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bmibaby.com 23rd Sep 2007 11:39

Has anybody else heard that the baby GLA, BFS and EDI might be going down to twice daily like the AMS and CDG so we can launch a few new routes and cope with losing some of the 735s?

Also there's been a rumour going around about DHL's future at the airport and being interested only in their mega hub at CGN.

dionysius 23rd Sep 2007 12:14

Are DHL not going to move mega hub to Leipzig ??

OltonPete 23rd Sep 2007 12:39


The reduction of the EDI, GLA & BFS won't help with the loss of the 735's
as EMA will always need at least 5 based to operate the existing services to their full potential.

That's why when it was mentioned that another 145 was arriving for Regional I put 2 & 2 together and got 5, assuming that CDG would revert to BMI Regional ops.

The reduction in EDI/GLA & BFS could mean new routes though as the winter utilisation of the existing 5 based aircraft is very poor on certain days and it would leave scope for some more imaginative and longer flight-time destinations.

However rumours at the BHX end (for BHX) is just more aircraft and routes but not until next summer (due aircraft maintenance) and it might be at the expenses of other bases (again).


The DHL rumour has been floating around since Leipzig was announced but has been denied as just another case of 2+2=5. Whether this is true I do not know but Brussels is supposed to be the station most at risk.


Nimrod6 23rd Sep 2007 13:38

The DHL rumour has been floating around since Leipzig was announced but has been denied as just another case of 2+2=5. Whether this is true I do not know but Brussels is supposed to be the station most at risk.
Brussels is indeed the station that will lose out due to government decisions... whether BRU is being designated I do not know, but they will not support (or more to the point allow) the type of growth that DHL is forecasting... hence the new Leipzig 'superhub'. The problem is that freight logistics only works during the darker hours in order for JIT ops to work.

As for the rumoured 777's, mights have to dig a little deeper on that one... but it would be great if we could get more widebodies in (nighttime or not). Was a bit gutted when MAN scrounged the Fedex business but there are always more avenues to explore.

bmibaby.com 23rd Sep 2007 17:36

Sorry it may well have been Leipzig rather than Cologne, I've only heard second and third hand gossip from various people about DHL wanting to commit to their bases being in the German market, and their future in other bases including EMA are being examined. Certainly a lot of extra ramp and terminal space up there anyway ...

SAM-EMA 23rd Sep 2007 20:18

Anyone have any idea when the FR new routes announcement is due for the 2 new a/c next spring?

Anyone heard anything further about the American carrier?

And finally things look promising for UKIA.

Thanks a lot

JulietNovemberPapa 23rd Sep 2007 20:48

"Anyone have any idea when the FR new routes announcement is due for the 2 new a/c next spring?"

If they're going to be based from next spring, I'd say the announcement won't happen for another couple of months.

I'll be living 25 mins from EMA next year, and I'm particularly hoping that there will be more FR routes from EMA to Eastern Europe.

egnx_boi 24th Sep 2007 09:46

I spoke to one of the Fr engineers a week ago, he said EMA would be getting 1 more aircraft in February! 6 Months ago we were supposed to be having an extra 4 by February. Can anyone shed any light on when EMA are going to get extra Ryanair aircraft and why does the date keep slipping further and further away.

EGAC_Ramper 24th Sep 2007 10:26

None of us know and the only time we will know is when one day we turn up in work and there's and extra aircraft sittin there! :L

The Real Slim Shady 24th Sep 2007 11:20

There are only so many 738s to go around: some of the new jets are replacing the older ones and some are for new bases. With so many new bases coming on line the new jets for the next 4 or 5 months are tagged, hence, nothing new for EMA for a while.

tweentown 24th Sep 2007 11:59

Based on the RYR website 6 aircraft are required on certain days from November and 7 aircraft in February (again certain days only). The gerona route is down to be operated by GRO based aircraft on Tu Th Sa which seems to mean the additional aircraft is not needed on those days.Also the afternoon DUB will be a DUB aircraft.

Six aircraft are definitely needed from Feb 08 when there are increased frequencies on some routes and EGC and FNI routes return after the winter break. As it currently stands there will either have to be some timetable adjustments or if an additional aircraft is based there will be alot of gaps in the schedule.

Regarding DHL, I always understood LEJ was being set up as a base due to night flying restrictions at BRU. Didn't think this would affect the EMA hub although I think the rumour was that DHL Air (the UK based airline) may not continue as a seperate airline operation - I presumed it would be merged with EAT, but only a presumption. With regard to B777's there is an official press release on the DPWA (Deutsche Post) website which mentions EMA as being served - the new airline will be flying routes to Asia.

SAM-EMA 24th Sep 2007 14:33

Well we already have another 738 coming up from Stansted on the 26th October, I was just asking about the ones for the next round of expansion.


OltonPete 24th Sep 2007 23:13

Easyjet Rome down to 3 a week from Feb?
I said I would keep an eye on the Easy schedules but did not expect to
wait this long to see them adjusted!

Rome changes times and frequency (I think from Feb). Ops Tuesday
Thursday and Saturday only.

The weekday timings are 13.45/19.40.

Malaga has moved on the days the Rome operates in the week to 17.40/23.55.

What should be coming is a new route or increased frequency, as
the days the Palma does not operate there is room for another
flight (Mo,Wed & fri) unless this will be kept free for daily PMI.

At present it does not look as if there is going to be aircraft 4.


Powerjet1 26th Sep 2007 10:03

BCN. 4 x weekly with easy. Starts 7 Dec.

owenkirk2005 26th Sep 2007 11:45

From 7th December Rome reduced to 3x weekly, and Barcelona 4x weekly.

egnxema 26th Sep 2007 11:57

Excellent! - Great to see BCN back!

[email protected] 27th Sep 2007 07:16

Is there any further news on the rumoured VarigLog operation????

Is there any plans to remark stands on the East Cargo Ramp to make 747 stands????

Why hasnt the 6th Aircraft for Ryanair been announced??? are they just quietly moving it in at end of next month???



Mike16 27th Sep 2007 16:01

Hi Guys

Great News on EZY doing the Barcelona again, i use to love doing that flight, we use to do a Glasgow then a barcelona and that was my fav flight, i remember this the most as this was my FAM flight too, and the flight deck let me sit in the pitt for BCN and EMA landings and take off from BCN and it was great, never ever forget that..... Thanks flight deck.....

Plus also it is only a 2 hour flight....... i may just have to book for this one now, when do they start ?

Looks like Maria got it wrong again !!!!! always the same, they guys at EMA are a great bunch and i do wish them all the best, i still speak to a few especially Mr Lee who is great and such a laugh, he keeps begging me to go back there again, but i am old now at 36 !!!!!

Take care all


Wanabee,Gunnabee,Am 27th Sep 2007 16:14

EMA - CIA is not being reduced. It appears that it is being subcontracted on the days when the BCN operates. (SUN,MON, WED, FRI)

OltonPete 27th Sep 2007 17:51

Easyjet Rome
What do you mean it is going to be subcontracted?

You can't book Monday, Wednesdays & Fridays on my computer from December 2007, so it is going to be one empty plane from 7/12/07.

I assume you are not looking at the Easy timetable, as it is not the most reliable of sources for East Mids flights. The Geneva schedule was showing as winter 2006/7 the last time I looked.

East Mids has lost one destination and 10 flights and gained 10 flights and two destinations. Not quite sure what to make of what is going on.


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