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Jamie2k9 16th Jul 2010 17:50

Ryanair only cancel flights if the inbound a/c is diverted to another airport due to reasons outside of there control eg, weather, runway closure, night flying ban etc and not all diverted flights are cancelled.

If a Ryanair a/c has a tecional problem the flight will be delayed until it has been resolved or another a/c which is not been used has arrived from Ryanair's main bases in Dublin or London Stansted and on very few times it will be cancelled.

Also if a Ryanair flights from a non base airport is delayed by a tec problem and If there is a flight due to arrive from Dublin or London Stansted and the delayed flight is awaiting for engineers to arrive ryanair will us the a/c which arrived from Dublin or London Standsted to operate the delayed flight and Dublin and London Stansted will be delayed until the a/c has been fixed.

ematom1 16th Jul 2010 21:46

isnt there a thomas cook boeing 757-200 oparateing from ema to destinations like turkey as when ive been to the airport in the evening there always departing. Also there was the thomas cook 767-300winglets in at ema on a saturady morning about 4 weeks ago it departed about 6 in the morning and departed up towards manchester does anyone know why it was here :ok: thanks ematom1

OliWW 16th Jul 2010 22:34

TCX have a B752 based on a Monday, positions in from LGW at about 7.20, and then does a flight to SSH, and then DLM on return, on Tue morning it then positions back out to LGW... There is talk that it may be at EMA on the Tue for 2011 and will operate a PMI and AYT flight, but who knows... As for the B76W not sure why it was here, I know a B767 CS-TQI replaced an A320 a few weeks ago, but not sure about the TCX B767

Tintop 20th Jul 2010 11:20

787 Fly Past @ East Mids
Hi all,

Rumour has it that the Dreamliner will do a fly by at East Mids this afternoon - around 5.00 on its way from the air show and a fly over Rolls-Royce to show case the T1000's.

Fingers crossed we get to see it first.



OliWW 20th Jul 2010 11:23

Depending on the timing of departure from the airshow and the weather conditions it is due to perform a touch and go at East Midlands, then fly over to Rolls Royce in Derby before then flying to Shannon... It needs to be at shannon for 6.30pm, so it depends whether they can fit a touch and go in, or whether it will be a flyby, who knows

ematom1 20th Jul 2010 20:56

this was amazing flypast Rolls royce 1000ft high bankin side to side then a sharp left bank then another then a heavy cilmb and a high pass check my videos out on youtube
just search ematom1 in youtube or ill post the link later when they are all fully posted ;)

ematom1 23rd Jul 2010 17:03

hi im just looking on the ema website and have seen there are some flights im unfimiliar with what airlines are these and are the summer charters or cargo flights?

TVS301518:30Belfast IntlScheduled 18:30 arrivals

TVS301619:30CorfuScheduled 19:30
QS301807:00FuerteventuraScheduled 07:00


OliWW 23rd Jul 2010 17:21

Operating for TCX between now and the middle of September, operating on a B737.800, for the first week or so, many of the flights are also via Belfast

Almondgrove 25th Jul 2010 13:39

Ryanair EMA schedule changes (Krakow)??
Oli W or someone in the know at EMA and /or Ryanair - is Ryanair 2 weekly to Krakow going to be cut for good from November 2010??

It is not showing in the booking system after October;I have been using this route regularly, most convenient and much needed for personal reasons.

Would be much obliged to anyone who can cast some light on this? Is it chopped? Permanently?As far as low costs movements can be predicted??

many thanks!

Jamie2k9 25th Jul 2010 13:59

Yes the route will be dropped like many other Polish routes from East Midlands, Liverpool and Bristol.

Birmingham will have 3 weekly to Krakiw and 2 weekly to Katowice.
London Stansted will have 7 weekly to Krakow and the number of flights to Katowice have yet to be relased but will be around 4 - 7 weekly.

ematom1 31st Jul 2010 08:32

what aircraft are based at ema
hi i was just wondering what type of aircraft are based out of ema for summer this year for these airlines and how many of them

Thomas cook
Thomson airways
Bmi baby
Jet 2 b757-200wl x1
and ive heard a rumor that smart wings are oparteing on charter routes this summer?
also what aircraft are flown in for flights such as b767-300 thomson to orlando
are there any new routes being announced?

thanks :)

OliWW 31st Jul 2010 09:01

FR = 8 based, 7 used, 8x B73H
WW = 7 based on certain days, 5x B733, 2x B735
BD = 1x E135/E145
T3 = 1x J41
TOM = 2x B73H, 1x B75W, 1x B76W (Mon-Wed)
TCX = 2x A320
QS = 1x B73H


Extra TCX flights on Thu and Fri to Kos and Mahon, and TCX have a B752 on a Mon

ematom1 31st Jul 2010 11:04

cool thanks
anyone know howmany parking spaces there are on the ema passenger ramps for aircraft and what aircraft are jet2 useing to base at ema next year for the second aircraft?

ematom1 31st Jul 2010 11:07

oh and what airlines are qs and tvs? thanks

TSR2 31st Jul 2010 12:58

QS is Smart Wings
TVS is Travelservice

Both airlines are based in Prague and owned by the same company.

egnxema 1st Aug 2010 11:45


Firstly, a big welcome to PPRuNe! It is great to see more people with a keen interest on what is going on at EMA.

A bit of advice mate, your questions are all very "spotter" based, which is fine, but you need to ask the in the Spotters Forum.

This forum is not the right place to ask. Keep reading and posting in here, but if you need answers to questions similar to the last few you've asked please repost in the correct forum......or email OliWW directly - he is in the top spotter throne at the moment. :ok:

But great to have you on board lads.


birdstrike 3rd Aug 2010 08:50

I think you are being a bit harsh on ematom1 as he/she is far from being alone.

A large proportion (I'd be tempted to say the majority) of the posts on the EMA forum could be said to belong in the 'Spotters' area of Prune.

757 Speedbrakes 3rd Aug 2010 09:42


Firstly, liked the 787 video on YouTube!!

2nd Jet2 aircraft is confirmed as another 757 and there are rumors of a 737 as well......

Of course, you meant that as an Ops based question didn't you - as the mods don't like spotter talk here!!

Mr Angry from Purley 3rd Aug 2010 20:13

egnxema - dam i wanted to be top spotter at EMA I have a reputation to maintain... Anyway just in case the mods throw me off Aerologic have commenced their second LEJ-EMA-LEJ tonight whilst they wait for the traffic rights on a direct EMA-BAH flight. :\

freightdoggy dog 3rd Aug 2010 21:29

757 Spdbrks...with EZY annoucing a tatical retreat from NCL i think you will find one of the extra pax B737s will be winging its way there

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