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JonEMA 23rd Nov 2010 09:09

What routes do EMA need ? What are the market sizes and who would be the candidate airlines ?

FR- 23rd Nov 2010 09:14

RYG, NYO, CPH Ryanair
MAD Ryanair should move it back from STN, the loads were really high and good sales. But I think this is the market baby should try.

Also I wish someone would give WAW a bash, I know baby did but polish people just dont know baby, so it leaves the likes of ryanair or wizz

JonEMA 23rd Nov 2010 09:29

How big are these markets FR ? Pax per week ?

Jamie2k9 23rd Nov 2010 10:16

NYO and Trop were tried from BHX.

FR- 23rd Nov 2010 11:39

I know what you mean about the Oslo from BHX, but i dont understand why it works well from LPL. Maybe its time for EMA to have a go. After all we have seen a few flights switch between EMA and BHX.

dwlpl 23rd Nov 2010 12:11

i dont understand why it works well from LPL
Its because the routes are under pinned by big spending Scandinavian football supporters.

OltonPete 23rd Nov 2010 12:18

Don't forget Sterling's poor attempt at Olso, Stockholm & Copenhagen.

Loads for a Loco were dire, without even considering yields.

BHX-Torp was three times a week on a 189 seater and I was amazed
how long it lasted, it was awful and I can't imagine FR considering EMA.

BHX-NYO performed much better in terms of bums on seats but I monitored fares regularly (as I was considering using it) and other than school hols fares were rock bottom (not that expensive during school holidays).

I suppose this one is a possibility.

Ryanair Venice TSF is not bookable next summer, have Baby seen them
off this route?


FR- 23rd Nov 2010 16:43

Venice not sure whats going with it, not all the routes have been loaded yet, RAK has not bee loaded yet either. I guess we will have to wait untill just after Christmas.

Dick Fisher 23rd Nov 2010 18:36

Carcassonne (CCF)
As a regular on this Ryanair flight for the last 5 years, does anyone know what the plan is for next year?

I've browsed the schedule for Spring next year, and it looks like a 3 times a week service, or is that just for starters?

ematom1 23rd Nov 2010 19:52

Cyprus airways new route to larnaca i hear for next may does this takeover the eurocrypria flight?

Jamie2k9 23rd Nov 2010 20:02

Yes it replaces it.

Venice not sure whats going with it
Venice has also being dropped from Liverpool and I think it will dropped from East Mildlands as well from March. BmiBaby have being doing very well on the route since they started.

I've browsed the schedule for Spring next year, and it looks like a 3 times a week service, or is that just for starters?
It will be increased as a lot of routes are only loaded a low frequency to start with. It takes time to load all FR routes. A final decision will be made in Jan.

wanna_be_there 24th Nov 2010 05:57

ematom, cyprus airways are cutting back on routes, including the dropping of all BHX flights, so I doubt they will be comming to EMA.

OliWW 24th Nov 2010 08:10

We will be seeing a few more flights from Turkey in 2011... Freebird will be operating flights to DLM and AYT (as peak sum 10) but throughout the season on A320's.

paul atkins 24th Nov 2010 10:56

cyprus airways
the cyprus airways flight is on a charter direct replacement for eurocypria on saturday mornings. wanna be there can you tell me where you got the information concerning british airways cargo operating to frankfurt cheers

Balair 27th Nov 2010 13:30

A planning application has been submitted for the construction of a hanger/office/apron facility at the airport for RVL, so it appears their re-location from COV will be permanent.

ematom1 27th Nov 2010 15:37

who are RVL and where are these facilitys goning to go?

FR- 27th Nov 2010 16:13

RVL Group - RVL Group

Mike16 27th Nov 2010 16:14

That link tells you nothing ????????????

sedburgh 27th Nov 2010 16:34

Originally Posted by ematom1
who are RVL and where are these facilitys goning to go?

From their old pages in the Google cache:

The RVL Group is a specialist aviation company based in Coventry (UK) providing a comprehensive aviation service to government agencies and commercial companies in both the UK and overseas, having both CAA AOC approval and 145 engineering approvals.

Founded originally as a part of the Atlantic Group of Companies, the Coventry operation was re-organized in 2007 and re-named to better reflect the nature of the aviation work undertaken. The RVL Group (Reconnaissance Ventures Limited Group) was created from three “Atlantic” companies:

* Atlantic Reconnaissance Ltd
* Atlantic Air Transport Ltd
* Atlantic Air Motive Ltd

With expertise in aircraft acquisition, modification, maintenance, flight operation, flight crew training, advanced aerial survey techniques, scheduled services and ad hoc charter the Group can provide a complete service to any organisation requiring an airborne solution.

With over 20 year’s experience of operating aircraft and crews in fields as diverse as Geomagnetic Surveys, Multi-Spectral Scanning, H. M. Coastguard maritime patrols, High Definition Digital Aerial Photography, British Aerospace and RAF contracts, The RVL Group has the capability of providing a full service solution to anyone requiring an airborne platform, whether in a survey, reconnaissance, covert observation, or public transport environment.

Our in house maintenance provision (145 approved) ensures all our aircraft are maintained to the highest standards, in accordance with EASA and JAR and CAA requirements.

Our current contracts include: Maritime and Coastguard Agency, Environment Agency, Ordnance Survey, Blom Aerofilms, Oil Spill Response, various high technology military defense & research companies. We have also had long term contracts operating aircraft for the UK RAF, for environmental research, and on a variety of geophysical surveys.

Mike16 27th Nov 2010 17:12

Wow very good, Thanks for that... :)

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