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newtownards 15th Apr 2009 10:27

Hi Guys,
quick question, im flying into Stansted on friday, and out next Tuesday. I dont drive but is there anywhere around the perimeter thats walkable from the terminal to get some good pics? I seem to recall theres no where in the terminal itself and dont mind walking a mile or 2 if it gets me good pics



Skipness One Echo 15th Apr 2009 12:31

I'm afraid not, Stansted is really tricky to spot at from on the Terminal side. here are some spots on the North side that are OK but you can't walk around from the Terminal.Spotting from airside is possible from the Ryanair pier ( Sat 3, the one on the right ), and you can simply walk back to the lounge if your flight departs from another gate.

As an aside, the bitchy girls with the "My Handling Agent is better than yours" and then all the silly smileys makes this thread read like a primary school bitch fest. Grow up ladies please.

GRIZZLER 16th Apr 2009 12:13

T.n.t To Leave Stansted
is there any truth that T.N.T parcel service is to leave stansted buy the end of august and taking there operation to france...they will use smaller aircraft and most likely truck stuff over via the french ports......(as long as there is no fishermen about).... then swissport are to move into there cargo shed.???????????

GRIZZLER 16th Apr 2009 13:06

photography at stansted
Maybe you should ask around when you get to stansted to see if you can get the number of the local anti airport brigade......as they seem to know all the good spots to take pictures....you often see pictures on the tv of an airbus or 747 cliping the arial on somebodys roof as it comes into land....and you wont even need a big lens.......good hunting.

daz211 16th Apr 2009 19:00

Not true ... T.n.t To Leave Stansted
TNT are not leaving STN...:=...

I know that TNT maintinence is closing at STN but the main hub and the
freight terminal will continue as normal.

The A300's are going and 757's opp by Iceland Air are starting
to serve STN and TNT will still be self handling.

The operation could not be done from France because of the service
issues eg- 0900, 1000 and 1200 timed deliveries.

Hollymead 16th Apr 2009 22:02

Iceland Express leaving Stansted for Gatwick end of the month .

True Blue 16th Apr 2009 22:04

Have Air Moldava also left for Lgw? Saw their flight come into Lgw on Tuesday night and their web site shows Lgw as the London Airport.

True Blue

MUFC_fan 16th Apr 2009 22:08

There seem to be a number of airlines moving from STN-LGW/LTN!

I wonder why?:confused:

carpe jugulum 16th Apr 2009 23:06

It's a cunning plan by BAA, drive away all the business, make the place worthless then they wont have to sell it.

Envoy320 17th Apr 2009 08:34

Or quite the opposite....

BAA give various airlines a better deal at their airports and then they sell Stansted.....

makes sense!

GRIZZLER 17th Apr 2009 14:34

The Cunning Plan
I myself would agree with carpeys cunning plan...that the baa dont want to sell stansted......after all the fights they have had to expand since the late 1960s and now give up..nah.......and as for what envoy320 said......why would anybody want to buy a empty 2 mile strip of cement...with nothing going for it.....they could always turn it back into a caravan site...like it was many years ago.....or give it back to the yanks.

and as for mufc_fans comment...why are they all going to lgw/ltn...

you know what they say about the other mans grass being greener and all that.

They will return,tail between there legs.

carpe jugulum 17th Apr 2009 16:32

They will return, tail between their legs
Normally as soon as it gets foggy!:rolleyes:

compton3bravo 17th Apr 2009 16:56

Airlines leaving Stansted
That is what most of them are doing now when they first left to go to Stnasted!

spirit of the age 17th Apr 2009 20:17

Its always darkest before the dawn...........

The Smoking Gnu 17th Apr 2009 20:34

Hope the sun comes up soon then!

carpe jugulum 17th Apr 2009 21:36

More tales from the smoking hut.
It seems one employer is toying with the idea of clocking staff out if they want a puff, what next clocking machines on the toilets.;)

GRIZZLER 18th Apr 2009 13:53

More Tales From The Smoking Hut
i think it will be a good idea to clock people out when they go for a fag...after all they are leaving there place of work.......but to clock people out for going to the loo...i think that will be taking the p**s.

GRIZZLER 18th Apr 2009 14:06

luton airport
and another thing.......have heard that ELAL passengers dont want to fly through luton, they would rather fly from STN.....flight bookings are down already.

Skipness One Echo 19th Apr 2009 15:22

Would you like a straw to clutch Grizzler?

LTNman 19th Apr 2009 19:41

and another thing.......have heard that ELAL passengers dont want to fly through luton, they would rather fly from STN.....flight bookings are down already.
Why would that be as there is a very large Jewish community not only at the London end of the M1 corridor but also on the rail link from London as it passes through the north London suburbs?

Google map puts the time as 29 minutes to Luton while it is 52 minutes to Stansted.

Is there still a large Jewish community in the East End of London where I guess Stansted would be a better choice?

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