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Burnie5204 30th Oct 2014 12:13

From the planning document


futureTP 18th Nov 2014 00:51

Room/flat near EMA
Hello, probably a bit off the thread but couldn't find anything on here...

Looking for a suitable place for crew either a house share or flat with like minded folk/peeps that like an occasional beer/wine after taking to the skies!

Any help would be appreciated ideally looking for a place from next month, feel free to PM any suggestions.


TCAS_Alert 19th Nov 2014 12:07

One other change by Flybe is that EDI and JER flights are now operated by S20 equipment for the Winter season.
Only temporary for a couple of weeks. Back to DH4 for rest of the season.

egnxema 29th Nov 2014 13:25

October Pax Numbers
October 14

451,251 - 5% inc on Oct 13

rolling YTD

4,488,804 - 4.1% inc on same period last year

average inc for all UK airports is 4%, so EMA a tiny bit ahead of the market avg.

This makes EMA currently the 11th busiest UK airport by pax volume. 10th spot is held by NCL on 4,501,516, just 12,712 pax ahead of EMA for the year. If both airports continue to grow at their current rate EMA will move in to the Top 10 during 2015.

egnxema 1st Dec 2014 20:24

New Long Stay Car Park
The Airport Company has submitted plans for a new long stay car park to be located between the Radisson BLU hotel and the southern perimeter fence.

Plans viewable on NWLDC website.


Burnie5204 1st Dec 2014 20:29

Its the old aeropark site in order to replace the ones lost in the JetParks ones by the DHL expansion.

AIRPORT: Plans for 1,550 long-stay car parking spaces at East Midlands Airport | Burton Mail

egnxema 2nd Dec 2014 08:06

Bernie. It's near there but further east actually. The old Aeropark building still stands and is visible on Google Maps.

Balair 11th Dec 2014 10:50

Aer Lingus
It appears EI's commitment to its EMA-DUB route is already faltering before it has even begun!
The start date has now been put back from 05/02 to 02/04 and the frequency cut to just two daily rotations on Mon and Fri (with not particularly good timings) and a single rotation for the rest of the week.

EI-A330-300's previous comment "EIR are going nowhere" could well turn out to be correct, but I suspect not in the way he meant....!


egnxema 31st Dec 2014 20:53

November Pax numbers
November saw 222,209 pax, 4.3% inc on the same month in 2013

4,497,672 pax is the rolling YTD, which is 4% higher than one year ago.

egnxema 16th Jan 2015 20:03

December Pax Numbers
188098 Used the airport in Dec. 4.9% more than Dec13.

The full year stats are:

4506457 which is 4.1% up on 2013

EMA is the UK's #11 airport by pax volume, finishing the year just 6588 pax behind NCL.

BHX5DME 17th Jan 2015 22:52

Heathrow, Gatwick, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Luton & Bristol are best ever years

Manchester was 22,442,855 in 2006
Stansted was 23,779,697 in 2007
Glasgow was 8,848,755 in 2006
East Midlands was 5,620,673 in 2008
Belfast Int was 5,272,664 in 2007

2014 Totals

HEATHROW 73,371,195 up 1.4 %
GATWICK 38,094,885 up 7.5 %
MANCHESTER 21,951,758 up 6.1 %
STANSTED 19,935,161 up 11.7 %
LUTON 10,481,618 up 8.1 %
EDINBURGH 10,159,890 up 3.9 %
BIRMINGHAM 9,698,349 up 6.4 %
GLASGOW 7,709,386 up 4.8 %
BRISTOL 6,333,532 up 3.4 %
NEWCASTLE 4,513,045 up 2.2 %
BELFAST INTERNATIONAL 4,031,700 up 0.2 %
LIVERPOOL (JOHN LENNON) 3,984,024 down -4.8 %
ABERDEEN 3,725,387 up 8.3 %
LONDON CITY 3,647,824 up 7.9 %
BELFAST CITY (GEORGE BEST) 2,555,111 up 0.5 %
SOUTHAMPTON 1,829,685 up 6.2 %
JERSEY 1,474,682 up 3.2 %
SOUTHEND 1,102,544 up 13.7 %
CARDIFF WALES 1,019,545 down -3.6 %
PRESTWICK 912,400 down -20.3 %
GUERNSEY 860,223 up 0.4 %
EXETER 766,583 up 3.9 %
ISLE OF MAN 728,591 down -1.3 %
BOURNEMOUTH 660,636 up 0.2 %
CITY OF DERRY (EGLINTON) 350,257 down -9 %
SCATSTA 279,799 down -6.2 %
HUMBERSIDE 237,331 up 1.1 %
BLACKPOOL 223,998 down -14.7 %
NEWQUAY 219,167 up 25.5 %
DUNDEE 22,069 down -19.9 %
CAMBRIDGE 20,692 up 123.7 %

Balair 23rd Jan 2015 15:17

East Midlands strenghthend its position as the UK's leading pure freight airport in 2014 by handling 308,935 tonnes of cargo.
After remaining flat over the previous 3 years, I believe the 2014 total (which equates to a 3.6% increase over 2013) is the best year on record.


Aero Val 24th Jan 2015 09:19

767 emergency
Maersk 767 undercarriage fire at EMA this morning, full emergency, no details yet though, all crew ok.

egnxema 17th Feb 2015 04:36

January Pax Numbers
January had 183,624 pax through the terminal which is 13.3% more than Jan14.

The rolling year figure is 4,528,286 which is 4.5% inc YoY

The new year sees EMA move in to the #10 spot of UK airports by pax volume, as NCL reported its rolling year figure at 4,517,617 a 2% increase on the year.

January figures can be heavily influenced by weather and associated canx and divs.

mikerawsonderby 21st Feb 2015 17:03

Press reports suggest that the National Police Air Service is to open a base at EMA. The North Midlands helicopter will move from Ripley (Derbyshire), but there are also plans to replace 4 of the service's helicopters with fixed wing aircraft, all of which will be based at EMA.


NewquayJacob 21st Feb 2015 19:34

"The North Midlands helicopter will move from Ripley (Derbyshire), but there are also plans to replace 4 of the service's helicopters with fixed wing aircraft, all of which will be based at EMA."

What sort of fixed wing aircraft?

Crusher1 22nd Feb 2015 10:10

P68's maybe?

bluepilot 28th Feb 2015 12:35

Power outage at East Midlands Airport, all flights suspended
Power cut at East Midlands Airport and all flights suspended | Nottingham Post

ExXB 28th Feb 2015 14:16

Ah, a technical fault that should have been foreseen.

That will be 250 for every passenger delayed more than 3 hours.

staplefordheli 28th Feb 2015 14:29

All back online before 1500 Arrivals and depts., looks like grid lost and then backup genset failed. Always best to have plan B C and D. We learn nothing from the Gatwick farce :rolleyes:

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