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Mickey Kaye 13th Dec 2012 20:58

Any rumours that anyone else is going to take it on?

Sonic Bam 17th Dec 2012 18:40

Haven't heard of anything. It's too big, if anything.

spitfirealex 29th Dec 2012 01:25

Having been searching round other sites I came across somebody saying that BA were opening a route to faro next summer now having googled this the only other place it came up was on Wikipedia ! I know Wikipedia is not the most reliable site and therefore wanted to know if anyone on here had about this or any other "rumoured" routes to east midlands ?

cornishsimon 29th Dec 2012 03:28

BA scheduled flights at EMA ? Wouldn't of thought so !!

Maybe on the E-Jets over the weekend as a charter. ?


spitfirealex 29th Dec 2012 13:13

That is what I was thinking ! I do think that east midlands would benefit hugely from a scheduled airline route though be it BA, AF, KLM or even lufthansa ! I know flybe is starting a code share agreement with AF on some routes but it's not the same as a fully scheduled route.

FRatSTN 29th Dec 2012 13:18

I think East Midlands as a regional airport already does this quite well as it has regular links to Brussels and Frankfurt BMI Regional and Amsterdam and Paris with FlyBe with a codeshare. It would be nice to see KLM Cityhopper if anything as even the smallest airports see them ie Manston so I dare say would work for them. Sadly don't think it will happen though.

cornishsimon 29th Dec 2012 13:27

BMI Regional need to get some codeshares up and running and that would in turn help out EMA !


ATNotts 29th Dec 2012 13:51

BMI Regional

Agreed, and I'll go a little further.

Unless they do gain mebership of one of the main alliances, Star being the best to join, given their route network, I can regretable see the airline playing out the same way as Duo did when the tried to go it alone after BA dumped them at BHX.

Point to point traffic of destinations such as Frankfurt and Brussels isn't going to pay the bills long term.

Hope I am wrong.

ATNotts 29th Dec 2012 13:55


flybe is starting a code share agreement with AF on some routes but it's not the same as a fully scheduled route.
In what way is FlyBe not a fully scheduled route? You can check bags through to final destination via the CDG and AMS hubs, which seems to me to be the thing that separates Lo-Co from full service carriers.

If you mean that the aircraft operating the services aren't from big legacy carriers then I can't see what difference that makes - other than a few foreign reggies to spot.

spitfirealex 29th Dec 2012 13:57

I'm not suggesting this will happen but if flybe managed to gain a codeshare with KLM in which a city hopper aircraft would take over the Amsterdam route and free several daily movements up for flybe to use on other routes would it not benefit both airlines ? The same goes with bmi regional and Lufthansa on routes to Germany ?

vectisman 29th Dec 2012 14:03

I expect Flybe or BMI Regional fly these routes because they make money from them! Why on earth give them them up to somebody else and try to find other routes that may not be profitable? I do hope legacy carrier snobbery is not part of the suggestion.

ematom1 29th Dec 2012 14:46

The BA is a embraer 195 operating over weekends at ema in peak summer season at ema although I remember when GB airlines / BA used to operate to Tenerife using a A320, what happend to that route?

cornishsimon 29th Dec 2012 14:55

It was a GB route using a BA branded aircraft.

GB was bought by EZY and the charter was bashed on the head I think.


ematom1 29th Dec 2012 16:21

Yeah I remember them taking over GB airways and using some of the A321's for EZY for a while, I know this may sound a stupid idea but what are the chances for BA having a domestic route to Heathrow or gatwick, I suppose it's abit too close to travel by road or rail but I think that's the only possibility of seeing BA having any routes from ema?

CabinCrewe 29th Dec 2012 16:38

"I know this may sound a stupid idea but what are the chances for BA having a domestic route to Heathrow or gatwick"

None. The LBA slot filler example will put paid to that

ematom1 29th Dec 2012 16:49

I think East Midlands is easily accessible to London area for BA to even think about any routes from EMA

Rhino power 29th Dec 2012 22:06

Read elsewhere that Thomson's inaugural 787 flight from EMA will be on the 1st May, with route proving and crew training flights taking place prior to that...


OliWW 29th Dec 2012 23:57

TCX will not use BA for its routes to Faro for Summer 2013, instead will sell seats on the Monarch flights... so... no BA Cityflyer.

On another note, TCX, like TOM, will have an additional DLM flight during the Summer ops by Freebird.

stuart hammond 30th Dec 2012 15:46

extra dlm flights 2013
Avro group have a extra dlm flight july to oct 2013 wed each week with onour air if that is the correct spelling, plus a extra pmi for the tom group on a wed now upto 8 flights per week to pmi 7 with tom 1 shared with jet2.

the extra pmi for tom is made by taking the mah flight from LBA and a w operation.


ematom1 31st Dec 2012 00:18

Good news for ema a few charters returning with Freebird and onur air will the onur air be a A321 or A320 if anyone knows? :)

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