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FR- 5th Oct 2010 19:57

I guess on friday we will see the line of flying for ema based a/c.

Balair 6th Oct 2010 07:50

The local press are reporting that UPS have drawn-up plans for a new multi-million pound freight hub at the airport.
The planning application has yet to be submitted and no timescale has been suggested. I expect this is dependent on how quickly their business expands, but they did say their facility is currently working at 90% capacity at peak times.
An airport spokesperson indicated that EMA expects to exceed their best 12 month freight total sometime in the next 6 months, so things certainly seem to be picking up in this sector; Aerologic's expansion at the airport must be a factor in this.
This news also gives an indication that the current UPS facility might well be, as someone previousl suggested, the site which the airport has identified for a posssible "business terminal". In light of recent comments though, it might be put to better use as an arrivals hall..!

crewmeal 6th Oct 2010 08:12

The local press are reporting that UPS have drawn-up plans for a new multi-million pound freight hub at the airport.
Shame EMA treat their freight better than their passengers!!!

ematom1 7th Oct 2010 20:54

so whats going on with the ups news? and any otherexpansion for aerologic?

FR- 11th Oct 2010 06:41

Money Money Money
East Midlands International Airport Ltd
Turnover 49.5m (2009: 58.2m)
23.8m aviation
9.2m car parking
5.1m retail
9m property
2.1m - other

Pre-tax profit 6m (2009: 9.2m)

Net assets 221.7m (2009: 213m)
Staff 253 (2009: 272)
Wage bill 11.4m (2009: 11.5m)
Highest paid director 307,000

Mr Angry from Purley 11th Oct 2010 18:04

aerologic took delivery of their 8th 777 in October. They have 2 flights LEJ-EMA-LEJ and LEJ-EMA-BAH. Nothing heard on new routes, they tend to go eastbound but if things pick up transatlantic they could feature more

UPS@EMA 12th Oct 2010 07:36

Mr Angry,

They also run the BOX550 from FRA on a Monday too

stuart-travel 18th Oct 2010 08:10

bmibaby summer 2011
Check the sun jun 2011 flights and would require 8 aircraft todate with
all flights to agp/pmi/fao/nce/alc/dbv/mah due out a/m sun and do not return until 12.50pm, but we have a 12.45pm to muc and as per p.prunne last week we may see ema-ibz and ema-vrn.

Also flights to edi/gla/ngy/ams/bfs/cdg/jer not added at prescent and we may see flights on a sun x2 for most of the routes will we see aircraft no 9 based at ema.


aidoair 18th Oct 2010 11:21

bmibaby summer 2011
Well bmibaby are set to release 'phase 2' of their summer 2011 schedule by the end of October according to their inflight mag and F.book page.

There's also the rumours of a couple of new routes to be added across the bases and hopefully we will see a couple more toys added to the fleet for next summer. I think the short-term reduction in fleet has helped out bmibaby over the tough couple of summers and surely this summer must have been one of their best performing ones for a while, especially in terms of using the facilities they have.

FR- 22nd Oct 2010 18:23

Duty free
Why has christmas come extra early in the duty free shop, its a joke so early, we still have a summer time table for another week!

ematom1 28th Oct 2010 09:46

Hi I visited ema on Monday night there were 2 jet2 757's in anyone know why? As I thought it was comeing into winter season this week. Was nice to see a aerologic 777 in on a Monday do they fly in most days of the week? Thanks ematom1

4Screwaircrew 28th Oct 2010 10:02

AG was in for a short hangar input, it will be an ongoing thing over the winter.

Mr Angry from Purley 28th Oct 2010 19:36

Monday x 1
Tue-Thur x 2

Having flown as a pax on the Box 777 recently - Awesome :O

ematom1 29th Oct 2010 06:16

Cool supose next summer well be seeing more jet2 aircraft at ema :). Wow wish I had the oppotunity to fly onbourd one of them beasts :) Cheers for the info :)

Crusher1 29th Oct 2010 10:59

Probably not the correct forum so apologies in advance - any one know what was happening around the Holiday Inn this morning? When I came away from my freight forwarder the place was crawling with police and they seemed to have closed off the road.

FR- 29th Oct 2010 12:40

a 2nd package has been found

daz211 29th Oct 2010 14:00

TNT came to STN I see due bomb threat so was this threat in the terminal or in cargo ? And might be silly question but was it faulse alarm .

purplehelmet 29th Oct 2010 16:04

BBC reporting suspicious package found at EMA cargo distribution centre,
also US authorities investigating possible bomb plot involving cargo planes at multiple US airports.(philidelphia and newark).UPS aircraft.

daz211 29th Oct 2010 16:07

Also a UPS lorry being checked in newyork

OliWW 29th Oct 2010 17:48

So some printer ink? as it were has caused all this... firstly... that aircraft wasn't coming directly from Yemen, its a different aircraft from Yemen to Cologne, and then from Cologne-Philadelphia via EMA, so why wasn't this "suspicious" item checked in Germany??

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