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757 Speedbrakes 26th Jul 2013 22:48

Just use the 757! End of all problems, err, except the odd ETOPs! :ok:

EI-A330-300 26th Jul 2013 22:51

ACE - BLK stopped at FAO to refuel a couple of weeks ago. If the 733s are more than capable of this route, how come pax have been notified of a schedule change, depending on the load/wind, and the inbound is showing as 5hrs -55min?

If it was tech problem, it must have occurred early in flight, as it took a different flight path to usual, before it had finished crossing the English channel.
The B733 are more than capable of doing the distance but its ACE that's the problem. A similar route operates to DUB not by LS of course but last summer the vast majority operated without a fuel stop but this summer all flights have a scheduled stop in FAO on the return leg. The A320 and A321's at times don't even make it without a fuel stop. The only aircraft that I don't think has any problems is the B737-800.

LNIDA 26th Jul 2013 23:21

Yep piece of piss in a 800
If NAS can fly them out of North Norway SFP to the Canary Islands & back without tech stopping then clearly some people have got the wrong kit, Jet2 save a fortune by not buying/leasing modern kit,but run the risk when winds are against them of tech stopping and I agree with others, I just want to get there or back non stop, I would not dream of booking a flight with anyone who suggested they may not make the UK from TFS in one stop, it's not that far for modern aircraft.

janeyTA 27th Jul 2013 06:44

I'm aware its ACE that is the problem. The BFS flight also has a fuel stop.
I agree with LNIDA. 4 hours non stop isn't a lot to ask. I wouldn't have booked the flight had I known about a possible fuel stop. I'd have flown from MAN as usual.

LNIDA 27th Jul 2013 07:45

To be fair even an 800 will be RTOM from runway 03 due to terrain, based on a typical Lanzarote day wind and a temp wise then 74t is about the best you can lift so around a 5t penalty. less restricted if SFP spec.i guess fuel for BPL would be around 14/15t.

The problem with a tech stop is it always takes longer than you think, you normally don't get re fuel priority over other schedules traffic, you may get a slot especially North bound, bird strike risk at FAO is moderate - high and of course a 2 sector day becomes a 3 sector day, so say a tech stop at FAO, the the approach, taxy in/out re fuel, doors open, fire cover, paper work and back out will be at 60 minutes

It could well be that Jet2 are using reduced contingency fuel at the planing stage and then an inflight assessment before the DP?

Warrington-lad 27th Jul 2013 18:24

Hi i'm new to pprune so bear with me if I sound like a rookie.

A year or so ago I flew to FNC twice from MAN with jet2 both times on a 737-300, and both times making a fuel stop at BOH on the return leg because of headwinds ( it was probably my bad luck to get headwinds twice but ive heard they're not uncommon), this year however it seems they've started using a 737-800, maybe jet2 have started to get fed up of having to splash the cash on re-fueling or most likely MAN-FNC has become more popular and they've stuck a bigger plane on.

Capetonian 5th Aug 2013 19:51

Just about to book a flight with Jet2 and was disappointed to see that they have descended to the Ryanair level of charging to check in - £6 online and £10 at the airport. If check in were an optional extra such as luggage, food, legroom, or even being served by a stewardess with big boobs, I'd have no problem, but you cannot travel without checking in one way or the other.

primus 9th Aug 2013 15:07

MAN-PFO 9th Oct 2013
Please can anyone help with some advice, I am travelling on Jet2 MAN-PFO on Wed 9th Oct 2013 and have booked extra leg room seats. It looks like the aircraft has changed from a 737-800 but not sure what it has changed too and it shows 36 rows with no exit seats.

Please can anyone advise what aircraft type it is on?

Many thanks in advance.

GrahamK 9th Aug 2013 15:24

36 rows, could that be the Privilege Style 752?

Johnny [email protected] Pants 9th Aug 2013 17:08

It is the Privilege B757-200.

Rob Courtney 10th Aug 2013 11:37

Im in the same boat, going to Gran Canaria on the Tuesday flight which is being operated by the Titan 757. We booked rows 8 and 9 which on the 737 is just forward of the 2nd door. Having looked on the Titan website for the 757 layout its showing we now have the extra legroom seats (row 8) and the one behind. Ive had no comms of Jet2 saying we cant have those seats so I guess we will have to wait and see what happens!!

Lsflyer 17th Aug 2013 08:37

Rob the gran canaria flight will have been orignally operated a jet2 757 not a 737. The 737 doesn't have a second door half way down. Titan airways has Jet2 seats and full cabin crew from jet2 with titan flight deck. The only difference with this aircraft is it doesn't have a doors 3 and the livery is titan airways. Apart from that you wont realise youre flying on a non jet2 aircraft. The ground staff should give you the same seats that you booked (could possibly be a different row) but still in the same area of the cabin.

flyby1 21st Aug 2013 11:21

On sale now are one off trips to Boston and Toronto next Apri.

GAZMO 21st Aug 2013 11:31

Just visited the jet2 site......Enjoy St Patricks weekend in Boston from Glasgow.................would it not be more appropriate to operate from Belfast?

GnRdL 23rd Aug 2013 19:57

New base at Alicante
Jet2 introduces its new base at Alicante airport with two Boeing 737-300 aircraft.
+60% seats available during the W13-14. All routes will be operated.
>70 flights/week during the S14.

The airline expects:
- 800.000 passengers in 2014.
- 1.000.000 passengers in 2015.

La aerolínea Jet2 abre en El Altet (Alicante) su primera base de operaciones en España
La compañía Jet2.com abre en Alicante su primera base fuera del Reino Unido - ABC.es - Noticias Agencias

TSR2 23rd Aug 2013 20:16

New base at Alicante
I wonder if it will be at the expense of some routes currently operated by UK bases.

LGS6753 24th Aug 2013 08:32

Alicante base
Could be for any one (or more) of these reasons:

1. Lower costs than a UK base
2. Better operational flexibility
3. Ability to operate ALC to other European countries
4. Ability to operate ALC to other UK airports (Exeter/Cardiff/Humberside etc)

2Planks 24th Aug 2013 09:33

Haven't they had a base there this summer (with one ac) primarily to act as a spare to avoid EU directive compensation if one goes tech (and one at ACE which did some scheduled slots as well)?

So having worked with Altet they have identified an extended opportunity - the first article says the 2 new routes next winter (I am assuming this is 14/15) will be Glasgow and Belfast to complement the existing routes, it doesn't say if these existing routes will be operated 'in reverse'.

LBIA 24th Aug 2013 10:44

Arrecife will become the next non UK Jet2 base. 1x Boeing 737-800 will be stationed on the Island from the start of the winter 2013/14 schedule in November. The aircraft is due to operate the following schedule.

LS310 - ACE 09:00 BFS 13:30 / LS309 - BFS 14:30 ACE 19:00
LS168 - ACE 09:00 GLA 13:40 / LS167 - GLA 14:30 ACE 19:00
LS168 - ACE 09:00 GLA 13:40 / LS167 - GLA 14:30 ACE 19:00
LS310 - ACE 09:00 BFS 13:30 / LS309 - BFS 14:30 ACE 19:00
LS892 - ACE 09:00 MAN 13:20 / LS891 - MAN 14:30 ACE 19:00
LS708 - ACE 09:00 BLK 13:20 / LS707 - BLK 14:30 ACE 19:00

Meanwhile The 2x Alicante based Boeing 737-300 will operate the following flights next summer 2014 according to the jet2.com website schedule. In the afternoon both aircraft will act as back up, as has already pointed out earlier to primarily avoid EU directive compensation if one goes tech.

LS302 = ALC 07:30 – BFS 09:40 / LS301 = BFS 10:40 ALC 14:45
LS276 = ALC 08:00 – LBA 10:00 / LS275 = LBA 11:00 ALC 14:55
LS776 = ALC 07:30 – EDI 09:45 / LS775 = EDI 10:30 ALC 14:45
LS740 = ALC 08:00 – BFS 10:00 / LS739 = BLK 11:05 ALC 14:55
LS178 = ALC 07:30 – GLA 09:45 / LS177 = GLA 10:30 ALC 14:45
LS302 = ALC 08:00 – BFS 10:10 / LS301 = BFS 10:50 ALC 14:55
LS776 = ALC 07:30 – EDI 09:45 / LS775 = EDI 10:30 ALC 14:45
LS740 = ALC 08:00 – BFS 10:00 / LS739 = BLK 11:05 ALC 14:55
LS302 = ALC 07:30 – BFS 09:40 / LS301 = BFS 10:40 ALC 14:45
LS276 = ALC 08:00 – LBA 10:00 / LS275 = LBA 11:00 ALC 14:55
LS302 = ALC 07:30 – BFS 09:40 / LS301 = BFS 10:40 ALC 14:45
LS276 = ALC 08:00 – LBA 10:00 / LS275 = LBA 11:00 ALC 14:55
LS776 = ALC 07:30 – EDI 09:45 / LS775 = EDI 10:30 ALC 14:45
LS276 = ALC 08:00 – LBA 10:00 / LS275 = LBA 11:00 ALC 14:55

JonnyH 24th Aug 2013 12:37

So they've pulled NCL next summer from ALC. Of course, they'll still have flights but I'm surprised they've pulled it in favour of some extra routes to EDI & BFS.

Also, with just one aircraft being based at ACE, and flights everyday, how are they going to manage if the 737 goes tech? They're gonna be a long, long way from home if anything happens at ACE. Perhaps a regular swap at LBA?

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