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G-APDK 3rd Apr 2015 11:56

From a reliable source in the "cargo area" it has been posted on a local e-group that China Southern will be starting a 3x week cargo service from mid June with B777fs from CAN (Guangzhou). Even more variety in the cargo area.


FRatSTN 7th Apr 2015 16:33

Thomas Cook Summer 2016 Long-haul
Good to see TCX are expanding their long-haul programme from STN in 2016.

16th July - 20th August 2016: 1x weekly; Sat

Las Vegas:
21st July - 25th August 2016: 1x weekly; Thu

17th July - 29th August 2016: 4x weekly; Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun
20th & 22nd May 2016
21st & 23rd October 2016

This year I believe they have 15 long-haul flights in total, so quite a nice increase. Well done to STN/MAG and thank you TCX.

TOWTEAMBASE 11th Apr 2015 20:01


Another 777F is hardly variety, QR already drop them in. Now QR adding and A330F would be a nice change :)

G-ANPK 12th Apr 2015 06:28

Ask and you will get-:
Qatar are starting two perishables flights per week from ACC from Sunday May 3rd.
Details at the moment are as follows.
QR8411. 1625.ACC-STN.
QR8412. 1800. STN-OSL.
QR8411. 1715.ACC-STN.
QR8412. 1840. STN-OSL.
At the moment the allocations are as follows but this far in advance things can easily change.
03/05 AFF. 05/05 AFY. 10/05 AFY.
12/05 AFH. 17/05 AFG.

Can`t see what`s wrong with the Chinese 777`s, some people are never satisfied !!! when we do get new routes opening up into EGSS


GrahamK 15th Apr 2015 10:56

Thomson launching STN-CUN and STN-SFB for S16 on the Dreamliner

pamann 15th Apr 2015 21:29

Any idea of frequency of these two new routes?

Shame it took TCX to lead and test the water for TOM to follow in their success. TCX are going 4x weekly on the SFB route in peak season. To think that only last year this was a completely untapped market.

canberra97 16th Apr 2015 01:58

China Southern

I think he meant variety as in cargo airlines serving the airport NOT aircraft types, having China Southern amongst the line up of cargo airlines serving STN adds to the variety unless you prefer the 737s of Ryanair.

Having new airlines at STN cargo or passenger regardless of aircraft type is called variety!

I think you know exactly what he meant.

Captinbirdseye 20th Apr 2015 19:34

Tom Long haul
More News in the local press that Tom to start long haul from 2016


adfly 23rd Apr 2015 13:03

Thomson Long Haul S16
Below are the details for each route:

Cancun 1x weekly (Tues) operates from 3rd May-21st June, then from 26th July-22th October.

Orlando Sanford 1x weekly (Weds) operates from 4th May-22nd June, then from 27th July-26th October.

Good to see Stansted gaining some long haul routes from TOM and TCX.

crewmeal 23rd Apr 2015 13:25

According to Airline Route TCX long haul flights will operate using a 757. Guess they'll have a tech stop in Canada first.

pamann 23rd Apr 2015 13:29

TOM Long-haul
Well done MAG and TOM :ok:

These destinations are long overdue and will be a welcome addition to the departure boards at STN.

Just a shame it's been a hotter topic of conversation over on the Luton thread, but then that doesn't surprise me in the slightest. :E

pamann 23rd Apr 2015 13:31

Airline route is incorrect, as per discussion on the Belfast thread RE: BFS-LAX same issue.

All MCO/LAX/CUN flights ex STN with TCX are to operate with A330.

FRatSTN 28th Apr 2015 22:21

Thomas Cook 2016
Thomas Cook Airlines website appears to be highlighting flight dates for all routes in Summer 2016 although no times showing and nothing yet bookable (other than long-haul). If accurate, there seems to be even more from them at STN in 2016...

Looks like new routes are to Bourgas and Gran Canaria but for July and August only as well as Sharm El Sheikh which looks to be operating the whole season.

Also extra flights in July and August to Antalya, Corfu, Enfidha, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and Tenerife.

If this is the case there's going to be quite a lot of TCX at STN in July and August 2016 what with the increased long-haul programme also.

Seems only Izmir has been dropped.

Steviec9 29th Apr 2015 06:42

ROI arrivals at STN
Can anyone tell me if all Irish arrivals are still bussed from plane to terminal to avoid UK Border Control and mixing with other non CTA arriving passengers? I use priority boarding on FR rather more for the quick exit it allows. The bus transfer negates this.

FRatSTN 29th Apr 2015 11:03

Thomas Cook Summer 2016
Flights are now on sale and are indeed those short-haul increases for STN as posted above.

This means through July and August in 2016 STN will have:
2x TOM 737's
1x TOM 787 (Tues and Weds only)
3x TCX A321's
1x TCX A330

Combined they will operate up to 81 departures per week.

I think if anybody told me only a year or two ago that TOM and TCX 2016 schedules were to look like this I'd never of believed them.

Well done again and thank you TCX, TOM and MAG.

LTNman 29th Apr 2015 13:33

A good result for the airport.

dc9-32 29th Apr 2015 14:39

would I be right to assume the Thursday TCX to ACE in September is an A321 ?

FRatSTN 29th Apr 2015 14:47

would I be right to assume the Thursday TCX to ACE in September is an A321 ?
You would yes, it is an A321.

Cabincrewifly 29th Apr 2015 18:30

Yes it's still a bus.

Steviec9 30th Apr 2015 09:51

Cabincrew - thank you

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