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carousel 12th Aug 2012 19:18

The Greek, Lithuanian, Serbian and Australian teams have all chosen to fly out from Stansted. This means around 700 additional passengers. Culminating with the Australians team departing on a Quantas 747 at 22:40hrs approx monday.

daz211 12th Aug 2012 19:28

Do you know when Qantas 747 will arrive at STN ?

ericlday 13th Aug 2012 06:56

On approach now.

roverman 13th Aug 2012 11:35

Do you think the QF 747 might be able to route direct to SYD - there won't be many heavy medals aboard!

Skipness One Echo 13th Aug 2012 13:14

Do you think the QF 747 might be able to route direct to SYD
It would not have the range. The only one that ever flew LHR-SYD was towed to the runway and departed with only a handful of crew. That was a delivery to QANTAS back in the late 80s or early 90s.

TSR2 13th Aug 2012 14:22

It would not have the range.
Absolutely correct. I travelled on the delivery flight of the 2nd Qantas B744 from LHR to SYD in Oct 89 and that flight had a tech stop in Singapore despite there being not much more than two dozen people on board including crew.

wowzz 13th Aug 2012 20:50

I think you will find that Roverman was being ironic!

LTNman 20th Aug 2012 09:48

BAA have given up the flight to keep Stansted

BBC News - Stansted Airport to be sold by BAA

davidjohnson6 20th Aug 2012 09:51

Hooray !
Who's bidding and can find a spare £1bn ?

carbootking 20th Aug 2012 10:46

were all going to have to learn chinese

now heathrow will be worried

WHBM 20th Aug 2012 11:01

It's disappointing that the Competition Commission couldn't see that Stansted serves quite a different market to Heathrow, and in fact seems to have been in decline for some years now (the pax numbers certainly have), whereas Heathrow keeps squeezing upwards. Mainstream carriers, as opposed to low costs, have made many attempts to operate their services out of Stansted, and every single one has been a commercial disaster and ended up being binned. Even Easyjet are in retreat here.

I'm no supporter of BAA, but somw ill-informed government quango has caused yet more investment money from the aviation industry to be poured down the drain in now having to sell the place (you never get anything like the money in an enforced sale as you do when you sell at your own choosing). I really doubt they'll get much for it.

pabely 20th Aug 2012 11:04

Is Stansted worth that much, didn't Gatwick go for £1.5B?

sxflyer 20th Aug 2012 11:16

This is brilliant news. Hopefully will happen sooner rather than later before any more airlines are lost - not that there are many left now to lose. Will be an interesting few months.

So what are everyone's predictions? These are a few scenarios I could foresee -

Bought by Ryanair, used exclusively by Ryanair with a doubling of based aircraft and the long haul division finally launched?

Bought by someone else to operate the place as a diverse low-cost stronghold with a push to get back lost business from LTN/LGW/SEN ie Norwegian and attempt to get Wizz to move over so theres greater footfall but less reliance on FR?

Bought by someone with a lot of money and good industry connections, with a push for more full service carriers and a little bit of long haul. Possibly target LGW operators such as Aerosvit, Meridiana, Korean, Air China?

Bought by someone happy to leave pax ops as they are, but grow other areas of the business (freight, bizjets), again possibly to the detriment of LTN?

Heathrow Harry 20th Aug 2012 11:24

"you never get anything like the money in an enforced sale as you do when you sell at your own choosing"

yeah but it was a COMPETITION issue

and they've dragged the whole process out by nearly 4 years

I'm sure a new owner will be good for Stansted - BAA always thought it was the pimple on the a*** of LHR and do nothing to affect their returns there

sxflyer 20th Aug 2012 11:32

WHBM - Its wrong to say every single full-service has been a commercial disaster.

There are success stories that have operated only until LHR/LCY slots have become available - such as Aegean, Luxair - or that operated for many years until wider financial issues within the company took hold - such as CSA (who are gone from LHR now also), Cyprus Airways.

American Airlines achieved excellent loads (apprecianting yields are the important bit) but would never have lasted as they were there only until Maxjet/Eos were killed off, and El Al would probably still be at STN now were it not for the better offer that enticed them to LTN at the 11th hour.

I'm not saying there have been no disasters, but some airlines have made a success of the place. Full-service carriers coming and going is not a phenomenon unique to STN.

zfw 20th Aug 2012 14:03

Think you will be joining the ranks of Manchester Airport Group MAG very soon.
MAG has been raising a fighting fund from investors willing to buy upto 49% of MAG so that they can buy Stansted. After the disappointment of not getting LGW a few years ago{rumour was they couldnt raise the capital}they have come prepared for this.


Skipness One Echo 20th Aug 2012 14:47

BAA had great hopes for STN and taxes the a*** off LHR airlines to rebuild Stansted. Result? A white elephant giving Air UK a hub to compete with BA on facilities but not routes. The reason STN became a loco backwater was because everything else was tried and failed. Long haul? Gone. Legacy European network carriers? Gone.
The fan boys are mistaking market behaviour as sins of the owner. BAAA were massively pro Stansted for years and when things did not work out, had little option but to lube up for the full Ryanair.

No new operator is going to change that. Comparing with LGW, please remember BAA held LGW back at the expense of LHR, they PROMOTED STN on the back of LHR fees. Only one of the three London airports was unloved.

LGS6753 20th Aug 2012 14:55

In my view, it's the Luton operator/owners that should be worried. A more competitive STN seeking to make a decent return could cannibalise Luton's charter, lo-co and executive business on price, even though STN is far less well connected and geographically placed than LTN.

STN Ramp Rat 20th Aug 2012 17:56

MAG leads early Stansted airport bid battle | Reuters

In my opinion what happened at Gatwick is pretty much a blueprint for what the successful bidder for stansted will be looking to do. They will want some early wins and Luton customers will be an early target and I would expect Wizz to be the biggest target of them all. Ryanair and Easyjet will be playing the new owners looking for the best deal although neither Stansted nor Luton has the crucial first wave departure slots to incentivise new nightstopping carriers.

I have long believed that Stansted has a market for a “full service” carrier to operate to the main European cities with smaller aircraft such as the EM170 / DHC8. Manchester Airport has a good deal with Flybe feeding to the long haul maybe if they win they can build on that.

Then finally they need the long haul carriers and that is a harder ask, but Gatwick has managed to be successful in this regard against the odds so maybe Stansted can as well. Then the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle is Cargo and Stansted is well placed to do well in that area.

colegate 20th Aug 2012 18:19

RYR is so crucial to the whole future of STN that it is difficult to imagine how anyone can put together a credible bid without first having reached an accomodation with RYR over pricing and volumes. Without that a five year business plan which will be essential for any money raising exercise will, be completely meaningless.

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