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daz211 31st Mar 2009 04:45

United Airlines
Flt UA9888 due to land at STN 0930 ex ADW ??? G20 ???

LHR27C 31st Mar 2009 09:21

Flt UA9888 due to land at STN 0930 ex ADW ??? G20 ???
White House press charter.

Matty J 31st Mar 2009 18:55

Air Force 1 has just arrived on rwy23 @ STN for anyone thats interested.


daz211 31st Mar 2009 19:04

Nice advert for RYANAIR on Sky news AirForce One parked
right across from the new Ryanair hanger :ok:.

LTNman 31st Mar 2009 19:22

So why was no one wearing high viz jackets?

Skipness One Echo 31st Mar 2009 19:43

Because they make you look ridiculous?

CHINOOKER 31st Mar 2009 20:33

Did anyone see the guy positioning the nosewheel chocks? Nice suit/long coat and polished shoes....Hope he hasn't set a trend!

GRIZZLER 1st Apr 2009 12:58

LTNman ....No high vis jackets
Here at STN they are doing away with hi vis jackets...... due to the country location and the green landscape we are going over to camouflage gear, so as to blend in with the surrounding area....and not upset local anti airport protesters.....even some of the buggys and tugs have camouflage paint... but due to the location we have not found them yet.....most of our equipment is still in the winter alpine colours.

hope this helps.

daz211 1st Apr 2009 17:49

AirAsia X
I have been told AirAsia X has finalised a lease agreement for its second A340-300 from Air Canada.

Anyone know when its due in service.

sat1 1st Apr 2009 18:00

re-alpine colours
can we assume that the blue buggies are from your maritime division?;)

spirit of the age 7th Apr 2009 18:20

Is there any truth/fact behind the growing RUMOURS that both Germanwings and AsiaX are less than happy with their handling agent?

FEROMAN 7th Apr 2009 19:31

name me an airline that ever is.............grass is always greener and all that.....

FEROMAN 7th Apr 2009 19:48

Good News for Stansted at last - new LCC Air Arabia
Looks to be starting 1st May from their new hub in Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport in Morocco (CMN) under the new name Air Arabia Moroc probably using A320s 4 days a week 0730 departure

Alan Tracey 8th Apr 2009 14:44

Is there any truth/fact behind the growing RUMOURS that both Germanwings and AsiaX are less than happy with their handling agent?


sam dilly 8th Apr 2009 15:40

I also would say that I thought they were both very HAPPY !

Stanstedeye 9th Apr 2009 05:05

When did Ryanair stop flying this route?
Last noted last month with a one-way price of 56.00

carpe jugulum 9th Apr 2009 21:32

tales from the smoking hut
servisair, 5 ramp positions to go by end of may, more to follow october?:{ germanwings issue 3 improvement notices, dont sound very "quote me happy":ouch: swissport to purchase caravan as mobile locker room until they find a restroom they like;) light anyone:ok:

kingston_toon 10th Apr 2009 14:08

Agadir finished at the end of March, sadly. I used it from Agadir in January and it was very well loaded, although I wonder how many of the others on board paid (like me) under a tenner?

GRIZZLER 12th Apr 2009 06:25

Tales From The Smoking Hut
Not sure why some of the companys dont just work from the smoking hut....it would save a bit of money not having to rent an office...and maybe 5 blokes jobs could have been saved.

Still look on the bright side.......you will soon stand more chance of finding a manager than a loader.:oh:

spirit of the age 12th Apr 2009 09:30

So lets get this right, servisair is making 5 redundant? Then they interview for summer staff........and nobody can see the writing on the wall?This looks very much like 'lets get through the summer and then switch the lights out' http://static.pprune.org/images/smilies/boohoo.gif germanwings issue 3 improvement notices--this is not the first time this has been suggested.However according to Aviance everything is rosey!!!!

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