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egnxema 9th Jun 2009 12:40


Routes that dont make money always have a countdown timer next to them.

While having an enthusiams for your local airport is good, dont be blinded to the basic business facts of running an airline. If people wont buy the seats, airlines wont fly the routes.

EMA's direct route network is still very healthy, and FR are the major reason why. As/When things pick up economoically you can be sure FR will open up new destinations, possibly ressurect ones that are not paying in these lean times.

ATNotts 9th Jun 2009 17:15


Exactly - spot on!

NJTCF 10th Jun 2009 17:33

FR Cutting Prague.
Last Flight Bookable is the 14th of July 2009:(.

Will leave only EZY On this Route.


OliWW 10th Jun 2009 17:56

I do not understand that at all, they had 4 flights a week for the Summer to Prague. It seems to me that they arent very good at planning routes, advertising routes and fitting routes into the timetable, because now there will be an aircraft sitting on the ground until about 12pm, and then with the loss of INV will be an aircraft on the ground 4 days a week from 4pm till 7pm ish

egnxema 11th Jun 2009 10:51

OliWW - are you and SAM best mates?

The reason FR have chopped PRG is that there are no longer big groups of lads with the pocket cash to go on the lash for the weekend in PRG. The market has shrunk.

There is no way that any reasonable person, airline employee or enthusiast, can say that FR do not know how to advertise, schedule or make their fleet work for them.

Please! Keep with the program.

Here's a tip for all armchair "Route Planners" - read the business sections of your local and regional press. Know the corporates in the EMA region, feel the pulse of where the general travelling public in the EMA region is feeling like they have cash in their pocket to splash on a weekend away (ie house prices are going up) or if they are feeling poor (ie house prices going down and a number of local business closing/announcing redundancies). Many people may not actually be less well off than they were a year ago, but the certainly FEEL poorer and less likely to treat themselves.

Learning to do this will help all armchair airline route planners to better understand sound business decissions of FR EZY WW and EMA, and alsio make the watching more interesting.

This is not a dig - in no way am I wanting to wet OliWW and SAM's enthusiasm for all things EMA - but guys.........keep it real ay??


OliWW 11th Jun 2009 14:55

I havent got a problem with Ryanair dropping a number of routes, I just cannot believe they planned a flight 4x Weekly, so with so many flights, they were obviously expecting it to be popular, but then it going the other way and them dropping it, that is what I cannot understand. Yes we are in a recession so you can understand some routes not being popular as they used to be, but thanks for your feedback egnxema :)

SAM-EMA 11th Jun 2009 15:15

My post was simply to confirm the loss of the INV route. I then chose to point out what routes have also been lost. At no point did I suggest any reasoning or anything related to the business of the airline / current situation. I'm certainly not disputing the loss of the routes were perfectly justified. I simply collated a list of lost routes. I fail to see what was so wrong with that.


INKJET 11th Jun 2009 17:52

Ryanair PRG
I am surprised at Ryanair coming off this route, given their alledged lower cost base and WW already off the route i would have thought it would support both Easy and Ryanair?

PRG is of course an expensive airport to operate into and i am sure Ryanair are not cutting because they are making money on it!

On a broader note is it something the airport operators worry about to have Ryanair come on to routes and drive other airlines off them for Ryanair to then pull off the route?

INKJET 17th Jun 2009 16:06

baby back to Prague for winter 09
Just announced EMA-PRG from Dec until March 2010 weekends + extra for Xmas

Binder 19th Jun 2009 11:45

Or perhaps East Midlands pax just don't want to fly RYR...
even if the tickets are 0.99!!


HeliCraig 19th Jun 2009 11:48

Or perhaps East Midlands pax just don't want to fly RYR...
even if the tickets are 0.99!!
Yep.. nail on head I suspect. Certainly for me RYR is very much last chance saloon. Always check their price, but massively loather to undergo the "RYR experience."

super737 19th Jun 2009 23:37

Or perhaps, FR made a sound decision. How well is it going for U2? Yields not bums on seats count. Ryr have tried several routes and unfortunatley people weren't travelling!

"The last chance saloon", Helicraig FR provide some of the cheapest most efficient air travel to the airline industry with one of the highest on time performances. So even thought their your last resort you still check them for prices:E So you must look at them first and compare??

The flying harp will outlive the flying scouser (orange)

Zippy Monster 20th Jun 2009 00:09

Flying Scouser?! Last time I checked, easyJet was founded by a Greek and is based in Luton, nowhere near Merseyside...

easyJet must have been doing alright on EMA-Prague if Ryanair decided they wanted a piece of the action as well. If there was only enough of a market for one airline, and easyJet were already on it, would Ryanair risk a fight to try and push them off? If that was their intention, it obviously hasn't worked. And now bmibaby are starting it up again as well, so obviously there must be a market there.

Fortunately, Ryanair don't have everything their own way...

OliWW 4th Jul 2009 17:54

New flights to Bulgaria with Thomson for Summer 2010 on a Friday :ok:

INKJET 7th Jul 2009 12:00

EMA introduces pay for fast track
I see the money men at EMA have decided that they have made security such a hassel that they can now charge 3.50 a pax to bypass the snake that yesterday went into the Easy/Ryanair tent.

Well you can turn up early and spend even more time in the shops & bars

But i guess after you have been raped by Ryanair/Baby/easyjet for everthing from printing a board card to paying for passport details to be entered, you wont mind another few quid to escape the crowd and drink over priced beer and under cooked food.

I am alone in thinking that its getting to the point where its all too much hassel, i think airlines and airport companies are worse at ripping you off than estate agents,car dealerships and double glazing companies put together.

They'll be want you to stand on the aircraft next.......deep joy, glad i am not starting out in this industry, just a couple of more years to do, i don't think i'll miss it

handsfree 7th Jul 2009 14:27

Sadly Inkjet, you're not alone. I'm so fed up with cancelled flights, security, the hassle of waiting around airports (shopping halls), the rip off add-ons to flights etc that I've decided that my next trip up to Edinburgh from EMA will be by car. I looked at the rail alternative and the price of that is ridiculous as well.

...and 'yes' I know that the relative final price of the flights are cheap compared to what they were before the advent of the locos. BUT it just riles me to have to part with money just to pay for the ticket. That and 65p a minute to contact reservations to rearrange a flight that they cancelled in the first place.

Whinge over .....

NJTCF 8th Jul 2009 15:23

Kiss Flights Egypt HESH.
I See the Koral Blue Airline A319 Was in again today. Starting last wednesday The 1st of July. Anyone know how many seat are on this A319. Looks a long flight 4 a 319. Over 5 hours From HESH. Anyone heard how loads have been on the 1st two flights.

Thanks njtcf.

ATNotts 8th Jul 2009 17:16

Flying - too much hassle
Flying within mainland UK makes little sense really. The obsession with security, baggage restrictions (what you can carry - again security realted), check-in queues, security queues, boarding queues, waits at baggage carousels - thats before the car parking costs.

No, there is a better way - the train, if you can afford it, and even driving on our crowded roads is preferable.

There would have to be a compelling reason why I would fly domestically for pleasure - business possibly though, but only if time really is an imperative, over a long distance.

Nimrod6 9th Jul 2009 07:53

Maybe a new thread should be created for all of you to whinge to each other about UK domestic flying!?!

Nobody's making you travel by aircraft, but I know that as an individual within the industry I will always support this method of travel and my local airport.

OliWW 14th Jul 2009 09:07

Goldtrail might have dropped its Greece routes for S09 but they are appearing on their website for S10, Corfu, Heraklion, Zakynthos, Kos and Rhodes all appearing with a BD flight code, departing from EMA between 8am and 8.30am between Sun-Wed... New based aircraft?

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