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Falcon666 26th Jul 2012 18:41

STN has so much potential,in the right hands of course.
The question is where else can Ryanair expand in the London area except for STN.
Too late for LGW? SEN maybe?
Both LGW and LTN have master plans awaiting approval.Both major Easy bases.
Should we ask if either of those airports actually want a larger Ryan presence!
Then there is the problem of attracting other airlines to STN given a Ryanair dominance.
I always thought Wizz might get attracted from LTN to STN by a new owner with a deal but the longer it goes on I think the more unlikely as LTN will probably have expanded to cope.
So another appeal,another year of uncertainty and the thought of another 40 a/c in blue.
Good luck to any potential future owner of STN.

chipsbrand 26th Jul 2012 18:56

Perhaps RYR might be the future owner? What a thought. They can certainly afford it. It might be easier than anyone else having to negotiate with them. Very seriously I cannot see that anyone will be able to but STN with confidence unless they have a deal with RYR. It puts that airline in a very strong position. No wonder BAA dont want to sell. They will get virtually nothing if they sell it. They will be sued for monopoly practices if they dont. Their main customer hates them. How can Colin Matthews sleep at night? Do we care?

LGS6753 26th Jul 2012 18:58

Stansted was developed for political reasons when BAA was Government-owned. It is simply in the wrong place. Its UK connections are poor, other than to NE London (not a prime travel destination).
It can only ever be an 'overspill' airport when other London area airports fill up. That is the reason it is emptying fast at present - Gatwick has become more customer-friendly. Luton is nearer to key markets (Central London and M1 corridor). London City has its own niche and Southend is competing on price, but also has faster turn-rounds and shorter flight times to most destinations. All offer a better customer experience to both passenger and airline than STN.
Undoubtedly STN will win some traffic back when the economy improves, but even then it will need to work hard to attract airlines to a remote airport dominated by the lowest-cost and most aggressive competitor.
Perhaps FR will buy it - that's the only way the airport will stay on good terms with its dominant client!

davidjohnson6 26th Jul 2012 19:13

If FR buy Stansted, do you think any other airline would want to stay at STN if they could possibly find slots elsewhere ?

commit aviation 26th Jul 2012 19:14

I believe MAG have expressed an interest in buying STN. Keen to get a foothold in the London market place as I recall.

It might be worth noting that the other major disadvantage STN has against LTN & SEN is that it is regulated along with LHR & LGW. I hope we can accept that STN cannot seriously compete with LHR regardless of ownership - LHR being a hub airport. LGW is arguably a different catchment area from a European route perspective so many routes can happilly co-exist at both airports. Longer haul, well maybe a new owner might have some initiatives to attract more routes but I suspect it will take a financial upturn & some considerable time / effort before that comes to fruition.

mikkie4 26th Jul 2012 19:37


STN Ramp Rat 26th Jul 2012 20:29

Supreme Court is I believe the final phase.
European courts?

Ernest Lanc's 26th Jul 2012 22:20

Not quite(ish)

The Supreme Court and Europe - The Supreme Court

AircraftOperations 26th Jul 2012 23:45

I thought that SEN was too short for B738s to operate on, with decent loads to some places that help LoCos make money?

STN Ramp Rat 29th Jul 2012 20:50

A380 to STN
there are rumours of the first visit of an A380 to Stansted on Tuesday Lunchtime.

Assuming that they are true, where will it park and who will do the handling?

G-APDK 30th Jul 2012 11:31

The latest rumour is that is to be an A330 (China Southern).


daz211 30th Jul 2012 13:47

A380 - Stansted
I have heard its A Qantas A380 and its due on the 18th Aug.

bread&water 30th Jul 2012 15:09

China Southern A380
China Southern Airways A380 flying in and out of Stansted
Arrival - 31st July 1400hrs
Departure 06th August 2300hrs

Hounddog1 30th Jul 2012 15:17

A380 - STN
Thats a good question, who will handle it and have they got the suitable equipment to actually handle this aircraft ?

Has the handling companies got a pushback tug capable of moving this aircraft, cant see it sitting on a terminal stand for a week

STN Ramp Rat 30th Jul 2012 16:06

Its all irrelevant now because China Southern have apparently downgraded to an A330

daz211 30th Jul 2012 16:12

What about Qantas on the 18th Aug ?

rareair 30th Jul 2012 17:45

"Has the handling companies got a pushback tug capable of moving this aircraft, cant see it sitting on a terminal stand for a week"

STN isn't the sole domain of harp adorned 737/8s and orange A319s.

One of these fully laden won't be much lighter than an A380

Or there is always the Brazilian solution I saw at IGU - I'm sure there are some local farmers who would help out!


FEROMAN 30th Jul 2012 19:04

China Southern
will now be operating an A330 on satellite one stand a13 tomorrow handled by swissport.The A380 would have parked on that stand too. Still a possibility of the A380 coming on the 6th for the return flight if the chinese government let them operate it at stansted.

FEROMAN 30th Jul 2012 19:07

are operating 747-400s

Suzeman 30th Jul 2012 21:33

Aaaaaaaagh :ugh::ugh::ugh:

QANTAS = Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services

About Qantas - Our Company - History - Small Beginnings

Suzeman :8

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