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rutankrd 31st Mar 2014 14:58

N220CY Boeing 767-383(ER)(BDSF) ABX Air C/N 24729 originally delivered to SAS.

bhx bod 31st Mar 2014 15:31

Thanks for the info.Much obliged:ok:

stuart hammond 5th Apr 2014 07:45

summer 2015
Jet 2 to add pula from east midlands for 2015 on sun may to sep 07.00 dep

ematom1 26th Apr 2014 10:39

BMI regional and Brussels airline will now have a codeshare agreement on the EMA-Brussels route

Brussels service to be launched at East Midlands Airport | Leicester Mercury

SM82 29th Apr 2014 04:57

Anyone any news on the incident at the airport right now?

cornishsimon 29th Apr 2014 06:07

737F with landing gear collapse I think ?
No injuries.


Facelookbovvered 29th Apr 2014 07:20

Air contractors 734 landing gear colapse whist existing the runway.

handsfree 29th Apr 2014 11:23

A couple of views of the aircraft on here

BBC News - East Midlands Airport flights suspended after problem

El Bunto 29th Apr 2014 20:40

Continued closure to arrivals caused a few turnbacks.

Mr NOTAM says, rather optimistically:

FROM: 29 APR 2014 17:00
TO: 29 APR 2014 19:00 EST

MILEHIGHBOY 29th Apr 2014 22:37

EMA - Fully Operational
LS624 FNC-EMA B733 Landed 23:26.

Burnie5204 1st Jun 2014 15:30

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised to see two Apaches (callsigns Gangster 1 and Gangster 2) doing SRA to Go Arounds a few days ago. Certainly makes a change from the norm.

[email protected] 2nd Jun 2014 17:30

if that is all that can be said in a positive way about the airport in over a month then the mods should close the thread. MAN Group are letting the locals down by not improving the arrivals area. That has to be a priority.

FRatSTN 2nd Jun 2014 18:11

I don't really see much of a need to improve the Arrivals area. Yeah maybe it could be made to look a bit better but it's functional, always quick to get through and has one or two shops once back on landside. The biggest problem if anything is having to get on a bus to get there from some of the further stands, but not sure how they could easily change that?

MAG are still redeveloping and improving the security and airside departures area, the place where passengers spend most of their time and undoubtedly spend the most money. I don't think its fair to say they are letting the locals down. I'm certainly looking forward to see how its looking when I fly from there in July.

Burnie5204 2nd Jun 2014 18:17

Well if that's what you want then the terminal developments are looking good.

The new fast food joint Leon is very good. It's good to finally see a good, hot, healthy fast food option at reasonable prices and, as airside staff, I'm happy that the food can all be taken through security - a godsend for staff like myself wanting to pickup food before starting night shifts.

The new flights just announced by Jet2 are always good to hear about and it's nice to see Thomson investing in the aircraft based here, modifying them with Scimitar winglets.

The increase in UPS/SRR traffic is also good to see - sunday nights now see 2 brown tails and 2 stars on the east ramp.

Hopefully soon the new Duty Free area and post-security 'decompression zone' will be complete certainly the new walkway to gates 1-5 is looking almost complete with only the false ceiling to be installed if it's as complete as it looks from the outside - no more going through that awkward chicane of re-purposed service corridors squeezed between boots and WHSmiths Books.

Unfortunately elements of the terminal do feel cramped at the moment (particularly the post-security area and the exit from Duty free) due to the hoardings for the last stages of 3 separate works areas but these will hopefully soon be gone.

The presence of dnata in the Cargo 3 freight facility combined with advertising for multi-skilled ground handling operatives can only be good news for the airport.

The new paint shop, Airborne Colours, certainly seem to be doing good trade with (along with Air Livery) both paint shops seeing a steady stream of aircraft through their doors.

Passenger wise EMA is busier than it has been for a long time with early rumour of between 8-10% more passengers month on month than last year which was, in turn, around 8% up on the previous year.

Lots of good news going on.

FRatSTN 2nd Jun 2014 18:40

I would be surprised if pax numbers rise 8-10% again. Was expecting a much smaller increase this year.

I've got a gut feeling EMA might be slightly down in 2015 because as it stands, LS and TOM look slightly disappointing next summer although no reduction in based aircraft. TCX is looking pretty much like its typical amount.

I really think EMA is in need of some more city/business like routes. They have BHD, EDI and GLA well covered but there's no service to CDG now other than four midday flights a week by LS and AMS and DUB are now only once daily.

I'm pinning my hopes on FR who hopefully will bring some new traffic again in 2015 after a pretty disappointing 2014 from them (no new routes other than ORK which started last November) and DUB reduced to once daily. Would be nice to see some growth from ZB or BE as well. Fingers crossed.

Burnie5204 2nd Jun 2014 19:15

Certainly the internal update we had was that despite losing a days flying last month due to the Air Contractors incident the pax figures were still 8% up on April 2013 with May figures looking to have increased by a similar number.

Balair 2nd Jun 2014 19:41

An improvement of the arrivals area has been identified as an issue by the airport. In its Sustainable Development Plan it states that this area has an annual capacity of around 5 million and "Works to provide additional capacity will be required in the short term"
What their idea of "short term" remains to be seen!
As has already been pointed out, any expenditure here will not generate additional income, it will only serve to improve, in airport parlance, the "incoming passenger experience" and hopefully therefore keep the airlines happy?

Burnie5204 2nd Jun 2014 20:01

Absolutely. I've seen the artist impression and they are very much a short term solution whilst the airport looks at it's long term solutions for both arrivals and departures growth (as well as the need for increased cargo capacity especially if the Star Air rumours are true in relation to B763F acquisitions for Transatlantic services from EMA) as I have heard that there were some major airlines looking at operating at EMA who did not believe that the arrivals experience was suitable for their customer base.

ATNotts 3rd Jun 2014 08:00


I really think EMA is in need of some more city/business like routes. They have BHD, EDI and GLA well covered but there's no service to CDG now other than four midday flights a week by LS and AMS and DUB are now only once daily.
You are so right. East Midlands business is virtually unserved by EMA. It's disappointing that the only business orientated non UK and Ireland services are Amsterdam and Brussels. The latter isn't the best European hub airport in terms of the spread of onward connections and to work properly as a hub AMS needs to be minimum 2 x daily.

I fear that the airport is in reality squeezed by BHX, where the major carriers are already well ensconced and probably wouldn't get any benefit from diluting the market between BHX and EMA. You only have to look at how long KLM lasted at LPL to see the effect in action.

Apart from for putting bums on seats, I really can't see a great benefit in expansion by Ryanair. The greater their dominance, the greater their demands for reduced prices and this would impact on the airport's profitability - a hole that would probably be filled by more rip-off charges levied against passengers and meeters and greeters.

Balair 4th Jun 2014 19:30

Can anyone advise me if the CLX 772 flights, which appear to have been operating twice a week through EMA for some time now, are a permanent fixture or just a temporary series of flights?


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