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goldballs 14th Jul 2009 11:43

TCX-Boeing 757
I hear on the grapevine that the 2 Thomas Cook A320 based at EMA are to be replaced with Boeing 757 this winter. Anyone know how many and routes for winter ? (if it's true)

Flyboy543 14th Jul 2009 12:38

Last year they operated a B752 on the weekly GLA-EMA-BJL-EMA-GLA route for the winter, possible confusion between that and replacing the based aircraft??

stuart-travel 14th Jul 2009 14:03

Planned programme with ref to Kosmar which Goldtrail has taken on most of the staff,
ALL TO GREEK RESORTS OHY will be on the turkey flights


Zippy Monster 14th Jul 2009 14:06

I hear on the grapevine that the 2 Thomas Cook A320 based at EMA are to be replaced with Boeing 757 this winter.
Two very good friends of mine fly the A320 for TCX out of EMA and neither of them have heard anything about this. I suspect they'd have heard by now if they were being out-based elsewhere for the winter. May I ask the source of your rumour?

OliWW 14th Jul 2009 21:06

Great news for a new based bmi then, A319/A320 most likely. Though plenty of room in its schedule to operate other flights, though they might use that for tech time. There is also the rumor of TCX getting a A321 and A320 for S10, which makes sense with some reductions in scheduling to Palma and Alicante for S10, maybe they will be increasing the loads :ok: and TCX is also operating DLM, SSH for S10 currently on a Monday with a B752

goldballs 15th Jul 2009 11:16

Hi Zippy, I've heard it from 2 sources. TCX engineering EMA and an "unofficial" briefing at MAN. Although nothing formal has been released, crew and aircraft numbers at EMA would remain as they are now. Having recently converted from 757 to 320 to stay at EMA it wouldn't affect me too much but I know alot of the guys won't want to crossover to 757 (especially those who are also 330 rated) so would have to change base.

I hope it comes to nothing but the sources are pretty reliable. Anyone else have any news on this ?

Flyboy, I am talking based aircraft and crew, not "W" patterns or weeklies from other bases.

paul atkins 15th Jul 2009 16:09

thomas cook group summer 2010
flights to alicante and malaga to be operated by bmibaby next year the brochure launched about month ago is going to be reprinted with all the flight details changes cheers paul

OliWW 15th Jul 2009 16:17

TCX always operated AGP from WW or TOM anyway, ALC on a Saturday has been filled with AYT, FUE on a Saturday has also gone and has been replaced with PFO as PFO has gone on a Tuesday due to a W Pattern for the PMI flights, thats all thats changed for TCX for S10 currently

finding_nema 15th Jul 2009 16:46

Considering that we are actually reducing the number of 757-200s in our fleet, and that none of the legacy-MYT guys are current on that aircraft type, I'd be very surprised if we were to get rid of the Airbus from EMA. I've not heard anything about the A321 coming to the base, but do know that all of our new-entrants at EMA this year have been trained on both the 320 and 321.

Also, the BJL flights are being operated from BHX this year, with a BHX-based aircraft and crew.

paul atkins 16th Jul 2009 06:03

thomas cook 2010
oliww bmibaby have never operated flights for thomas cook before in the last two years they used futura and thomsons i dont think any major tour operator have used baby from ema. the brochures where printed that early this year and launched later then normal there are alot of flights not just ema that have since been changed

Jet2 16th Jul 2009 10:47

Snow Owl

Many posts are posted in the wrong forums on Pprune. The Moderators are constantly having to correct this but do not have nearly enough time to respond to everyone who's post has been removed. Don't take it personally.

This particular thread has a long history of posts from spotters but is not intended for that, under the Airlines, Airports and Routes title. Pics of what you have seen at EMA are welcome to many, but posted in the dedicated Spotters Corner forum.

Hope this explains it.

commit aviation 16th Jul 2009 18:43

Regarding the 757 rumour, I believe there is to be a "regional" 757 operating through EMA to SSH. It then positions elsewhere (LBA I think) to do LBA-SSH-LBA & then on again to operate I imagine another SSH.
Maybe it spends a couple of days in EMA between these SSH runs but I don't know.

OliWW 16th Jul 2009 20:58

The B757 TCX is down for these flights so far for S10

(D) TCX451K 08:00 Sharm El Sheikh
(A) TCX451L 20:30 Sharm El Sheikh
(D) TCX638K 21:30 Dalaman

(A) TCX638L 07:15 Dalaman

Scallywag 22nd Jul 2009 14:06

Speed Cameras - Beware
Just driven home past DHL and there are 2 sets of average speed cameras installed on lamposts. Anyone know when they were installed and whether they are active yet or not ?

NJTCF 22nd Jul 2009 14:15

EMA Average Speed Cameras!!!!
They were installed on monday. Ive been told they are real wether they are active yet i dont know. Theres also two on the east approach road. Im waiting to bump into the police who operate on the airport to ask them.

FlyboyUK 22nd Jul 2009 16:30

Haven't seen them yet but they could be ANPR cameras as are fitted and many airports nowdays to monitor vehicles?

Scallywag 22nd Jul 2009 16:48

The ANPR cameras have been there for a long time and are signposted as such as you enter the airport.

These are labelled "Average Speed Camera" so clearly NOT ANPR.

OliWW 22nd Jul 2009 16:53

So are the cameras near DHL actually switched on yet, if they were installed on Monday?

INKJET 22nd Jul 2009 17:12

There was a wrecked (looked like an Astra) a few week back at the DHL entrance East bound, looked like it had crunched the islands, i have had a black M3 or M5 overtake me on the wrong side of the bollards and i was doing 50!! the driver was staff.

I understood that the airport is private land and that the speed limit's can not be enforced on the public, however anyone with a staff car park pass will have agreed to be bound by the terms of use of the pass which will probably include compling with speed limits, i must drive slowly next time i am passing DHL and have a look

When is the wind turbine coming? they can use it to power the new camera's and why have they chopped all the tree's down on the right past DHL East bound, another green measure?

OliWW 22nd Jul 2009 17:35

Inital plans for the wind turbines were for them to be completed by Spring 2008. Its now Summer 2009. So unless the plans were blown away, I cannot see the airport ground becoming carbon neutral by 2012. More like Winter of 2019. However with the introduction of the noise reduction scheme, its almost like these plans have gone completely.

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