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TUGNBAR 8th Nov 2008 12:59

I find it hard to believe that any ground personell be it aircrew,handlers or an engineer would put such a thing in the gearbay or tiny knook and cranny of an aircraft for obvious reasons, but obviously it has happened and a very fortunate outcome, I dread to even think the carnage it could have caused, but without knowing the full truth I will refrain from making further comments .

Do we know what cargo airlines were operating that night.....Obvious ones UPS , FedEx , Titan , TNT................

Musket90 8th Nov 2008 13:33

May have fallen out of a vehicle involved with the present runway night works and on the closed section of runway

daz211 8th Nov 2008 18:22

I can tell you now that the TNT A300 has no knooks and crannys
where you could stow a step ladder.

I would guess it had something to do with the runway works.
or maybe fell from a fire truck or airport vehicle.

Doubt we will ever find out.

mickey71 9th Nov 2008 22:43

ref the thomas cook aircraft in stn this week, it was a one off two aircraft being there, they were just completing the end of the summer programme due to the late half term holidays and starting the winter programme,its all back to normal now with a based A321.

firstchoice7e7 9th Nov 2008 23:54

Some aircraft have a small ladder stored on board leading from near the nose wheel going up to the avionics bay. Cant remember the type but thats a likely bet on how a ladder was found on the runway.

freightdoggy dog 10th Nov 2008 17:38

FC7e7..that will be the A300F..used to go up and down the nose wheel ladder a lot when handlers couldn't be @rsed to bring a set of steps out to the northside...However it is impossible for it to fall out of the avionics bay. More likely to be a contractor from the overnight runway works.

FEROMAN 10th Nov 2008 22:07

Stepladder - it was a standard V shaped builders one and definitely not from the runway works. No one's owning up yet, but most almost certainly left on an aircraft wing or similar - no vehicles other than the inspection vehicle were on the runway between inspections.

Air Berlin - no way they're going to Aviance given that they've just had to move satellites because they couldn't get out of the Servisair contract

Air Sylhet - they'll be starting their new service in December with (I think) Servisair handling

Skipness One Echo 10th Nov 2008 22:42

Being serious for a moment, finding a small metal part could have saved the Air France Concorde, so one wonders what Engine + Step Ladder could do.

Someone NEEDS to be identified and prosecuted for this. If you are going to humiliate the travelling public at security as they MAY be a risk to the aircraft and then go and discover a bloody great lump of metal your own runway then it's important that someone be held accountable.

I can't believe this hasn't had more exposure.

Buster the Bear 19th Nov 2008 15:25

Manchester Airport loses Stansted service - Crain's Manchester Business

daz211 19th Nov 2008 18:38

Maybe Ryanair will launch STN-MAN, I hope so anyway :ok:.

brown1950 19th Nov 2008 20:15

If as expected AirAsia X commence services to Kuala Lumpur ex STN then somebody will replace Eastern - perhaps Ryanair ? Many Northerners flying to Far East use the Middle East carries ( Emirates/Etihad/Qatar) ex Manchester but Air AsiaX could offer a cheaper alternative ?

MUFC_fan 19th Nov 2008 20:23

MAN will most likely become a KUL destination within the next 24 months anyway but we may see FR launch the route anyway.

Buster the Bear 20th Nov 2008 09:43

AirAsia X gears up for London launch-20 November, 2008

tommyc2005 20th Nov 2008 10:54

More bad news.....
Iceland Express are packing their bags from May, all services will operate from Gatwick.

freightdoggy dog 20th Nov 2008 11:01

The Manchester route from Stansted does not make money simple. AirBerlin had very high LFs, but obviously negative yeilds, so if Eastern with a prop lower seating and high prices can't make it work.....forget it.

Seat62K 21st Nov 2008 07:45

I departed from gate 40 recently. The area was very crowded. Where's the logic of using this gate now that there is so much spare capacity farther down this wing, in less congested areas, now that the winter schedule has commenced? Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

carbootking 21st Nov 2008 16:55

what is the logic of iceland express moving to gatwick when the paxs connect with ryanair , ill misstrying to spell all those long names

Musket90 21st Nov 2008 18:09


May be because Astreus are operating the flight therefore better crew and maintenance back up at LGW base so keeping costs down. Also with LGW up for sale there may be an opportunity for some competative charges compared to STN. Easyjet and others with the many connections out of LGW may be just as good an alternative to Ryanair's network out of STN.

Buster the Bear 21st Nov 2008 18:33

Has their 'deal' expired with BAA Stansted? Far more long haul connections from Gatwick.

Musket90 21st Nov 2008 18:50


Don't know about the "deal" but I suppose it makes sense to operate from your main base to minimise costs, particularly when the main base is the "second" London airport.
The recent airline consolidation and shift of transatlantic flights from LGW to LHR and consequent reduction in runway movements may have released available runway slots which suite Iceland Express's schedule.

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