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paul atkins 23rd Apr 2009 12:51

koral blue
koral blue are to operate to sharm el sheikh from wednesday 1st july to the end of october using a319s arrive at ema 1105 depart at 1155 these flights are being operated by kiss flights :ok:

ATNotts 23rd Apr 2009 18:35


I absolutely did not say that MAG shouldn't waste money on EMA - on the contrary, improving the passenger terminal, and parking facilities to international standards would be money well spent - that check-in extension looks like a discarded B @ Q without the racking - and why are their no ulti-storey car parking facilities?

There are better uses for any money that MAG has to spend on EMA than an extra few metres of runway that will take years to pay for themselves. You only have to look at Cardiff for an example of some extra concrete that really hasn't produced anything in the way of long-haul traffic (Don't mention the BA maintenance facility - empty 777s and & 747s don't need 3000 metres of runway).

ashbyjon 24th Apr 2009 00:57

EMA needs a serious makeover!
The check in area isn't as good as a B&Q without racks, at least in a B&Q you can get a bargain. How on earth can EMA compete with other regional airports when the check-in/ground-side facilities are so primitive? With regard to multi - storey car parks, EMA should've had them decades ago - but nobody bothered! With the Donington Park fiasco just beginning to unravel, I doubt that any sort of facelift for EMA will find sufficient funding in the near future.

odogo2 24th Apr 2009 08:25

Regarding spending money to do additional work at the Airport you are all forgetting one major factor,North West Leicestershire District Council.Any planning application that goes before them containing EMA is given an automatic NO They are being led by the nose by protestors,who seem to get them to block everything.An application for a Fire Station on Airport land at a peppercorn rent was thrown out,why i can never understand, the fire station was to cover surrounding villages as well as the airport.One of the main protestors is a man with who seems to feature in most of the local planning applications,he loves to be seen on TV,on a recent article on the proposal for an ECO town on the other side of Leicestershire guess who was fronting the mob,yes same person,so with him and a pathetic so called Labour MP,what chance any development.

Balair 24th Apr 2009 08:49


That's a rather churlish comment....!
I think I've spelt it correctly - you could always check the definition to see...?

odogo2 24th Apr 2009 10:50

Nice one Balair but i think childish is more suitable

firefox2006 28th Apr 2009 09:03

Atlas 74F
I noticed an Atlas 74F in this morning as I passed the airport. Does anyone know why it's here and when its expected to depart ?

HeliCraig 28th Apr 2009 09:15

Complete guess, but could it be the F1 teams coming back from Bahrain and getting ready for Spain in a week or so? (See here).

firefox2006 28th Apr 2009 10:38


Ah could well be in that case. Presumably there should another 1 or 2 movements if three flights went out ?

BHX5DME 28th Apr 2009 12:15

Atlas 744F's
Two due at EMA today


EGAC_Ramper 28th Apr 2009 15:58

Thomson FLights
Anyone be able to give me the low-down on the available Thomson Flights departing EMA on Weds/Thurs of 1st/2nd July.....?

Muchos Gracias...


sam1993 28th Apr 2009 16:22

Wednesday 1st July sees Thomson operate flights to the following destinations:
Sharm El Sheikh, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Ibiza, Menorca, Mexico and Paphos

Thursday 2nd July flights are to the following destinations;
Faro, Heraklion, Lanzarote, Malaga, Palma and Dalaman

Thomson Flights ? all the assurances and service you?ve come to expect from Thomson - Timetable
The above is a link to the Timetable section of the Thomson website. All the information you need should be on here

Hope this helps somewhat :ok:

EGAC_Ramper 28th Apr 2009 18:24

Cheers Sam1993

Because guess where I got flights booked too on the 1st July....lol :}

Just drawing up some back up plans....

Much appreciated.


paul atkins 6th May 2009 12:01

a local travel company are running several charter flights to Donegal with departures starting sat 4/7 until 22/8 arriving at ema 1440 and departing back at 1510 flights will be operated by vlm

wired2fly 7th May 2009 17:20

Where does the Lufthansa bus (I think) come from I keep seeing on a wide base leg over Nottingham every day approx 18.00hrs ?

OliWW 7th May 2009 19:27

LH8281 Wilmington, usually arrives in between 1800 - 1900

Rhino power 7th May 2009 21:10

Where does the Lufthansa bus (I think)
How many Airbus' do you know of that have three engines...:ok:

Regards, RP

wired2fly 8th May 2009 09:36

oops, MD11.. time to get eyes tested..:8

OltonPete 12th May 2009 19:05

Ryanair winter 2009/10
The East Mids flights seem to all be released excluding any new routes.

I am not too familar with their operation last winter but it appears there
are changes/reductions.

Work for four aircraft everyday and five on Wednesdays, Saturdays
and Sundays but with gaps.

Rome - four weekly
Girona - three weekly with a GRO based aircraft
Murcia - three weekly
Alicante - three weekly with an ALC based aircraft
Malaga - Three weekly

Berlin is daily
Bergamo - four weekly with a BGY based aircraft

CCS - two weekly
PRG - four weekly
TFS - three weekly
FAO - two weekly
DNR - three weekly
LIG - three weekly
INV - Three weekly
Knock - four weekly
DUB - double daily
BHD - double daily
BUD - two weekly
RIX - three weekly
WRO - Four weekly
KRK - three weekly

Might be one or two errors in the above and I only checked one
week in November.


I know some of these have long gone or never operated in the winter
but as I say I don't know the East Mids operation that well.

Is this up or down or about the same as last winter? BHX seems less
but again I have not totalled the flights.


OliWW 12th May 2009 20:03

On the 1st half of routes which have been released 4 aircraft are needed, Palma, Reus, Wroclaw, Valencia, Bergerac, Grenoble and Lyon still expected to be release

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