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SouthDerbyshire1969 22nd Jul 2009 19:32

Regarding the cameras, whether they actually work in the same way as the Specs cameras which are littered around the M1 and Notts im not 100% sure but seeing as theres hardly anything to them...talk about bloody small! then i cant see them being in the same league as the Specs for capturing info.

I did alittle digging and found that the ANPR cams work of the Pips technology (spike cams) also in their range they do a speed detection camera but it doesnt look anything like what the airport has installed so :confused: as far as im aware the only average speeds camera's in the country are the Specs systems and the Spike Pips system but searching on various speed camera databases the Pips systems arent used anyway unless its just for ANPR use so again :confused:

What gets my back up is the fact that..

1. The cams are so bloody small you cant see them until your right next to them (even if they are yellow) ive spoke to people that have looked for them and still missed them!

2.The warning sign for the cameras is also on the same lamp post as the camera! which from a legal point of view is clearly wrong + the sign is way to small!

So i cant wait to hear what the airport has to say about all this :rolleyes:

NJTCF 22nd Jul 2009 23:59

EMA Average speed Cameras. Wind Turbines.
INKJET The wrecked car a few weeks back did not make it under the DHL Barrier the guy must have been tailgating someone and the barrier came down on the car what a mess. Car looked a write off.

Agree the average speed signs are far to small and there is only one in each direction where as there shud be a second one before the second camera in the direction you are heading and as South Derby says technically these are positioned wrong still waiting to bump into the police on the airport to ask them. could not see any infra red light in them last night aswell so maybe not working just yet and they are well small........

Wondered if where all the trees had been knocked down was where one of the wind turbines was going but looking on the airport webbsite they look to be the north of the road but cant get it to enlarge so not sure. Does seem a hell of a waste of decent trees must have chopped down well over a 100 the only other thing i could think of was they were enlarging the water storage pool which is near there. or a bigger play area for all the rabbits:ok:

INKJET 23rd Jul 2009 13:10

I wondered about the pond, but they have left some trees between the pond and the bit they have cut down, also very good of them to put in 20 metres of new tarmac walk way between the zebra and the car park to save the 30 metres that you had to walk before!! must have money to burn, full health and safety fence as well.

Carmera's the camera are very small and as yet no markings on the road, the sign's say average speed check they are set either side of the DHL complex so i guess they don't cover the rest of the site, the signs need to be way bigger to have an effect, having stuck bang on 30 as was overtaken by 3 cars and two Merc sprinters

NJTCF 23rd Jul 2009 22:22

EMA Average Speed Check.

Yes its quite fun sticking to 30mph down there because you get all sorts of abuse shouted at you for going so slow lol. A lorry was attemting to overtake me the other day until he saw those bollards in the middle of the road:ugh:. With an average speed check dont think they have lines in the road think they work on a fixed point/object but im sure theres an expert out there which would confirm this. Think the one down the east entrance will get a few more drivers if its working as its a fast straight im going in threw the main entance from now on.

Still think it would make a good rabbit play area where the trees have been knocked down, maybe they could round up all the rabbits/hares in one area. :ok:.

First Bag 23rd Jul 2009 22:49

Surely the best place to get speeding drivers will be from the Prestige valeting building up near to the terminal and their hangar in the maintenance area. If any of them are doing below 50 mph I will be amazed.Ive seen them spin cars and overtake each other just on Dakota road and thats how these numbskulls treat other peoples cars. While I am on about Prestige I see he has a unit on the Ind Est towards the east end of the airport with about 50 cars outside. Under cover parking I believe he advertises!

Mr Angry from Purley 24th Jul 2009 12:04

For those not interested in wind turbines and the old Bill make a note 8/9 September DHK 767-300ERF with wing tips should be delivered / crew training

INKJET 24th Jul 2009 13:43

No chance busting the limit this weekend, an hour to get off site!! it MOTO GP weekend lol

NJTCF 24th Jul 2009 16:47

Download was better Organised than this And There was Not that Much traffic today just seemed no one knew where to go:ugh:. Hate to think what it will be like sunday. Thankfully going no where near the place tomorrow.

:ok:Good to hear about the DHL 767s.

EGAC_Ramper 28th Jul 2009 11:15

Ryanair Canary Islands
Looking on the Ryanair routes map alongside Tenerife South we now have Gran Canaria and Lanzarote showing aswell. Ain't looked into whent hey are starting but I'm sure someone will take the time to check that out.


OliWW 29th Jul 2009 13:13

New Routes Confirmed
New Destinations for Ryanair - Gran Canaria (LPA) and Lanzarote (ACE)

Las Palmas
FR3162 07:00 - 11:20 EMA-LPA
FR3163 11:45 - 16:15 LPA-EMA

FR3162 06:40 - 11:00 EMA-LPA
FR3163 11:25 - 15:55 LPA-EMA

FR3172 06:20 - 10:30 EMA-ACE
FR3173 10:55 - 15:25 ACE-EMA

FR3172 13:15 - 17:25 EMA-ACE
FR3173 17:50 - 22:20 ACE-EMA

Tenerife has also gone from 2x weekly to 3x Weekly with flights on a Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday :ok: Good News for EMA.

sam1993 30th Jul 2009 11:13

Looking on the Kiss Flights website it seems Viking Airlines will be operating a couple of flights to the Greek islands next summer on W-legs from Bristol. :ok:

NJTCF 12th Aug 2009 18:19

Saga Monday Night.
The above has been operated by an A321 the last 2 Monday nights.

Nothing else to report just VERY Quiet hate to think what the winter is going to be like especially on a saturday.

The only thing at the moment that seems to be incresing is the Bunny Population theres 100s of them:)

paul atkins 13th Aug 2009 08:05

kiss flights
a few more routes announced by kiss kos,rhodes,zante,tenerife already announced heraklion and sharm hopefuly few more to come

OliWW 13th Aug 2009 14:02

The last I heard on the matter is that bmi were basing a aircraft operating flights for Kiss and Goldtrail, but flights are now on the Kiss Flights website are showing flights operating with Viking. Goldtrail are still showing BD flights for Corfu, Heraklion, Zakynthos, Kos and Rhodes, however this may change with VIK now operating them for Kiss as well. Most flights operate on a BRS based aircraft apart from RHO on a Wednesday which is a LGW based aircraft

Corfu - However no flights are loading (VIK)

HER-EMA 14:00 - 16:20 VIK922
EMA-HER 17:35 - 23:50 VIK921

SSH-EMA 08:00 - 12:05 KBR1410
EMA-SSH 12:55 - 20:35 KBR1411

KGS-EMA 13:55 - 16:30 VIK932
EMA-KGS 17:20 - 23:30 VIK931

RHO-EMA 12:25 - 14:55 VIK937
EMA-RHO 16:15 - 22:30 VIK936

TFS-EMA 11:20 - 15:50 VIK954
EMA-TFS 17:15 - 21:55 VIK953

Kefalonia - to be announced shortly, operates on a "w" from BRS

ZTH-EMA 11:30 - 13:30 VIK972
EMA-ZTH 14:45 - 20:30 VIK971

[email protected] 14th Aug 2009 11:18

Just been looking on the routes development forum, and noticed the EMA is stating the they have 20 routes unserved that they feel should be or could be. Does anyone have any insider knowledge on the potential routes. Im still awaiting my mate to contact me, so thought id throw it out onto the boards.



The Real Slim Shady 14th Aug 2009 13:14

Following the early bath of UKIA ( not the airport's fault, the plan was never going to work with that airframe and MK at the helm), the airport is still hungry for a scheduled long haul service.

Regrettably, until the disembarkation / embarkation scrum on the main apron, and the struggle to and through immigration, can be resolved, it looks like being a long wait.

OliWW 17th Aug 2009 15:59

Been looking at the arrivals board today and noticed two random flights
TOM83D which was operating CFU - MAN, B733, G-THOL, landed at EMA at 13:25, and have now come across TOM80E which was operating CFU - MAN, B752, G-OOBC which landed at 15:37

Anyone know why, as its not on their flight schedule?

NJTCF 17th Aug 2009 16:11

Diverts from MAN. Long delays getting into Man. but not sure why wether down to a one runway operation or some other reason.

Cathy 747 Also Div in.

Probably all needed Juice:ok: Strong head wind today for flights comming from the east.

OliWW 17th Aug 2009 18:14

Was also meaning to ask what charter flights are operated during the winter with TOM, TCX and any others on what days etc...

Beavis and Butthead 18th Aug 2009 23:39

Nothing to do with headwinds. Runway surface of 23R at Manchester was breaking up on the touchdown zone resulting in the closure of that runway. Because of the lack of taxiways on 23L, only 3 aircraft could land at a time to allow them all to backtrack, hence causing big holding delays that none of us had planned for.

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