monarch engineers were involved with the repair initially, then Jet2 over. I will stay on this forum as long as people like you, topspotter and now codpiece continue to post facts which are untrue

MANTHRUST 23rd Oct 2011 19:10

This thread will be moved shortly to the "Italian Axe grinders" Forum.

dwshimoda 23rd Oct 2011 20:22

The sign off in the Tech Log had a Monarch stamp on it. Nothing against Jet2 engineers who do a fantastic job, just I believe that this particular one had to be carried out by Monarch.

peppo_8787 23rd Oct 2011 20:52

There are possibilities that open up in Palermo? It would be useful

MKY661 23rd Oct 2011 21:02

Does anyone know where the new 737-800 will be coming from? doubt it they will be brand new.

LPFR 23rd Oct 2011 22:35

I'm also curious to know where the "new" 737-800's will come from...More from TUI and Transavia that operate some of the older 737-800's around? Ryanair has WFU some of their oldest 737's from 2003/2004..would be like brand new machines for Jet2 :rolleyes:

Mr @ Spotty M 24th Oct 2011 07:01

I know TOM are replacing some of the older B737-800's this winter, however they may be going back to TUIfly Nordic.

DjerbaDevil 24th Oct 2011 12:27

Rumour has it that G-GDFC and G-GDFD, the newly acquired B738s for this summer, have been a disappointment.

757 Speedbrakes 24th Oct 2011 18:32

Yep.... but you get what you pay for!

It's alright buying old Herolds off the scrap heap and using them for cargo flights between Bournemouth and the Channel Islands but it doesn't work well in the end for scheduled and charter passenger flights using jet airliners! If you're going to do that, at least have a more generous engineering budget!

DjerbaDevil 25th Oct 2011 00:17

My Mum always said that it was prudent to buy economically but buying cheap could end up being worthless. Let's hope the lesson has been learnt for future acquisitions.....

ciampino 25th Oct 2011 20:17

dwshimoda check the tech log again,you will see that Monarch engineers signed for the replacement of the door rollers which locate in the door aperture fittings and then carried out the rigging of the door that is what the Monarch signature and stamp is for, the repair was carried out stamped and signed for in the tech log by Jet2 Engineers

No RYR for me 26th Oct 2011 08:05

My Mum always said that it was prudent to buy economically but buying cheap could end up being worthless. Let's hope the lesson has been learnt for future acquisitions.....
Can you ask your mom to have a look at these accounts and tell us where they made a loss with their buying strategy in the past? Business and Financial Review | Company Reports | Dart Group PLC

Facelookbovvered 26th Oct 2011 08:25

I had heard that the NG had not been perfect, was the IBZ event a 800 and was that a bird strike or fire/failure?

Topspotter 26th Oct 2011 10:12

I really do think its time jet 2 invested in some new aircraft, these tired old sheds there operating are doing them no favours, as the recent case in which the CAA grounded an unsafe aircraft clearly demonstrated not to mention the high number of technical delays recorded over the last summer season

JSCL 26th Oct 2011 10:28

I don't think there's much an issue with the fleet age. Sure they're going to be reaching EOL with some of the 733's and I suspect also th 752'S in a few years but I don't think they had more issues than any other airline. Look to Monarch (awaiting ciampino to attack me for this) - with good solid maintenance, aircraft can last to their limits. They'd do better holding out for another 2 years before renewals - I suspect plenty of young 738's to be on the market by then which would be a good fit for jet2.

Edit: they could probably also put their old 733's in for cargo conversion in a few years too - will allow them to boost cargo ops.

Topspotter 26th Oct 2011 11:06

Your right of course, if enough time and effort is dedicated to the aircraft they can be very reliable even when there getting on in years, monarch being a good example, in fact i heard a story regarding one of the recent monarch 757 that went to a big freight operator for conversion, so impressed were they in the standard of care that this aircraft had received since new with monarch they decided to approach monarch with regard to entering into a maintenance contract for their fleet.

However getting back to jet 2 it would appear they have nowhere near the resources to maintain their older aircraft to the required standard to ensure high reliability levels, perhaps it might be a good idea if they decide to continue to operate ancient airframes to approach a company such as monarch who have a excellent track record in this area to carry out the maintenance

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