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TUGNBAR 15th Feb 2007 16:07

Looks like its Sat1 whos going to be a busy boy then.:} :}

AGS were apparently finishing today has anyone seen Aviance carrying out passenger handling yet!!

freightdoggy dog 15th Feb 2007 18:24

AGS boys are still around, pushed my aircraft this morning:ok: .

Aparently Aviance are keeping the "Brand" for the moment, so pax dont get confused!

As for Air Berlin.................

TUGNBAR 15th Feb 2007 19:09

I remember back to when Aviance bought out MAS and there was major disputes arising with the unions with regard to the difference in pay (MAS was a lot higher) and from what I understand AGS is higher still.

sat1 16th Feb 2007 11:48

there does appear to be some bad feeling

itsonthebox 16th Feb 2007 15:44

Nah surprise mush.
AGS are T.U.P.E.d . So they ar earning more wonga than an Aviance guy for doin same job

GBALU53 21st Feb 2007 07:48

Jersey Route
Rumour has it Aurigny are looking at starting the Jersey route again.

it would seem a bit odd but with new ATR 72s joining the fleet they are looking at expanding and finding new routes or restarting ones they dropped before?

When Atlantic Express operated last year the load factors were heading to wards the 50% mark and looking bright for the forth comming summer.

Well if this does happen lots of competition on the London area routes as Thompson starts doing a daily Luton from Jersey shortly so would a Jersey-Stansted work or not?

gatebird 22nd Feb 2007 19:33

Servisair STN getting easyjet!!
I've just heard that servisair at STN are getting Easyjet as from the start of the summer season, apparently it's to do with swissport having alot of airside accidents,and also they handle it at every other airport.

finding_nema 22nd Feb 2007 19:41

EasyJet are not handled by Servisair everywhere in the UK. As far as I'm aware, it is only at Bristol, Liverpool, London Gatwick and East Midlands in the UK where they're still handled by Servisair, everywhere else it's either aviance or Menzies.

Take up the Hold 22nd Feb 2007 19:50

Serviceair handle EZY at GLA.


crewboi83 22nd Feb 2007 21:12

Circusair handle EZY at NCL

GBALU53 22nd Feb 2007 22:54

Not Yet
Circusair dont handle Easyjet yet at JER

xxx5572 22nd Feb 2007 23:34

Please please please, there has been so many rumours with handling agents all changing at Stansted and its all getting a bit carried away. Firstly Easyjet have signed a four year contract with swissport and so by my calculations there is still around two years left on this contract.
And secondly, 'airside accidents' like what?? ok maybe a set of steps or something but I think your a bit rash by implying there are loads :uhoh:

So really unless there has been a breach of contract in a major way then i doubt very much that easyjet will be handled by servisair for at least another two years. Maybe gatebird would be kind and try to expand a bit further in terms of who told you? are they in a position likely to have this info? how will the transition happen if at all? Great rumour though il give you full marks for that :p

tangoecho 23rd Feb 2007 09:34

Serviceair handle EZY at ABZ.

But for much longer I don't know...:rolleyes:


Mr Flaps 23rd Feb 2007 12:34

Air Berlin and Servisair
Confirmed by a Servisair manager this week, Air Berlin are not moving across to Aviance. As for AGS well they are still going. The rumour about easyJet being handled by Servisair I will believe it the day I walk into the airport and be given an orange uniform and told to go and check an easyJet flight in.

gatebird 23rd Feb 2007 14:22

in reply to you post xxx5572, Contracts dont really mean much these days, they could break that anytime they wished.

I would say, writing off a servisair tug, then hitting 2 jetbridges with the same set of steps, trying to write off A10 jetbridge twice in the same week counts as quite a few to me! I could go on but that would be boring........ :ugh:

I heard the rumor from a member of airport staff who should know a thing or two about who's going to be handling who. :8

Hollymead 23rd Feb 2007 14:28

Erm ... none of them accidents involve EasyJet aircraft .

TUGNBAR 23rd Feb 2007 14:49

Was just discussing this forum with a friend and he passed me this incident info from last year.

Some are quite serious and some quite comical
  1. Vehicle overtook buggy which was turning right
  2. Barrier came down on 2nd/3rd towed dollies
  3. Pax Assistant knocked over by towed dollies
  4. Loader got foot stuck betw brake/accel. struck bollard
  5. Airbridge found resting on eng cowling
  6. Set of steps hit another set and toppled over
  7. Coach reversing struck parked belt loader
  8. Towed steps struck pax barrier
  9. Veh leaving airlock was struck by closing barrier
  10. Ramp Loader struck head on eng exhaust
  11. Cobus struck armco barrier
  12. Loader's foot caught under belt loader
  13. AC Engineer fell off steps whilst servicing aircraft
  14. Hi Lo struck armco barrier
  15. Steps toppled over whilst being towed
  16. Engineer stepped off steps onto wood with nail protruding
  17. Tug in collision with parked vehicle
  18. Ranger chased piece of FOD and slipped in grass:E
  19. Loader was in hurry and ran into baggage carts:eek: :eek:
  20. Loader cut finger on bag, taken to hospital
  21. AB struck steps
  22. Steps struck Linkbridge
  23. Steps struck Linkbridge
  24. Whilst reversing beltloader, it struck aircraft
  25. Airbridge collapsed
  26. Aircraft pulled onto stand and struck baggage carts
  27. Whilst pushing beltloader, Loader slipped and hurt knee
  28. Baggage Dolly struck Fuelling Vehicle's door
  29. Loader's hand caught in belt loader
  30. Rear steps lowered and caused damage to door
  31. Unlowered steps stuck Linkbridge
  32. Rear steps removed from a/c, driver misjudged & hit wing
  33. Grasscutter struck second of three parked trailers
  34. Buggy struck armco
  35. Fueller drove off with hose still attached to aircraft:ooh: :ooh:
  36. Buggy struck main structural post of terminal
  37. Whilst positioning steps at rear, contact with chute assem.
  38. Buggy struck stationary beltloader
  39. Whilst using mobile staff member fell down step
  40. Parked minibus rolled back into barrier
  41. Aircraft settled on Cargo Dolly
  42. Ambilift stuck armco
  43. AC deployed chutes on landing, smoke in cockpit
  44. Ambilift stuck armco

freightdoggy dog 23rd Feb 2007 15:57

Sounds more like a normal week at Stansted !

Liked the one about the loader in a hurry though!

xxx5572 23rd Feb 2007 19:04

Im sorry Gate bird but i really dont agree there with your comment about contracts. A contract no matter how big or small is legally binding and cannot just be terminated like that. Im sure you would have something to say if it involved your job. I dont claim to be an expert but believe that for Ezy to termintate a contract with swissport it would be similar to a disciplinary procedure. If and an incident occured directly involved with ezy and one of their aircraft then a warning could be issued, if problems or incidents carried on and Ezy were again affected then they would issue a notice to swissport giving them a certain number of days to rectify the situation and only after then could they consider terminating the contract. Your views again seem very rash and have little substance to argue your point. And with the very good list of incidents none of them seem to involve any ezy aircraft directly so on what basis do ezy want to terminate the contract. And im sure many people at the airport know i thing or two about who handles who but i doubt they know what is going on with all handling agents and airlines. But then again you could prove me wrong by expanding in more detail about your rumour to see if it is more than just that.

If anyone knows a bit more on contracts then feel free to expand on my version :D

sat1 24th Feb 2007 13:34

excuse me people,but if a company wishes to terminate a contract they would simply give notice ie 90 days to the 2nd party citing valid reasons and THAT WOULD BE IT!!!Seems to me that easyjet have ample reasons to do just THAT.Anyone who thinks different is naive in the extreme.

How servisair will cope with them remains to be seen.

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