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daz211 28th May 2008 21:04

Well said !

Some people on here seem to think that everone in the UK live
and work in London, I hate LHR and LGW.

There are may people living in Hertfordshire, Essex, Suffolk and norfolk
who would rather fly from STN than LHR or LGW.

Its about time BA or VS the so called flag carriers start
giving people what they want, (local airport departures).

pamann 28th May 2008 21:32

It's just the same thing on here everytime (as I've noticed over the years)....

Airline goes bust/cuts routes @ Luton = Oh How sad, my sympathy to all who've lost jobs, It should have worked, Luton is the center of the Universe!

Airline goes bust/cuts routes @ Stansted = SHAME!

Lot's of people who work in the city and Canary Wharf live in Essex, infact most of the work force at Canary Wharf commute from Essex so business traffic ex STN should be good. Not forgetting Cambridge and the rest of East Anglia, East, North East and North London. I do agree however that AA probably did go in to put EOS/Max out of business, but with EOS/Max gone then AA should at least be able to sustain a daily JFK (rather than the 2 proposed).

You watch now and no disrespect to anyone who works at SilverJet or due to travel, BUT if they go under this week that thread together with the Luton thread will read like a book of condolences. However AA pull out of STN and the same people will no doubt come and trample all over the Stansted thread with the same old comments (it was doomed to begin with.... and all the same old drivle).

Get over it and get on with it, if you don't like Stansted, don't fly from there however understand there is a huge amount of people who want to and do which makes it the UK's 3rd busiest airport, low fares or not. My fare to NY was more like 550 each return not a 1p plus tax, Zoom from LGW was 355 or similar so we can't just argue that it's ONLY low fares that attract people to use Stansted.

Right go on someone with an LU.. post code stick your two pennies worth in.:ugh:

nt639 29th May 2008 07:48

Agree with all the latest comments I live in Norfolk & would always choose Stansted over any other London airport. We are going to Orlando in December & are having to travel to Gatwick & because of the distance/early check in we are having to travel down the night before.

Also funny how people who normally post good news on the Luton thread always seem to post the news of traffic reductions at Stansted:rolleyes:.

Mr Flaps 29th May 2008 17:01

Sticking up for STN
Having worked at STN, now LHR. I can say STN looks like an airport unlike the tin can that is Luton. Luton is the one that sits up a dirt track. AKA the M1 and calling it London Luton what is all that about.
Gutted AA have given up. Day 1 of the route in Sat 2 was an interesting day.
But I am sure another US airline will be back to carry on. Maybe the new Delta/Northwest airline may give STN another go.
Just think when shit happens at any other airport, STN has to pick up what is left and deal with all the diverts.

Skipness One Echo 29th May 2008 17:47

Stansted will suffer as all the majors are able to carry more yield from Heathrow and now they all have access. Even Gatwick is losing US carries left right and centre with NWA, US and DL contracting and AA leaving. I use STN a lot flying Ryanair to PIK but in all honesty, it always strikes me as pretty downmarket and cheap. PLEASE DON'T FLAME ME but with so many passengers being Eastern Europe migrant workers it just has that vibe......( God that doesn't read well but it's true alas )

LGS6753 29th May 2008 19:11

/Tin hat on. Head above parapet/

I'm one of those who supports Luton and denigrates Stansted. The reason? Stansted only exists because of monopolistic practices by the BAA. It is those practices that have damaged Luton over the years and prevented it from growing, as it certainly would have done if the industry had been left to market forces.

I certainly don't wish anyone out of their job (I've just suffered several months' unemployment myself), but Stansted has won much of its business unfairly, to the detriment of my local airport. I reckon I've got every right to feel aggrieved at that situation.

/Tin hat off. Duck to avoid incoming/

sunday8pm 31st May 2008 17:32

Its not looking good for Stansted is it. It won't be the UK's #3 for much longer I suspect.

stanstedsteve 31st May 2008 17:54

Its not all doom and gloom !!!
Its not all doom and gloom here at Stansted, still looks very busy to me !!
Plenty of air traffic coming and going (passenger and cargo and private jets on northside)
All the airbridges are also being replaced, infact quite a lot of building and revamping going on.

daz211 31st May 2008 18:26

Second that !
I spoke to someone high up in BAA this morning about the state
of aviation and how it was affecting STN, He told me that
BAA STN are in talks with five Airlines, three are almost certain
to launch routes this winter, the other two are in the early stages
of talks he would not name any athough one was hinted as being from
Asia guessing it to be AirAsiaX.

The loss of Maxjet, eos and AA wont make that big of an impact on STN position as number three.

And dont forget afew new airlines have started new routes his month alone.

BIZZYBOY 31st May 2008 19:41

Hey to all you Doom and Gloomers........get positive will ya and take a look over the Northside and just count all the Bizjets.......oh and bring a friend coz you will need use his fingers and toes as well.

All three FBO's have their ramps and hangars full, does'nt that show that people do like using Stansted.


FEROMAN 1st Jun 2008 17:23

The Northside Business Aviation activity is totally irrelevant as far as airport growth is concerned. That's not where BAA make any significant income and will come and go in a flash. And if any part of it is required for Southside growth (e.g.Long Term Car Park) then there will be little reason not to reduce the operation regardless of how well it is doing.

BIZZYBOY 1st Jun 2008 18:30

How can it be irrelevant.....all those aircraft are parked on BAA concrete and paying top price parking rates.
These aircraft mainly come in and sit up for days or weeks sometimes months and they are mainly big jets, and this is all revenue for the BAA no outlay just pure revenue, they would earn a lot more having a B747 sitting on the tarmac there than a load of cars.
My point earlier was purely to tell you that people do want to use Stansted it wasn't about airport growth.

Musket90 1st Jun 2008 18:34

I agree Feroman - BAA do not see Northside as an area to develop for Business Aviation. It is an adhoc operation and therefore there is no future strategy in place for it. The Stansted future masterplans indicate some of the existing Northside to be used for car park extensions. All future developments for expansion are planned for southside, subject of course to planning approvals.

daz211 1st Jun 2008 19:19

I agree with BIZZYBOY !

Money for no work and as for the Northside as a whole, its huge,
lots of space for new car parks and for biz-jet parking.

Lets get one thing straight, STN is growing and a slump in the
industry will not stop the growth or development going ahead.

FEROMAN 1st Jun 2008 20:27

whilst I don't disagree that some BAA income is gained from parking charges Northside, it is very much more from fare paying passengers and the additional money they spend in the main Terminal so that's where the focus is. And anyway, no parking revenue is gained from those aircraft that park on Harrod's or Inflite's ramp areas - and that tends to be most of them.

BTW - anyone noticed the new terminal extension is partly open now landside - no arriving passengers coming through that area yet until the end of June, but you can use the new loos and see how much bigger it will be. And I believe Immigration are putting in some new automated desks that will mean you can go through without queueing with everyone else. Maybe.

OLNEY 1 BRAVO 2nd Jun 2008 11:33

Most of the biz currently at Stansted are only there because they can't get into Luton. A number have been arriving at Luton to drop off the passengers and position to Stansted to park up.

nt639 2nd Jun 2008 17:38

Not a very good advert for Luton then is it!

BIZZYBOY 2nd Jun 2008 19:25

it is very much more from fare paying passengers and the additional money they spend in the main Terminal so that's where the focus is.
completely agree but if the BAA are looking at business aviation as a whole who knows we may see some change in the development

Most of the biz currently at Stansted are only there because they can't get into Luton.
I would not say most but yes some of the aircraft do come from Luton.
But what future development is there at Luton.........not much if any left, and with more and more business coming in its all positive for STN and not forgetting that STN handle a large amount of the worlds wide-bodied bizjets where all the other airports are restricted on what size can land.

WHBM 3rd Jun 2008 09:51

Originally Posted by FEROMAN (Post 4152428)
whilst I don't disagree that some BAA income is gained from parking charges Northside, it is very much more from fare paying passengers and the additional money they spend in the main Terminal so that's where the focus is.

So what is the airport's prime purpose then ? A naional transport resource or a revenue stream for BAA plc ?

It's a worthwhile point to consider because for many issues, such as noise for surrounding communities, or the ability to get Compulsory Purchase Orders for the new runway rather than having to negotiate with all the landowners, because that's cheaper, the attitude is that a national facility is being developed for the benefit of all, which would be fair enough if it was actually run as such. I don't care for this "now we're a national resource, now we are maximising our revenue" vacillation depending on the point at hand.

sunday8pm 5th Jun 2008 13:50

Its about time Stansted had a Madrid route. Ryanair just announced STN to MAD. That will be a winner and a permanent fixture from now on I'd expect. Still neesd the Canaries and a Paris route.

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