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nospeedrestriction9 4th Sep 2011 12:15

I think everyone's forgetting that this is a BD operation, not LH.

LH will offer marketing code on their service for connections but ultimately it's bmi regional operation and they would control the availability and price. LH will offer connectability where they need to, but for TXL I don't think it would make financial sense for regional to offer this sort of routing at a price that's affordable.

The current sale fares of 59 o/w are not sustainable for a 49 seat operation.

rpmac 4th Sep 2011 13:24

If a 49 seater is not viable with lower prices does it make sense to operate from an additional point, say Leeds - EMA then FRA perhaps twice daily with a bigger aircraft (A319). Leeds has wanted a FRA service for long enough and anyone flying to FRA from LBA has to go via somewhere, AMS or BRU or travel outwith the area to MAN for instance. So a stop via EMA would hardly be a hardship. Jet2 use a 737 to Dusseldorf without the benefit of onward connections with LH so you would think a link to FRA would work.

Cazza_fly 4th Sep 2011 13:29

If a 49 seater is not viable with lower prices does it make sense to operate from an additional point, say Leeds - EMA then FRA
I see where you are coming from, but from a business perspective this would be totally unviable. This would add thousands of pounds extra in costs despite there being a potential in more paying PAX to cover it.

There's honestly hundreds of reasons how these costs mount up on a double sector flight... even W-pattern flights add complexity into scheduling meaning more costs.

virginblue 4th Sep 2011 14:55

EMA-FRA is now bookable on the UK LH website, just checked EMA-BER for mid December its a whopping 649 as opposed to 150
Take EMA-BRU-TXL on BD/SN, it is 130 GBP.

BHX2FRA 4th Sep 2011 15:58

Whilst WW fly to both CGN & MUC they are not year round or even daily services and you cannot interline with WW at present, although there as been talk of this in the future. The regional service is thrice daily with a very early start 06:00 local departure ouch!
INKJET- even a 0600 start from EMA doesn't give you the chance to get to the office in Germany for the start of the working day because of the clock change - hence many travelling for work will take the last flight of the day the previous evening. As long as you can chose the days you travel WW works well via CGN - particularly with the fast onward train service. I've taken this option when the economy fares from BHX are not than economical and the days I can travel fit.

I agree its only valid in winter as WW do not operate this route in summer but I raised this as bmi are launching the service for the winter timetable.
Departure WW CGN is 1650 compared with BM FRA 1615, both return to EMA arriving 2020.

INKJET 5th Sep 2011 02:43

Both WW flights do well with a fair few suits on board, the regional flight time do allow you to attend a meeting and get back home without an overnight stop which goes some way to offset the extra cost. The early start East bound will not get you into FRA to pick up first wave departures so a lot depends on where you connecting onto.

Early morning winter fog could be a problem into FRA the Embraer is only cat2 so needs 300m RVR

Cazza_fly 5th Sep 2011 03:02

I agree its only valid in winter as WW do not operate this route in summer but I raised this as bmi are launching the service for the winter timetable.
bmibaby have confirmed EMA-CGN will be available year round and will continue it into next summer. However this is the bmi group we are talking about so take it with a pinch of salt?:ok:

FR- 17th Sep 2011 14:49

What on earth was going on this morning, the queue for security was all the way back to the old easyJet desk and back up past ATM (desk 32). This was at 06:05. Not making a good impression for passengers to use us again.


Benjamino 29th Sep 2011 17:41

Maybe they had a few people taking DSLR's in their hand luggage. Every time I go through security, they spend an absolute eternity faffing around with my camera, taking it away for 'further inspection', re-scanning it several times... usually takes a good 10 mins and holds everything up. Never happens at any other airport so I've no idea why EMA differs so much. Rather off-putting to be honest.

Last time I used EMA the security was also backed up a fair bit, never seen it like that before... not sure what's changed but security at EMA seems to take forever to clear these days.

stuart-travel 26th Oct 2011 08:43

Atlantic airlines
Noted last night that EMA had 6 Atlantic airlines (neptune) flights is this the norm for a night and are thy all ATP aircraft operated each night.


Facelookbovvered 26th Oct 2011 08:58

Looking at the EMA flying program from next week it looks like there will be more night movements than day movements!!

ematom1 30th Oct 2011 10:20

jet2 winter charters
does anyone know if jet2 are operateing the winter ski charters they operated winter 10/11, and anyone know what thomson and thomas cook have based for the winter seasons? thanks.

OliWW 30th Oct 2011 11:50

Jet2 only ops TFS once a week from about Mid Nov... no ski flights for them...

Thomson will have 1x B75W and 1x B73H, Thomas Cook with 1 or 2 A321 when needed!

OliWW 16th Nov 2011 19:36

Ryanair S12...

Updated frequencies;

NOC - Daily
FAO - Daily
DUB - 2x Daily

FR- 16th Nov 2011 19:41

With regards to Ryanair, I see MJV is down from 8 to 5 flights a week. Still not sure how many aircraft, but its starting to looks like 6 next summer unless we get some new routes. SVQ is a gonna


j636 16th Nov 2011 19:46

Murcia is 7 weekly, two flights on sat and sun

GRO looks to be dropped, not showing as operating any more.

FR- 16th Nov 2011 20:08

I dont think all the flights for GRO have been loaded, I dont think it will be dropped give it a few weeks

OliWW 17th Nov 2011 09:40

GRO may be replaced with BCN, timetable would suggest it arrives from BCN at 11:45, after departing at the standard time of 06:30. It will be 7 aircraft based for S12, but at the moment, there are quite a few gaps.

OltonPete 17th Nov 2011 18:55

October pax
Source: CAA

October 2011 412712 +2.6% rolling year 4212610 -0.3%

ATM's 5073 +5.6% rolling year 54167 +2.2%

Not bad considering EMA has a fair IT schedule and they
were terrible in general.


paul atkins 1st Dec 2011 12:51

Ryanair 2012
just heard on tv new routes to barcelona,corfu,crete(chania),rhodes,almeria&zadar no frequencies announced

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