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GRIZZLER 20th Apr 2009 09:36

LTN man and his google
not sure which route your google map was taking you to stansted, but mine said from the centre on london by road to LTN AIRPORT 55 mins and STN AIRPORT 1 hour 2mins........7 mins longer

if you go from liverpool st station to LTN its 59 mins and the station is still 6 mins away by bus....liverpool st to STN is 52 mins and the station is under the terminal...hopping distance....even with the biggest bag.

i think that makes us about equal.

apart from all the fog and snow you get in the winter that is.:{

ericlday 20th Apr 2009 10:55

Fog at Ltn
Airport equipped with suitable landing system so fog not too much of a problem. Just mention fog/snow at EGLL...even bigger problems.

G-APDK 20th Apr 2009 11:49

It will also be interesting to see how LTN deals with an ELAL B777 as STN did this weekend, fully loaded - would it even get out?

pabely 20th Apr 2009 12:26

GRIZZLER, the Jewish community does not live anywhere near Liverpool Street or Central London. It is at the bottom of the M1.

G-APDK, well are you saying a national flag carrier does not look into such issues?

Time will tell - as I hope the mud slinging will stop. We are in a resession and airlines are looking at cutting costs which Luton now gives the over Stansted.

LTNman 20th Apr 2009 15:10

I used Stanmore for Google map as the place is full of Jews but so is Mill Hill and the surrounding area, which also sits alongside the M1 and the rail route to LTN. I am sure there are other areas of London that have large Jewish communities but I don't know where they are which might suit Stansted.

Skipness One Echo 20th Apr 2009 15:39

G-APDK you clearly don't understand. "fully loaded" what ? With pax? Fuel? Pax and fuel? Pax and fuel and cargo? If so it wouldn't need max fuel to get to Israel. What do you mean?
Silly old El Al, not realising the length of the runway. Get real!

Envoy320 20th Apr 2009 16:17

B777 from london to Tel Aviv.....

Full of pax....full of cargo.....

It still wouldnt need anywhere near full fuel to get there.....

Think of the range of a B777 - think of the distance to Tel Aviv....no comparison

ryand36 20th Apr 2009 20:28


Does anyone know why there is no STN-Paris flight at all? I would have thought, as STN is a major London airport with the UK's largest LoCo's based there that there would be a few more flights to places such as Paris and Brussels. I know the channel tunnel is there to compete but EZY seem to do well on their LTN-CDG flight so why not something similar from STN? Maybe by FR to compete?

LTNman 20th Apr 2009 21:04

Valid point, if LTN can run a service when the Eurostar is only a 22 minute train ride away from the airport why can’t Stansted run a service when access to the Eurostar means a trek across London.

davidjohnson6 20th Apr 2009 23:01

To address 2 posts...

Jewish community in London is centred on Hendon, but spreads from Belsize Park all the way up to Elstree - a lot Jews in their 20s and 30s have ended up moving to Borehamwood. The Jewish community in the East End of London is really quite small now, and the number of Jews in places like Ilford is shrinking - Ilford is increasingly becoming more of an Asian community.

The dominant LCC at STN is Ryanair. I believe they tried a Stansted-Brussels Charleroi route a few years ago (Eurostar at the time were running from Waterloo) but that it was dropped fairly quickly, presumably because the train was still too quick in comparison. A Stansted-Beauvais route would probably have the same problems. Easyjet have been shrinking STN as it's not a great money-maker. Which other airline would want to run a STN-Paris route ?

ryand36 21st Apr 2009 05:59

The only flights from London to Brussels are currently from LHR surely STN or LTN could at least support a twice daily flight? But obviously Ryanair found it unprofitable but maybe if easyJet operated the route into Brussels intentional they would have more success? Also does anyone know why easyJet sees STN as so unprofitable? They haven’t shrunk it that much there is still 14 A/C based there. They have just cut routes and increased frequencies on other routes.

Throat 21st Apr 2009 06:22

Couple of points,

1) Brussels Airlines flys into LGW,

2) Did hear easyJet are transfering routes from STN to LGW( Any truth ? )

GRIZZLER 21st Apr 2009 09:45

Hope You Enjoy The Security
We will miss the ELAL at STN, but not the security that goes with it......yes i know we and they need it.....but they are well over the top....i hope you boys and girls at LTN have got a good sense of humour.....first empty your pockets...no chewing gum if found,mobiles are a no no...then body search including soles of the feet.....then metal detector search....when your zip fly goes off they want you to undo your belt and look in your trousers....i dont think they have metal zips in israel....they use velcro....on more than one occasion myself and three others have dropped our trousers at the top of the stand to prove we have no metal objects on us .....it was that or he wanted to put his hand inside to feel.......this is no joke ...it was that, or they would not let us near the plane...also a colleague has a metal gauze patch fitted over his hernia...that made the metal detector go off so he did not get near the plane ....and they follow you about as if you are on a day trip from gazza.....if they loose sight of you or you go near a vehicle you are searched again.....ENJOY.

and i have not met one yet that would win the MR or MRS personality of the year award.

davidjohnson6 21st Apr 2009 09:57

and they follow you about as if you are on a day trip from gazza
What's wrong with England footballers from the 1990s ?

ELondonPax 21st Apr 2009 11:49

ryand36 - VLM (Cityjet) also fly to Brussels from LCY

daz211 21st Apr 2009 20:13

Good News For Stansted
London, April 21 2009 – AirAsia X has announced that commencing 1st July 2009, it will increase the frequency of its flights between London, Stansted and Kuala Lumpur to a daily service. Since its inaugural flight in March, the low-cost long haul airline has operated five times a week between Stansted and Kuala Lumpur, but unprecedented passenger demand has led to the introduction of a daily service less than four months after its maiden flight. We knew this service would be popular but to increase the frequency so soon is beyond our expectations :D.

AirAsia X CEO Azran Osman-Rani said, “Our aim has always been to open up travel for all. The popularity of the London-KL route is further testament to the pent-up demand for long-haul travel, provided the fares are low and the quality is high. That is the combination that we at AirAsia X are offering our guests. AirAsia X is providing fares people have never seen before for these routes, and making travel more affordable and accessible. From KL people are choosing from over 122 AirAsia routes. We are also offering an affordable and alternative version of the ‘Kangaroo Route’ – all the way from London via KL to Melbourne, Perth and the Gold Coast in Australia.” :ok:.

tommyc2005 23rd Apr 2009 10:28

PIA is still available to book going forward. Some upcoming flights are showing full. They have some excellent fares available to Dubai - £267 return, all in. Now that is a good deal.

PPRuNe Pop 23rd Apr 2009 10:31

Seems we have some new posters who have not read the rules of PPRuNe. Rules that state you will not abuse, slander, libel, slag-off and make snide remarks.

In the last 10 (TEN) posts I have found the lot.

All of you know NOW that you stay on topic AND without casting aspersions or any of the above - OR you go back whence you came.

Behave in a proper manner please.

AA&R Mods.

spirit of the age 23rd Apr 2009 18:34

PIA at stn
So why is the PIA not showing at Stansted?

FEROMAN 24th Apr 2009 04:34

PIA are taking a break until mid May due to very low loads and no indication of immediate improvement in bookings. Doesn't bode well for the future, but hopefully they will pick up again over the Summer

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