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stuinn 6th Jun 2012 14:21

WOW airlines
Saw this aircraft this afternoon at Stansted. Is it a regular new service as never seen it before?

LGS6753 6th Jun 2012 17:04

Yes, it's new.
Take a good look, because I can't see Wow staying on this route for long...

pabely 6th Jun 2012 18:39

WOW airlines
Simple example public choice. Think, I fancy going to Iceland, you will search the big names first. Easyjet have very good figures from Luton whereas WOW do not from Stansted. Nothing about LTN v STN. If EZY would have run it from STN (like Go did) it would be just as good.

Hollymead 6th Jun 2012 21:22

You have missed out Iceland Express from STN in your 'big names first' list . Starts in a couple of weeks .

pabely 7th Jun 2012 01:13

Iceland Express only bookable until August so is this a long term service or overflow from Gatwick?

sxflyer 7th Jun 2012 08:48

pabely, how do you know wow don't have good figures from STN? I'm not doubting you, would just be interested to hear what figures you have.

Iceland Express is just at STN for the Icelandic peak season. I am however extremely nervous about their long term prospects - the high number of promotions they've been running lately with immediate departure dates says to me they need cash now.

Knowing the market well as a regular traveller, right now I'd put money on Wow being here for the 'longer' term.

pabely 8th Jun 2012 01:32

sxflyer - only the word on the street but time will tell.

STN Ramp Rat 24th Jun 2012 17:28

MAG lining up a bid for Stansted
Cheung Kong Close To Deal With Manchester Airport Group- Report | Fox Business

Hong Kong's Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Ltd. (1038.HK), controlled by Asia's richest man, Li Ka-shing, is closing in on a deal to have a stake in a joint venture with Manchester Airports Group, the Sunday Times reported without citing sources.

If successful, this would be CKI's first foray into the airports sector. Its other transport investments include toll roads and bridges.

MAG owns U.K. airports in Manchester, East Midlands, Bournemouth and Humberside, and wants to raise up to GBP1 billion to fund a bid for Stansted airport, the report said.

It said MAG wants to set up a new joint venture with a new investor, though this is conditional on MAG making a successful bid for Stansted.

The Sunday Times said the joint-venture partner would get a 35% stake in the venture, comprising the assets of MAG and Stansted.

To sweeten the deal, the investor would also get 50% of the voting rights, the report said.

Australian infrastructure fund Industry Funds Management is also interested in the planned joint venture, the report said.

Spokespersons for MAG and CKI couldn't be immediately reached for comment.

Read more: Cheung Kong Close To Deal With Manchester Airport Group- Report | Fox Business

Mlinnie 3rd Jul 2012 15:42

Ryanair to start Stansted-Maastricht (Netherlands) this December

gazpodel 23rd Jul 2012 08:47

Olympic traffic
Just noticed two un-usual movements due to STN today, one for olympic air from athens, (OA2260) and Tirana (LBY555 - already landed @ 08:15).

I would imagine that these are not regular movements, but charter flight's, associated with the olympics games in London?

Falcon666 23rd Jul 2012 11:05

Tirana has been a regular for the summer- twice daily on a Sunday for a couple of weeks.

carousel 23rd Jul 2012 13:25

Olympic traffic
You would be right. The US of A arrive today as well

STN Ramp Rat 23rd Jul 2012 13:33

BAA back in court again re Stansted sale
The latest round of a battle over the sale of Stansted Airport took off at the Court of Appeal today.

Three judges in London are being asked to rule in a challenge brought by airport operator BAA.

In 2009 the Competition Commission (CC) ruled that BAA must sell Stansted in Essex and two of its other UK airports.

BAA has mounted a series of legal challenges against the decision, which have so far been unsuccessful.

The latest blow to Spanish-owned BAA came earlier this year when it lost an appeal before the Competition Appeal Tribunal.

Today’s action is before Lord Justice Mummery, Lord Justice Rimer and Lord Justice Sullivan.

Since the CC decision, BAA has sold Gatwick Airport in West Sussex and faced with having to dispose of either Edinburgh Airport or Glasgow Airport, it has opted to sell Edinburgh.

Falcon666 26th Jul 2012 12:40

Lost again!!
BBC News - BAA loses latest appeal against Stansted sale

So now what??

ericlday 26th Jul 2012 12:45

Falcon666 ''So now What ? ''........get it on the market and get it sold !!!!

Falcon666 26th Jul 2012 12:51

Agreed , but that just sounds way too easy!.
Are there any more options left for BAA to disrupt the inevitable?

thegoaf 26th Jul 2012 14:59

It is about time that BAA realised that it is an unwanted, unloved and irrelevant outfit. IMHO the word customer is never mentioned in any sort of mangement meeting there. Monopoly exploitation is probably the only agenda item. That is why the Competition Commission and endless court rulings have gone against them.
I spent years negotiating with their senior managers trying to get a better deal for my airlines. The only boss there who ever listened was Sir John Egan and he was sceptical.
I cannot even begin to imagine why Ferrovial thought that buying BAA was a startegic investment. That they will have to take a masive loss is inevitable. But at the end of it STN will be a far better place and I personally expect that when RYR makes peace with the new owners they will base at least 40 more aircraft there. It would thus be likely to be the largest base of any short haul aircraft fleet in Europe.

STN Ramp Rat 26th Jul 2012 16:28

Falcon666 ''So now What ? ''........get it on the market and get it sold !!!!
BAA have indicated they intend to appeal to the supreme court

commit aviation 26th Jul 2012 17:44

Supreme Court is I believe the final phase. After that there is nowhere left to go (apart from an episode of Homes under the Hammer perhaps!!)

London Stansted now serving over 150 destinations as Ryanair continues to grow network | anna.aero

Ask yourself: does STN really want or need another 40 Ryanair?? Whatever problems the place may have & whether you believe BAA are the cause or not, I can't see any new owner believing that more Ryanair is the solution!!

colegate 26th Jul 2012 18:09

STN is a seriously underused airport with a huge potential but only in the so-called LCC sector. It can compete but only where price is a a major factor. The reason for that is that it is far to far from the main origin and destination points. 85% of all foreign visitors into LON (all airports) go to an address within 2 miles of Victoria/Padington stations. By afr the most important origination area is Westminster, Kensington, Chelsesa and down to the south west of there. STN simply does not rate for the premium traffic. But there is huge scope to develop traffic to European regions in exactly the way that RYR have been so successful. But the costs and poor customer service at Stansted (particularly the rude and offensive security staff, have you ever heard them say please?) make this very difficult. RYR also accounts for more than 70% of a STN traffic. Other airlines are cutting back services, particularly EZY and AB. I would think that RYR could easily expand rapidly there as long as they have a good relationship with the airport. This is impossible with BAA.

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