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jack_essex 3rd May 2007 19:53

I had heard rumours of Boston to start in the fall.

DONTTELLTHEPAX 3rd May 2007 20:13

jack essex
Good news, look at you getting all American " In the fall ";)

DONTTELLTHEPAX 3rd May 2007 21:37

Stansted - San-Joes ???
Low-fare all business-class airline MAXJET could be on the verge of flying direct from Stansted Airport to San Jose, California, according to press reports in the US.

The airline is reported to be in negotiations with authorities at Mineta San Jose International Airport, and is likely to make a decision on the prospective new route in the next few days. Rich Dressler, spokesman for the airport, hopes MAXjet will operate three to four flights per week on the route.
The Mercury News reports that negotiators from the Californian airport have offered the low-cost airline a 'package of incentives' to launch the new link, which would be the first new route at San Jose since 2001.

tommyc2005 4th May 2007 09:15

Looking at the schedules, there doesn't appear to be the opportunity to launch San Jose at this time.

However, there is a big Orlando-sized hole on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday which is another rumoured new destination. There is also a huge gap on Tuesday and Wednesday that fits perfectly with the Washington schedule (on the days it doesn't currently operate), perhaps this is to go daily if they are to have a serious go at it?

Maybe San Jose will follow soon when the other new a/c comes online. The gaps I mentioned could alternatively be used to help launch Boston.

cjhants 4th May 2007 09:47

according to the email maxjet sent me yesterday, LAX is starting 30th August.

jack_essex 4th May 2007 17:11

Dont tell the pax (Good news, look at you getting all American " In the fall ")

I know! LOL. I used to live in the US so come out with different words.

I would personally like to see Orlando added. With the amount of premium seats currently flown by VS and BA I am sure MY could get their share.

DONTTELLTHEPAX 4th May 2007 17:21

I agree but why has no charter ever offered Orlando from STN.
This could be a good year for STN, shame FCA/TOM didnt
through any longhaul in for winter 2007.
I wonder what Eos will announce and when.

"You have a nice day now"

sat1 6th May 2007 14:02

4 times a week

tommyc2005 7th May 2007 14:46

Leisure did indeed operate for 2 or 3 seasons, fortnightly. Britannia also flew to Orlando for a time, around '97 or '98, as well as Puerto Plata in the Diminican Republic.

The market has changed somewhat since then though and flights to a few destinations such as Orlando, Montego Bay and Cancun would probably work now - the problem is that STN has never really been a significant player for the major charter companies, TOM are packing their bags and MYT have already left.

DONTTELLTHEPAX 7th May 2007 16:25

TOM & MYT had Departures today from STN :confused:

airhumberside 7th May 2007 16:39

MYT closed their STN Base - just operate w patterns
TOM closing their base at the end of the next winter season
Although with the tour operator mergers, each of the big two will have a base at STN

Mr Flaps 8th May 2007 20:10

TOM are being replaced by XL, they are looking for STN cabin crew at the mo. XL are having two 737's at STN to take over from some of TOM's routes.
The servisair grape vine is also muttering about FCA going long haul but nothing has been said yet. This could be down to the merger of FCA and TUI. I will find out more on that one when I go in tomorrow.
And news on PIA they will not be back till September is the latest we have been told.
And the TK going late due to problems with a new check-in system.

MUFC_fan 8th May 2007 20:13

Maybe somebody on this thread will know some more information. The cancellation of the BLK-STN service from 4th June?

Heard it was to cover the new Brussels link? Is this correct?


Charlie Roy 8th May 2007 22:49

Heard it was to cover the new Brussels link? Is this correct?
No, a Ryanair aircraft based at STN that currently flies to Weeze will now instead be used to fly to Brussels Charleroi, and a Weeze aircraft will take over the STN - NRN route.

tick2000 9th May 2007 13:29

Turkish Airlines
Have just heard that Turkish Airlines are moving to Aviance sometime in late June.
This is extremely annoying as we (Servisair) spent weeks rushing our staff to be trained on Turkish Airlines' own system; which resulted in the inevitable issues at check-in. At least we will no longer have to deal with their constanly delayed aircraft, including there inadequate ground time for the A321.

Mr Flaps 9th May 2007 13:36

TK Move
I did wonder when this day would come. Ever since TK's own system came in. Things have been pain full at check-in. Plus the airlines delayed aircraft inbound have not helped matters.
That airline needs to stream line it operation at STN and cut down on the red tape at check-in. IE check-in agents checking credit card details and other small items that slow check-in down. I make comment about the reps.

dwlpl 9th May 2007 13:44

No, a Ryanair aircraft based at STN that currently flies to Weeze will now instead be used to fly to Brussels Charleroi, and a Weeze aircraft will take over the STN - NRN route.
If thats the case then it looks as if there is a spare 737.

What about Stansted/Liverpool service using it.

Mr Flaps 10th May 2007 10:47

Reason for TK move
Aviance where 20% cheaper than S/air. S/air may have lost TK but we gain Wizz Air and XL.

mattcam 14th May 2007 17:57

new airlines
does any one know of any new airlines in talks with stansted, just that i get really bored with seeing just ryanair after ryanair and easy jet after easy jet, i prefered the airport in the 1980,s less movements but certanatly better for seeing more of a choice of airlines and aircraft, sundays were the best when you would get all the flights from scandanavia, along with dan_air . air uk and lesure, i just feel before long ryanair and and easy jet will do all the flights from there along with max-jet doing all the long hall, want my opinion the whole airport has gone up the duff

mattcam 14th May 2007 18:01

and the amount of passengers it receves a year, most airports of that size has much more of a choice of aircraft to see and airlines,

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