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ATNotts 27th Aug 2007 10:31

Quote "Mr. Kang said: 'KPA will later operate to Europe, flying wide-body equipment from East Midlands Airport to Fujairah and on to Amritsar in the Indian Punjab. Our sales efforts in this market will target the large Punjab immigrant community in the UK's East and West Midlands, as well as its Northwest region.'"

The key word here is "Later" They've first of all got to make a go of the various Far Eastern destination they plan to operated with, if I'm correct, a fairly clapped out DC10 that has been flogeed to death already by MyTravel.

If they do run the DC10 from EMA, then it will be a pretty unique opportunity to fly on the type on a scheduled service from Europe I think.

stuart-travel 27th Aug 2007 11:27

East Midlands 6
Thanks Lee for info on rynair,

East midlands exel flying 2007/2008 can any body confirm that winter 07/08 the airport has the air malta aircraft from bristol for a large programme and for summer 2008 is xl aircraft when the air malta aircraft moves to newcastle .


OltonPete 27th Aug 2007 19:36

Easy Geneva
2nd Geneva showing on a Wednesday from 2nd week of Feb 2008, I am sure that was not there the other day, just Monday, Friday and Sunday.

I could be wrong but I have been checking most days for any schedule changes on other routes.

The Easyjet timetable for East Mids is still appalling for a major operator. Obviously lo-cost goes for the IT or scheduling dept whoever is responsible for updating the online timetable.


EastMids 28th Aug 2007 10:35

services to each destination will operate three times a week using leased McDonnell Douglas DC-10 aircraft. 'The aircraft concerned is being provided by a reputable leasing company that has contracted Lufthansa Technic to undertake maintenance. Until recently, the aircraft was operated by the United Kingdom-based airline, MyTravel Airways, and meets all current aviation certification and operating requirements.'
Seeing as MYT's only DC-10-30 was scrapped, that only leaves the shorter range DC-10-10s which have been in South Africa for quite some time - MYT got shut of them almost four years ago. They'll also probably be the only regular pax operator of the DC-10-10 anywhere - mind you, using aged aircraft will put them in good company with UKIA!

SexyladyEZY 29th Aug 2007 17:15

Hi Boys and Girls
Well some futher news for you all, As you all know EMA has got PMI, well we cant be moving now !
Also last week Richard Evans our Airbus Manager from LTN was at EMA , i did not manage to fly with him, :confused::confused::confused::confused:
He is REALLY nice. Xx
Anyway i had a quick chat with him and he has told me that EMA is staying and no real futher expansion is planned but BHX is on a trial to see how sales go and if all goes well, BHX will be the next base in the UK, staff could be Dual based as well as taking new crew on too.
As you also know as well the CGN is going early next year, to be replaced by the PMI, which is good, as CGN pax are so ugly, and i imagine the PMI pax will be quite cute, so come on fellas come and look at us in our new uniform from the 7th Oct, it is sooooooo Lush and tight fitting. Hmmmmmmmm
Maria L xxxxxxx

Chilli Monster 29th Aug 2007 19:16

so come on fellas come and look at us in our new uniform from the 7th Oct, it is sooooooo Lush and tight fitting.
Excellent - something else to letch at from the tower ;)

EGAC_Ramper 29th Aug 2007 23:20

even though I'm from the competitor can I get a letch at this uniform pwease!?!? :};):ok:

Hawk 29th Aug 2007 23:58

Thread drift, back on track please.
Thank you
Airline Mods.

Captain Caveman 30th Aug 2007 21:47

Xl Ema 08

I understand the latest XL/KM plan is to close KM @ BRS end of Oct 07 The BRS craft will then move to EMA for the winter and the Lat bus will move out.

BHX and EMA base will merge for crews only and become a "dual base" NCL will open in S08 and understand the Latcharter may go to NCL.

EMA for KM will end on April 08, XL plan there own B738 base but unsure how many acft but did here 2 ? I would of thought they have enough for 1 and some W patterns already ?

This is only the latest plan ive heard so expect changes!

Firm Touchdown 31st Aug 2007 00:02

SexyLady EZY, are you sure that is what RE said? I flew with him that day and he said that there were no plans to close EMA and that there were some flights operating through Birmingham, but he made it very clear that no decisions had been made on a BHX base.

A BHX base would be soooo cool. It will save me 20 minutes travelling per day.

Jet2Leeds 31st Aug 2007 17:45

full emergency TOM383A
TOM383A out of DSA has declared a full emergency and
diverting to East Midlands left a tyre on the runway
this is Boeing 757 G-BYAP Landing about 6pm

ps Did it land safely

aidoair 31st Aug 2007 17:54

BBC local ''look north'' news has confirmed it landed safely and the runway was sprayed with foam as a precaution.

Jet2Leeds 31st Aug 2007 18:01

BBC local ''look north'' news has confirmed it landed safely and the runway was sprayed with foam as a precaution.

Ps on a lighter note who was it 2nite Harry, Christa or Ian,
Shame about peter Levy and that weather man

almost professional 31st Aug 2007 18:32

Yes it landed safely, and no the RFFS did not put foam down on the runway!

finding_nema 5th Sep 2007 12:22

Anybody want to hazard a guess at where the second regional Embraer is going to be going when it's rumoured to arrive? Also, did anyone hear about Luxair bringing in one of their new Q400s for regional to have a look at?

[email protected] 5th Sep 2007 12:29

where did u hear about a second ERJ???? A Frankfurt route would work 2 times or 3 times daily



finding_nema 5th Sep 2007 12:51

It's been discussed apparently for EMA to get a second Embraer in line with regional's expansion, but I've got no idea of a time span or potential route.

Mike16 5th Sep 2007 12:52

Hi Guys

Can someone help me, there is a flight today departing at 15.30 hrs.
RUS3605 St Nazaire 15:30 Check-in Now Desk 28
Go to Departures .
Who is this carrier ? is this a new Airline at EMA or just a one off?

Also anyone have any news on the so called UKIA , did they get there licence


North Stand Tier3 5th Sep 2007 13:38

Ref Q400s
Apparently the Q400 went down very well with Management last week.Thought we'd seen the last of the props when the Saabs went,God bless 'em.Watch this space....

I'll get me coat......

vile8er 5th Sep 2007 14:02

The airline is Cirrus Airlines and I suspect it's just a one-off.

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