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NJTCF 6th Jul 2008 12:25

Helicopter Movements for the Grand Prix 2010.
My Thoughts you would need two landing sites one where they have now landing south of the track and the other one north of the track as some one said Donnington hall has got alot of land they could use as a landing facillty they would be controlled by ATC. I seem to remember ATC Had a little 4 wheel unit when the grand prix was held there the last time thou it did P:mad: it down for sennas Victory. You would have helicopters from the north landing to the north of the track on the north pad and helis from the south landing on the south pad you would have a entry/exit route as we do Now with the shepshed/long eaton lanes then No helis would cross the flight path. Also you will have helis that want to go into the airport. But in my mind the above could work with GOOD PLANNING:ok:.

bank_angle 6th Jul 2008 12:30

Quite agree on the idea of the entry/exit lane and two independent helipads. Anybody know how many movements we can expect over the full weekend?

odogo2 6th Jul 2008 15:08

grand prix
I think everyone is getting a bit excited about the race coming to Donington Park,You all seem to have overlooked a major stumbling block namely North West Leicestershire District Council.If it takes as long to make Planning decisions as it is taking for the Runway extensions then Silverstone will be holding the Race for a long time to come.The Airport applied for a 13O mtr extension in 2000 and this has still to be concluded,or perhaps double standards will apply,crossing palms with silver may come into it somewhere.

NJTCF 7th Jul 2008 17:04

Article in the Derby Evening Telegraph On Bmi Baby.
In todays paper page 29 in the business section there is an article on Bmi Baby, Mainly how they are coping with the high fuel costs etc, but also in the article it quotes the commercial director Julian Carr Say that they are looking to add 5 New Routes by the end of the year out of EMA. Presumbe they might be announced by the end of the year for next summers 2009 schedule. Would love to see them operate Newquay.:ok:

Ps WW have started to charge you to check in on certain routes.

Little Blue 7th Jul 2008 17:35

I'd love Newquay n'all ! It'd be like a staff bus at the weekend !

INKJET 7th Jul 2008 17:59

some more ski destinations would be nice, expect it will be more meds and italy

Local Variation 7th Jul 2008 19:30

Leicestershire County Council on the East Mids BBC news tonight outrightly supported the Grand Prix move to Donington. No planning permission has been granted for any expansion as yet. But it will be, this is too good an making opportunity for LCC to miss out on.

Previous attempts by the circuit to expand to this level were to my knowledge knocked back by NWLDC on the grounds of lack of supporting funds from the circuit to expand the A453. It has to happen this time.

The NOTAMs for Silverstone on Saturday and Sunday made heavy reading regarding restricted airspace right upto 10000ft amsl.

On the plus side, Red Arrows back in town. Remember watching their last jaunt directly over the track and 09 end some years ago.;)

OliWW 7th Jul 2008 19:48

I know I for one would use the Newquay service very oftern, could even be upto every month, and I know my family would as well as we have friends and relatives down there, and if it did come around to bmbaby operating Newquay, I wouldn't expect it to come to more than 25 per person

isa kite 8th Jul 2008 07:40

Local Variation

I didn't see the BBC item - was it LCC or NWLDC? LCC can support the proposal, but North West Leics are the planning authority who have to say yes or no.

Given that even the smallest kitchen extension can take some months from the date of application, something of this size, with the inevitable huge number of objections likely, will most probably have to go to public enquiry and referral to the appropriate Minister. Even if Donington have the plans ready to submit today, don't expect approval in a hurry. It's possible they won't have approval until 2010, let alone have the works completed.

I suspect that the earlier suggestion that pressure is being put on Silverstone by this announcement is closer to the truth. Or if you want a really wild conspiracy theory, perhaps the intention is to take the GP away from Silverstone, and for Donington to fail to meet the takeover conditions, so the GP goes to a more profitable venue overseas - India perhaps?:rolleyes:

Balair 8th Jul 2008 07:56

Article in the Derby Evening Telegraph On Bmi Baby.
...Julian Carr says that they are looking to add 5 New Routes by the end of the year out of EMA.

All by coach via Birmingham probably....! :rolleyes:

baps 8th Jul 2008 08:10

It's funny how most assume that if Donnington is not ready by 2010 then the race will go back to Silverstone. As they have no real motivation to develop the facilities there now that they've been told that there'll be no races there after next year I'd say the most likely scenario is that the British GP will be dropped all together if Donnington is not ready. So lets hope that the council and all those involved pull their fingers out and get it sorted!

OliWW 8th Jul 2008 10:19

I have heard that bmibaby are considering:

Almeria and Bilbao

EastMids 8th Jul 2008 10:28

I didn't see the BBC item - was it LCC or NWLDC? LCC can support the proposal, but North West Leics are the planning authority who have to say yes or no.
Dunno which he was from... I saw the item - the guy from the council seemed to be in support the idea, and said that the A453 past the airport to the park would need to be dualled - words to the effect that it was doable but that they needed to get a strt on it as soon as possible.

I would have thought that the helis could be operated onto DHL for the weekend rather than direct into the Park - all helis to join from the south and don't get as far north as the runway. And exec jets etc put on cargo east - neither east nor west are usually busy weekends. A perimeter road bus transfer for pax from cargo west out of a crash gate at the western end of the airfield (they had that during the last GP) would then suffice.


INKJET 8th Jul 2008 11:13

Bilbao would be fantastic, that coast is great but it a summer route the Picos mountains a very popular for walking and biking and second homes

odogo2 8th Jul 2008 12:24

race weekend chaos
further to the comments i made earlier about NWLDC,having had dealings with these people before i must agree if this planning application goes through the normal channels it will be a long time being passed.When it does finally get the go ahead dualling the A453 will do little to help the traffic chaos,surely the obvious solution is to build a monorail from the new Railway Station which could serve the Airport and the Racetrack.

END BAG 11th Jul 2008 14:25

East Midlands 6
I was at Siverstone on sunday just to see the Helis and believe me it is the best FREE airshow and exhibition of helicopter flying skills you will ever see and you can watch from the car parks so you just walk in and it dosent cost a penny. The first arrival was at 08-15 and the last arrival was at 11-50 just before the RED arrows DISPLAY. In that time i logged 120 different helis but with many of them making multiple journeys i would say there were upwards of 250 actual movements inbound and the same outbound so you can see how busy it is.The way it is organised and operated is just amazing so if the F1 ever came to dono i think the atc people would probably have to liase with the silverstone ops people who have been doing it years to see how it all comes together.Personally i cant see it happening because it is not just about the racetrack but the whole silverstone "circus" covers a huge area (many miles). Some of the campsites are up to 5 miles away with the fans being shuttled in by bus along the now dual -carraigeway A43 and there is still traffic chaos.It would be like having campsites at Long Eaton/Ashby/Clifton etc.After it is over the A43 is turned into a one-way system with all four lanes being used to get people away and we still heard horror stories of fans taking 6 hours to get back to the motorway.Iurge anybody who seriously believes that the F1 can come to donington to find some way of going to Silverstone next year (you have to go down sat night and find somewhere to doss down) and you will realise it is the impossible dream.SDorry to dampen the hope of any F1 fans but go and see the silverstone experience and you will the see IT AINT NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN AT DONO PARK. sorry!!

NJTCF 12th Jul 2008 14:20

Well Lets just hope you are totally wrong End Bag!!!!!!!.

OliWW 13th Jul 2008 18:30

Is it true that Hamburg International is taking over from Astraeus on the Banjul route in the winter, if so who will be handeling them? and will they be on one of there new A319

paul atkins 13th Jul 2008 18:42

hamburg int
yes it is true they are doing the weekly flight, aircraft type i dont know

Tisme 13th Jul 2008 19:46

The only ground left at the Hall that could be used for landing helicopters is right in front of the hall, chop down a few trees and you might be ok but I can't see them being allowed to land on the immaculate grass that was last seen out there a couple of weeks ago.

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