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Aero Val 16th Nov 2012 14:51

767 goes on stand 43 (that's the one at 45 degrees to the terminal so it fits !) :ugh:

FYI Still discussion about the 787 not fitting on 43 with aircraft parked on adjacent stands due to wing tip clearance.

almost professional 16th Nov 2012 15:03

43, angled across-putting it there depends on arrival time, as normally it's in at 6ish so those stands are full. Stand 21 otherwise, but pray there's not aB757 on 24L - GMCs worst nightmare!

Burnie5204 16th Nov 2012 18:38

I'm surprised you say that 21 with 24L is a nightmare. Apart from the pull-start aspect I didnt think it affected you much more than any other push-start facing west.

You learn something new every day.

almost professional 16th Nov 2012 19:18

First you have to remember that is the procedure............
Then explain to the crew why they need a tug!

spitfirealex 25th Nov 2012 16:12

Does anyone have an idea or know what is happening to the old BMI maintenance hanger ? Seeing that it has been used to reconfigure old BMI aircraft i presume british airways are going to keep it as their own ?

North Stand Tier3 25th Nov 2012 18:27

Closes for business 31st December with the majority of staff going the same way as most at East Mids from bmi/Baby...

spitfirealex 25th Nov 2012 19:30

Does anyone know who will be taking over the vacated hangar then ?

Burnie5204 26th Nov 2012 11:35

No idea who is taking it over. There is rumour (very much only rumour and conjecture) of either DHL (as they used it for some of their a/c maintenance) or MAEL as part of their expansions.

However, I do know that some of the BMI engineers have been offered jobs with BA Eng at LHR and some are being retrained on airbus by MAEL and taken on at EMA as MAEL line engineers for the MON airframe(s)

ematom1 26th Nov 2012 12:57

News - Local News: Castle Donington, Kegworth and around DE74 (DE74)

know its been mantioned before but heres a new article on the east mids terminal expansion :)

FRatSTN 26th Nov 2012 16:12

Looks great! This is exactly the reason why Stansted should be owned by MAG. They do a great job at investing in all sorts of improvements across their airports and put everything in they can to give passengers the best experience and push hard to make their airports grow. What do BAA do? They sit back and watch them decline whilst they just use them as a way to get a little bit of extra cash for Heathrow.

spitfirealex 26th Nov 2012 16:38

Looks like a very promising development to make the airport more up to date and appealing to customers and business coming to the airport. It mentions a new pier, is this needed or is it for expansion at the airport ? And finally do you think if the airport was renamed Nottingham East Midlands Airport it would bring more visitors to the airport due to the location of Nottingham being better known than East Midlands ?

FRatSTN 26th Nov 2012 17:16

We've all been down that road and it's clear that most people do not like the name "Nottingham East Midlands Airport". I certainly don't. I think the name, apart from sounding horrific, actually sort of restricts the catchment area even more as the airport also serves Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire as well as parts of Northamptonshire. East Midlands is a as well used by us in Leicester and those in Derby as by those going to/from Nottingham. I think the current name "East Midlands Airport, Nottingham Leicester Derby" is a fine name and actually gives an even better idea of where the airport is located than just using Nottingham.

I used to hate the days where on the Ryanair website I had to scoll down to find "Nottingham East Midlands". The fact remains, the local people are always going to simply refer to it as East Midlands airport so having the cities included as a sort of extention to the name is far better than just adding one of the major cities nearby in the main name.

spitfirealex 26th Nov 2012 17:37

Being from derby myself I think the current name is a sensible and fair and to call it Nottingham EMA would be unfair as the airport is located on the derbyshire leicestershire border. Has it been made clear where the new "eco friendly" pier will be and whether it will serve new or excisting airlines and whether it will be a long haul, regional or mixed pier ?

pug 26th Nov 2012 17:45

It mentions a new pier
The pier is already built as the article states.

ATNotts 26th Nov 2012 18:47

East Midlands - Where is it?
I know this subject has been done to death, and that the over inflated egos of local councilors prevent the airport being given any one city name, but consider for a moment the foreign business person (very PC ay!)?

They know that Birmingham is near Birmingham, Manchester is near Manchester and even Leeds / Bradford clearly serves those two cities. But East Midlands? There's no state boundary for the East Midlands it's a vague geographical area invented locally, and defined to some extent by the BBC and ITV. It's like saying to someone in the UK - where Sachsen Anhalt airport (OK there isn't one - but it's just an example).

Confused by the airport name, you'll plump for flying to a city you might know is close to where you want to be.

If I was going to rename EMA I'd call it Derby / Nottingham - to the intense annoyance of Leicester I don't doubt - but the journey from Leicester is as easy from BHX as it is from EMA.

Calling Birmingham airport West Midlands would be commercial suicide - same goes for East Midlands I'm afraid.

FR- 26th Nov 2012 19:28

Leicester is much closer to EMA than BHX, use to take me 20-25mins from my door to crewroom, and about 40-50mins for BHX. At the end of the day the airport is in Leicestershire, so you can drop all this Nottingham rubbish.


FRatSTN 26th Nov 2012 19:47

25 minutes from my home just to the south of Leicester to East Midlands airport every time! Although Derby and Nottingham are closer, the fact is, East Midlands Airport is in Leicestershire and at 25 minutes, surely the largest city in the East Midlands region deserves to have its name included in the airport as well as Nottingham and Derby.

Birmingham Airport takes us roughly 45 minutes and can be worse (especially since the M6 is involved!) East Midlands Airport Nottingham Leicester Derby is a fair name for the airport.

Also, there is not so much of a need for a city in the name for identification of it's specific location. It's easier than ever nowadays to just get google maps up on your phone and find it out in about 10 seconds and about 30 seconds and you can plan a route to where it is you need to go. That's something that very few people could do a decade ago!

spitfirealex 26th Nov 2012 19:56

Are we likely to see a route perhaps even only once weekly to america and canada to serve the large workforce of Bombardier and Rolls Royce in derby ? I know canada is very unlikely but why not america ?

BKS Air Transport 26th Nov 2012 20:06

Calling things after regions seems to be a uniquely British habit. I cannot think of a single mainland European airport of significance named after a region/county/area etc. These things do not appear on maps. Similarly, I could not tell you which region Toulouse, Barcelona, Naples, Munich etc are in.

I agree that in the UK this is largely a product of the media who seem so scared of putting anyone's nose out of joint.

At least it's not as bad as Durham Tees Valley though, who have contrived to name their airport after a city that is both smaller and further away than the obvious place it is supposed to serve.

North Stand Tier3 26th Nov 2012 20:54

All offered the chance to apply for BA at LHR but on less money

No re-training needed on 320s as fairly sure they only have V2500 powered ones with a couple going to BHX for MON but nobody confirmed at EMA

Only rumours re the hangar but do not expect an announcement soon. It is currently being cleared with the last two Airbuses to go this week and the 14th

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