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easy6826 15th Nov 2010 13:43


Think it may come in conjunction with the results announcement tomorrow. Definately gonna be an A320 unit based, with crew night stopping, very much in line with the DSA set up.

OltonPete 15th Nov 2010 18:49

October pax down 3.5%
Source CAA: October 2010 401906 -3.5% rolling year 4224700 - 11.2%


NutLoose 16th Nov 2010 11:29

I believe there is an Il 96-400T due in today about 2 pm, one of these


ematom1 16th Nov 2010 17:09

Still no easyjet announcement :confused: whats going on and anyone know what routes there haveing and what days there flying?

ATNotts 16th Nov 2010 17:39


Whats going on? In all probability nothing at all! Reading the spin from EZY regarding their results - it seems that they view their opportunities for expansion lie outside the UK, which given the lowly value of sterling against the euro comes as no surprise.

If they come, great, but I wouldn't stake my life on it happening in S2011.

I look forward to being proved wrong!

ryansf 16th Nov 2010 20:49

Whats going on? In all probability nothing at all!
Quelle surprise, as the French would say! There seems to be a lot of people on here adamant that something is going to happen, and then it doesn't happen. I'll only believe it when I can book in the easyJet website...

SAM-EMA 17th Nov 2010 19:19

With the FR DUB cuts, EMA loses 2 weekly DUB rotations, on Tues and Thurs. From Jan 11, EMA-DUB number of daily rotations:
Mon 2, Tues 1, Weds 2, Thurs 1, Fri 2, Sat 1, Sun 2.


Mr Angry from Purley 17th Nov 2010 19:53

It came and went, bought in the QF A380 Trent engine i hope you didnt wander up and pinch a few spare parts!. There's a pic on Air Britain by Steve Flood

OliWW 18th Nov 2010 14:33

FR3162 to LPA, any idea what is wrong with it??, due to leave at 1.20, and finally left at 2.45, and returned at 3.30 and is now due back out at 4??

FR- 18th Nov 2010 18:43

Just a slight tech issue

Mike16 20th Nov 2010 17:55

Thought this may be off interests on Bbc.co.uk/Derby
Was launched today on the news site

BBC News - Jet2 to increase flights from East Midlands airport

Share this pageFacebookTwitter ShareEmail Print Jet2 to increase flights from East Midlands airport
The company said it was the only airline currently expanding at the airport Budget airline Jet2 is set to more than double its number of flights from the East Midlands, six months after opening a base at the Castle Donington airport.

The company said it planned to add a second Boeing 757 and recruit 39 new staff at the site in 2011.

By the summer it aimed to be carrying up to 300,000 passengers a year from the airport, as well as adding five new destinations.

Jet2 said the East Midlands was the fastest growing of all its bases.

Chief executive Philip Meeson said: "We are delighted that we've had such a successful first summer at East Midlands, and are excited about our flight programme for 2011.

"We are very proud we are the only airline currently expanding our presence at East Midlands for next year. East Midlands is the Jet2.com base which is seeing the largest growth for 2011."

wanna_be_there 20th Nov 2010 18:24

BA cargo to use a B74F to FRA:

D BA 8420 28MAR 24OCT 1______ 74Y 2040 EMA EMA F

Slot held at the FRA end

Mickey Kaye 20th Nov 2010 18:34

In the 90's air kilroe used to do a bank cheque run in a Partenavia which crashed near Isly Walton if my memory serves me correctly. Later on in was flown by a Seneca of Bristol flying school.

Does anyone remember this route and does anyone know if it still runs.

ematom1 21st Nov 2010 10:18

Bit confused :s are jet2 expanding the flights that they were flying this year and the new ones to start in s2011 or are they just talking about the new routes they announced in may this year because they said they were basting another aircraft (757) and new hiers for the airport and are takein the flights from 9 weekly to 24 weekly. So are they to add extra schedules to them 24 weekly or the 9 this week or just adding more routes when they start the newer routes in s2011? Thanks Ematom1.

Mike16 21st Nov 2010 12:03

Well tom from reading the report looks like they are expanding Again, as 2011 is going to be there biggest expansion for EMA so they have good results and i do hope they give FR a run for there money.

Also very dissapointed to hear the EZY rumour was a false one, i did think it was a bit far fetched that they would return, but good news for EMA and Jet2.

Ian Brooks 21st Nov 2010 13:47

I think the only Easyjet expansion in UK is LGW/MAN/LPL

Ian B

OliWW 21st Nov 2010 13:52

That statement regarding Jet2 is just about the expansion they have already announced about 6 months ago... 2x B757 based at EMA for S11

LEEDS APPROACH 21st Nov 2010 14:54

Easyjet expansion
and Leeds!

FlyboyUK 21st Nov 2010 15:56

Mickey Kaye

I remember the EMA DUB bank runs well as I flew them for six months on the Seneca with Centreline 12 years ago. I think the operation moved down the road to Coventry some years ago, but I'm unsure if it's still operating.

ematom1 21st Nov 2010 19:58

so hopefully new routes anounced from jet2 again next year :) hopefully some decent routes that ema needs.

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